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Hi, George here. Welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in?

Have you ever noticed you, spend hours sitting down with pencil and paper planning out your life millimetre by millimetre and then it never works out as planned?

Don’t you just hate it when you get up early really early, 5 o’clock early because you are excited as it’s the day you babysit Mamma and Grandad. And then they forget to turn up and you get shipped off to nursery unexpectedly.

Don’t you hate it when that happens to you as much as I do?

Ok, I do recall Mum and Dad warning me that it may happen. But I never take any notice of them. No.1 they are constantly playing jokes on me and winding me up. No.2 it says in the Book of Kids Under 5 Rules that you cannot afford to listen to your mum and dad if you are going to be a cool kid.

It would have been ok if that was the only deviation from my life plan. It was after a good lunch at nursery, I had relaxed content that I had shed the stresses of sorting Mamma and Grandad out. I was totally relaxed with my nursery mates, enjoying a drink or two and having a bit of banter with the girls when who should turn up but Mamma.

My heart sank. She’d overlay or couldn’t remember what day it was or some other old people’s dilemma.

Well, I pulled my self together and put on the smiley face, you have to don’t you, for their sake.

But me I’m always thinking and planning it’s just my nature. So, Mamma and Grandad took me home. I needed to turn this into an advantage. A major plus. I decided to have a cheese sandwich and it wasn’t even lunchtime or teatime. Mamma’s such an easy touch. And next I persuaded Grandad to put Spiderman and Lightning McQueen on YouTube. Result! Till Sister Freya came home, that is.

But my crazy week did not end there. It was Thursday, nothing particularly unusual or exciting about that except it was Thanksgiving Day. Apparently, that would only affect me if I was American. But, I am not American even though Trump was elected president in the year of my birth.

I just got on with life after Disruption Wednesday. But I was in relaxed mode with after lunch conversations with my nursery chums again, having a bevy. Know what I mean. And there stands Mamma larger than life, and it’s a Thursday afternoon! Mamma just does not exist on a Thursday.

Boy has she lost the plot.

Still you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I got my coat before the apparition dissolved and I was gone quickly putting the same cheese sandwich and Spiderman / Lightning McQueen routine into practice and turning the negative situation into a major positive. Aren’t I the cool one?

But life’s tangled web of jack in a box surprises did not end there. Yes, there is more.

We put this Blog post together on Friday. This week it is Black Friday. What’s that all about, then? How can a day be a colour? It doesn’t add up. Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day when you are supposed to have a day’s holiday from work, school or nursery. Did you? As you know I didn’t. Ok, I can put up with going to nursery, I do most days, it’s what I do, my life. But I missed my turkey dinner.

Grandad says its all about American celebrations. On Thanksgiving Day in Manhattan, they have this 2½ mile, 3 hour Macey’s parade with over 60 giant balloons, 31 floats, around 1,200 dancers and cheerleaders, a dozen marching bands, and around 1,000 clowns. Wowee!

Grandad’s dream is to take all of us grandchildren to it. Well that didn’t happen did it. He probably forgot or fell asleep.

Macy’s Parade Thanksgiving

On Black Friday, that is today for me or yesterday for you or a week last September according to when you read this we are apparently going on the Polar Express.

You know the Polar Express film, don’t you? Made in 2004: Released 4th November 2004, Budget $165 million, Box office  $311.3 million. Starred Tom Hanks’ voice. Based on the 1985 children’s book of the same name by Chris Van Allsburg.

I know I can only count confidently up to 20ish, but I do know for a fact that I have watched this film a million trillion times. We are caring about our Christmas films in our house. Dad urges us to be aware that a Christmas film is not just for Christmas, so we watch them all year round.

Tonight, Friday, we are apparently going to go on the Polar Express. But it is all like a mixed-up dream to me.

You know when you dream. Things are all funny and mixed up and not where you expect them to be.

  1. The Polar Express is supposed to be at Wensleydale Railway. Someone has confused the films for starters. Wensleydale is cheese, my Mum loves it and Wallace of Wallace & Gromit is passionate about it, their film is Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (Budget $30 million, Box office $192.6 million)
  2. We have to wear our pyjamas for it, and so do adults but not slippers, big tough shoes or boots. Hands up anyone who thinks that is weird
  3. We don’t even sleep on the train or stay on it all night even with all that night gear on.
  4. The Polar Express film is the first feature-length film of several things: The first animated film to be entirely in digital capture. The first film to be released in 35 mm and IMAX 3D. So, do we have to be converted into digital characters to go on it.
  5. We are staying at a Premiere Inn. That means we are on our way to our summer holidays in Cornwall. If we stay there, we will just wake up in the morning and go to the seaside.
  6. Auntie JuJu booked it. Can we trust her?
  7. Mamma and Grandad refused to go, and they were asked.

The last line worries me Grandad wants to go everywhere with us. His passion is trains and Christmas and Yorkshire and cheese.

But he has turned it down. Strange. I smell a rat.

Now, I pull him to pieces for being old, sleepy and forgetful but he’s been around a long, long time. He certainly knows what’s what. I think he believes this Wensleydale Polar Express Railway does not exist. Do you know what he probably knows so? He can be a bit of a wise old bugger. Nothing gets passed him even though he’s so slow to react.

On the positive side if it really is the Polar Express the bit, I am looking forward to most is when you climb up on to the carriage roof, That will be so exciting.

Ah well, I’m still on the steep slopes of the learning curve of life so I’d better go and don my peejams as Mum and Dad instruct.

See you next time as long as I am converted back from digital capture safely.

See you, bye bye, George

Spiderman Balloon Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade


“We learn something from everyone who passes through our lives.. Some lessons are painful, some are painless.. but, all are priceless.” – Unknown


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