There was so much excitement about the book “Who’s The Strongest?” by Kirsty Holmes published by BookLife. Both George 3½ and Ewan 4½ were competing to review the book. It was not a case of George winning it was just his turn to review this week.

This book is so much fun and put together in an entertaining way yet teaches so much about wildlife.

The children love all animals especially big strong ones and creepy crawlies. They love big and strong things and competitions and competing. They also love absorbing facts. All in all an excellent fun and fact filled book that would take the prize for being the strongest if there was a contest amongst books.

Now let’s see George’s view.


Hi, George here. Welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in

Our Non-fiction Book of the Week this week so deserves the title. It is “Animal Vs Animal Who’s The Strongest?” by Kirsty Holmes, Published by BookLife Publishers.

The book is so interesting and ultra-good. On Page 4 we are welcomed to The Great and Small Games by Raccoon who tells us “today’s events will prove at length which beastie has the greatest strength.”

The book is presented like a real Strong Man/Beast Show. The pages are filled with vividly coloured cartoon character of beasties or animals. On Page 6 and 7 Raccoon introduces us to all the six contenders. They range from a dung beetle to an African Elephant, all dressed in gym kit.

I just love the picture of each beastie, even the tiny dung beetle just because of the character that has been included in each drawing.

Over the top of each beastie is a key information box that tells you so much about each animal or insect.

Let me give you an example of my favourite beastie in all the world, the Silverback Gorilla. The facts given about him are: Height: Up to 1.8m. (Grandad is about 1.7m.) Weight: Up to 195kg (Grandad is about 85kg – he needs to eat a lot of pies or burgers to catch up the gorilla.) Lift: (that’s the weight he can lift ) up to 815kg (that is almost 10 of my Grandad, although you wouldn’t want 10 of my grandads, 1 is more than enough for anyone to cope with.)

So, you see how brilliant this book is, it is very funny and entertaining but at the same time fires lots of facts at you so you are learning lots about the world, particularly the animal world.

On the next two pages we get into the first “Who’s Strongest” contest and it is between the Silverback and the Grizzly Bear. There is a small photograph of each of them in really life in the corner of the page and lots more facts.

Me and Cousin Ewan looked at the book together. I think Ewan was disappointed that he wasn’t reviewing the book. So, I won that contest. We both wanted the silverback to win. And on the next page are more facts and the two beasties have a weightlifting contest.

Raccoon announces the winner to be… if I tell you it’ll spoil the book for you when you read it, so I will stay quiet.

On the next page a dung beetle, yuk! And a leaf cutter battle it out.

And then another favourite beastie of mine, the African elephant. No, no, he doesn’t battle it out with a dung beetle. I bet if he did the dung beetle would win especially if it was a ‘who is smelliest contest?’ No, the elephant battles it out with the musk ox. The two have a tug of war. And the book gives oudles of information about each of them.

At the back of the book is a Hall of Fame giving four beasties who are the biggest or strongest in the world: the largest and heaviest snake, world’s largest and strongest bird and the largest and strongest tiger. And the book is packed with so much information about all these beasties.

What a brilliant educational and entertaining book. It is inspirational too. Me and Cousin Ewan got to thinking who was strongest in our family, between him and me, it is obviously me but Ewan says it is him. He says his Dad is the strongest person in our family. He is so wrong there because it is my Dad.

But there is no argument about who is the weakest member of the family. Both Cousin Ewan and I agree, it is Grandad. Grandad struggles even to lift this book. But he doesn’t accept it.

I think Grandad wins outright when it comes to who wrongly has the highest opinion of themselves.

There are 6 books in this series of Animal Vs Animal: Bendiest, Biggest, Brightest, Deadliest, and Fastest. I’d love to read all six to see which is best!



Who’s the Strongest? – Animal Vs Animal by Kirsty Holmes (author)

Hardcover:            24 pages

Age Range:          5-7 years old

Publisher:              BookLife Publishing


Roll Up! Roll Up! It’s the Great and Small Games! See the strongest, fastest and biggest animals in the world compete head-to-head! Marvel at the most beautiful creatures in the animal kingdom in the beauty pageant! Be amazed at our gyrating gymnasts and look out for the deadly fighters as they wow the crowd with their wondrous weapons! But who will come out on top! Roll Up! Roll Up!