GEORGE AGED 3½ YEARS BLOG – MY 3½ YEARs BIRTHDAY BLOG Saturday 16th November 2019

Hi, welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in?

Yes, it is George here. I ‘m older than I was a week ago. I used to be 3 years old but on Friday 8th November 2019 it was my Three and a half year birthday.

Not many people seemed to realise that except Grandad. Mum did not organise a party for me! I’m not surprised though she can be very forgetful. Can’t blame Dad for forgetting birthday cards and party organisation are not his department.

I didn’t get one birthday card. But that is part of growing up and becoming a man, Grandad says. The fewer birthday cards you get the more manly you are. I think that’s why he never gets many. It’s not that he doesn’t have the friends it’s because he is so manly (he says).

I didn’t get a party either. I think that is because Mum and Dad are saving hard for Christmas.

But I did get a couple of surprises, well, five if we are being strictly accurate, for my 3½ year birthday. You’d think I would have had 3½ really, wouldn’t you?


  1. Me and Sister Freya went to Mamma and Grandad’s, not on a standard Mamma and Grandad authorised day. But on a weekend day, when we never go. What about that then? Bet that surprised you. It did me.
  2. And Mum just dumped us there and went off somewhere. Who knows where?
  3. Mamma and Grandad took us to the cinema to celebrate my 3½ year birthday and Cousin Rory and Cousin Ewan joined me to celebrate.
  4. Mamma made me a birthday tea (but without a birthday cake). I guess it isn’t easy to put three and a half candles on a cake, so she probably tried to make me one and gave up.
  5. Then Mamma and Grandad said they were having a sleepover at my house whilst Mum and Dad went out celebrating (I think they were celebrating my 3½ year birthday).


I like the cinema. I love that it is pitch black, coal black dark even on the sunniest day.

How do they turn day into night like that, there is obviously a lot of magic going on?

Then have you seen the size of their TV screen. Massive. Dad says we can’t have a TV screen that big because our house is not big enough. But Uncle Steve could build us one that big, couldn’t he?

And another thing about the Cinema is that there is none of the crap like TV. You get what it says on the tin, or poster or ticket.

Ok, there are a few ads at the beginning, but you get none of this interruption stuff for adverts when you are just into it.

The drawback is you have to sit still for hours and hours and hours to watch it and not change seats. Have you ever tried doing that? It is not easy you know.

When you go to the cinema it is law that you have to have a carton of popcorn.

Grandad is so mean he made Mamma just buy one carton between me and Sister Freya. He was chuntering on about it costing £4.50 a carton. What he didn’t seem to understand was that it was my 3½ year old birthday celebration and he hadn’t bought me a present.

So, me and Sister Freya had to share the popcorn.

As you know I can count really, really well up to ten. But there is nothing like having to share a box of popcorn to sharpen your counting skills, to make sure you get the same number of pieces as Sister Freya.

The film we went to see was amazing, brilliant, superb, excellent and 5 stars. Alright, I suppose it was ok, not bad at all.

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon. Running time 87 minutes. To date (it opened 18 October 2019 in the United Kingdom). Having been shown for a month and the Box Office total is $24,191,620.

We don’t know the production budget but me and Grandad expect it to be at least $25 million.

Shaun’s first film was Shaun the Sheep: The Movie in 2015. Budget $25 million, Box office $106.2 million.

I suspect the latest film cost lots more to make. For a start Shaun is a much bigger star now than he was in 2015. There has been rumours that he’s moved out to a Hollywood hill farm. So he will have negotiated a much higher fee because he will have been offered other major roles like James Bond or Dr Who – he would be the first Sheep Dr. So they would have to really have upped his fee.

And the special affects in the latest film were more… well… I suppose special, or spectacular.

The first movie was just filmed locally with a cheap caravan. The latest one was filmed in space using an alien spaceship. Even if you hired a spaceship for a week it would cost loads more than a caravan from Brownhills at Newark.

So, they probably spent millions over budget that is why they are too embarrassed to say how much it was.

If you remember the first film it had a modest plot: Shaun, a mischievous sheep living with his flock at Mossy Bottom Farm, is bored with the routine of life on the farm. He concocts a plan to have a day off by tricking the farmer into going back to sleep by counting his sheep repeatedly. However, the caravan in which they put the farmer to bed accidentally rolls away, taking him into the city. Bitzer, the farmer’s dog, chases after him.

The farmer receives a blow to the head and is taken to a hospital, where he is diagnosed with amnesia before leaving. He wanders into a hair salon and, acting on a vague recollection of shearing his sheep, cuts a celebrity’s hair. The celebrity loves the result and the farmer gains popularity as a hair stylist called “Mr. X”.

In the latest film when an alien with amazing powers crash-lands near Mossy Bottom Farm, Shaun the Sheep goes on a mission to shepherd the intergalactic visitor home before a sinister organization can capture her.

I don’t think I’ve met an alien. Grandad pretends to be one but he’s crap at it.

It would be great to ride in an alien spaceship. Maybe we could go to the moon or another planet or cruise in space. But if I met an alien, I wouldn’t take her to the supermarket. Maybe a bookshop or library and definitely a toy shop.

The supermarket is so boring so you wouldn’t take her there would you if you were sensible? No wonder it turned out to be a disastrous visit.

Just as I was getting bored and a bit restless the film ended. I think Shaun probably knew I’d had enough and said “Ok, come on guys lets wind it up and call it a day. George has had enough.”

I thought ‘Great, now for my 3½ years old birthday McDonalds’.

But it didn’t happen. It was pouring with rain. We looked at Uncle Ian’s new car, in the rain. A completely  rubbish car because it was not red but black. How could someone with his intelligence not have a red car?

And then it was straight home to Mamma’s for a Mamma tea.

Now a Mamma’s tea is good but it’s not a McDonalds is it?

The next bit was exciting though, Mamma and Grandad came to my house for a sleepover. That made my 3½ years old birthday very special.

The trouble with Mamma and Grandad sleepovers is they all finish the same way. Mamma and Grandad go home.

But I got over it as I always do. I just man up. Know what I mean?

And that my friends was my 3½ years old birthday.

But just before I go, I just need to share a little something that happened to me Friday.

As you know Friday is now a full nursery day. Don’t ask me why I assume Mum just got bored with my company.

Anyway, I woke up at cockcrow. Well just before actually. Someone has to be responsible for waking the cockerel.

Mum says “Come on George, it is Children In Need Day, today, let’s put your pyjamas on. It is Go To Nursery In Your Pyjamas Day for Children In Need.

“What?” I exclaimed.

Mum had finally flipped. Be it due to overwork or old age she’d finally lost it, sending me to nursery in pyjamas.

Ok, you may say it was a practical joke. If it was Dad, yes, he’s more of a joker than Batman’s enemy the Joker. But Mums not that style. Her jokes are more subtle.

Anyway, I refused. Wouldn’t you? No one not even my Mum is making me a laughingstock. I would be so embarrassed at nursery in my pyjamas. Just imagine!

In the end Mum saw sense and the error of her ways. We went to nursery and as I insisted, I was dressed in smart everyday clothes.  But when I got there, I was so embarrassed. I’d never been so embarrassed in all my life. All the other kids were dressed in pyjamas for Children In Need Day.

How could my Mum do this to me? You wouldn’t allow your little boy to go to nursery in regular smart clothes when it was Nursery’s Wear Pyjamas for Children In Need Day, now would you?  I was the laughingstock of the nursery. Boy was it a long day?

Children In Need Day raised £48m. Grandad says he’d wear his pyjamas all day for that. He says, in fact he’d go naked for that. But I think people would pay him £48m to keep his pyjamas on. It is not a pretty sight.

I could not wait to get home and into my pyjamas. My face had become a permanent deeper shade of bright beetroot red.

But it’s soon forgotten after a goodnight’s sleep. The thing is on Tuesday when I go to nursery is it trendy regular clothes or pyjamas?

Bye, for now, George.



“The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.” – Bertrand Russell


Happiness is…being 3½ YEARs old


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Love is…kissing with your eyes wide open


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