Hi, George here. Welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in?

Whoa, whoa, best not, we have to socially-isolate. You are not supposed to mix with me and vice versa. We have to at best stay two metres, that’s six whole feet, seventy-two inches apart.

Why? Well I’m not sure. It’s Crazy off the wall adult rules again. I will never understand grown-ups as long as I live. They are always dreaming up ridiculous rules for no reason, just for the fun of it.

It is a long time since I last wrote my Blog. (Blog Editor Grandad Note: It was only 7th March).

Exactly and I am supposed to Blog every two weeks so I should have Blogged Saturday21st March. I’m a week late.

Grandad delayed my blog because of Coronavirus or Covid-19 as it is now named. I think he automatically thought it was a computer virus. He didn’t realise you can’t catch it by blogging. When he read about social isolation, he thought it meant any contact with people in any way.

He got very upset when everyone was setting up video links on Skype and Zoom and WhatsApp. As usual he got the wrong end of the stick. He said I didn’t think you could do that as we have to socially distance ourselves.

Mamma soon put him right as usual.

So, let’s get down to business Coronavirus or Covid-19 what is it all about? When and where will it all end.

No one knows> Thickos.

No one, not even Grandad who has seen everything and experienced everything in the world ever can tell me how long Coronavirus is going on for.

Nobody even told me to expect all this. The world is so confusing.

In the four Christmases I have had there has been a massive build up and warning. We’ve seen Santa, made lists, put up the Christmas tree had parties hung up our stocking. All of which took place from six weeks or so before the event right up until Christmas.

Birthdays we plan and talk about weeks before they happen, and we go special places to celebrate them. It is not allowed to go on forever, once celebrated we know it’s over and move on.

But there was no build up or planning for this Coronavirus holiday. No one told me it was going to happen, not even Grandad. One day I was at nursery the next I was out of work being told nursery is out for ever or at least for the long term.

The week went this a-way:

Monday 16th March           Started the week as normal just me and Dad and swimming.

Tuesday 17th March,          I went to nursery as normal

Wednesday 18th March,    I woke up as normal very excited because I was babysitting Mamma and Grandad. Or so I thought. We went out early to take Freya to Breakfast Club. Nothing wrong in that, Mum often did that these days and then took me on to Mamma and Grandad’s house.

But shock and horror Mum then took me to nursery. That was the first inkling I had there was something wrong in the world. I was never ever, ever taken to nursery on a Wednesday. I did not even realise nursery was open on a Wednesday. Mum had the audacity then to drive away. I was dumbstruck I had been dumped without warning.

Well, I suppose technically speaking Mum and Dad would say I had been warned. They had been saying since Saturday, for five days every verse end, that due to Coronavirus Mamma and Grandad were in isolation so we couldn’t see them, and we were banned from looking after them.

I just took it as a joke and ignored them. Mum and particularly Dad are always winding me up. Especially when it is things I like to do and especially if it involves Mamma and Grandad.

Thursday 19th March         Nursery as usual. But the night before Mum said schools and nurseries were to close the following week.

Friday 20th March               My Great Mamma’s birthday and I went to nursery for the final time for what is going to be a long time, my Mum and Dad say. No parties, no end of term concert or plays, no sad goodbyes. It all just came to an abrupt end. Coronavirus caused that. That’s what Coronavirus does and why everyone is so scared of it.

Most virus’ give you coughs, colds and sneezes that spread diseases. Coronavirus just stops you doing anything and going anywhere and seeing anybody, friends and relations and Grandads, Nannys and Mammas. Most of all it tries to stop you having fun. But its not stopped us having fun!

By Monday 23rd March Mum and Freya and I were prisoners in our own home kept prisoner by the Coronabobs. Dad still had to go to work because as a carer his job is an essential job, and he’s so brave he’s not scared of no one especially not a measly little Coronabobs Bug.

But I gradually adjusted to the situation of staying home. In fact, I’m most proud of my flexibility.

Coronabobs has turned himself into Public Enemy No.1 in record time.

To begin with I did not worry. I knew Spiderman was always there to protect us. It was his job and his duty to zap Coronavirus. But he didn’t seem to be showing up. Coronavirus is conquering the world: Italy, China, Spain, South Korea, USA, Russia, South America. It was everywhere.

I know Spiderman can conquer Coronavirus who is Public Enemy No.1. But why was he not showing up? I suspect he’s making another film. It is a costly job being No.1 protector of the world. The only way Spiderman can finance it is to make blockbuster movies. His last film, Spider-Man: Far From Home grossed $1.132 billion at the Box Office. So, you see what I mean.

When you are making films on that scale you can’t just up and leave on a whim. You’ll see when Spiderman finds an opportune moment to break in filming. He’ll be out there zapping Coronabobs. At some stage they’ll have to break for adverts won’t they. Spiderman will nip out to zap Coronabobs. Then it’ll be, “Look out Coronabobs, your end is nigh!”

The days continued to progress until:

Monday 23rd March           Woke up. The sun was a shining on the white frosty ground. The temperature out of doors was minus 2 degrees C.  I had a day with no commitment. I just needed to persuade Dad to get the paddling pool out as it was sunny and the bouncy castle. After all that will help Sister Freya with her homework about castles. Lubly jubly.

This definitely is the way life was meant to be.

Then, Mum said, “9.00am. Time to begin Home Schooling – Happy School.”

Ha, ha. Poor old Sister Freya. I thought. I’ll have a paddle, a swim and a bounce for you, poor old Sister Freya.

“And that means you, too, Georgie.” Mum said very severely.

“What are you talking about. I don’t do school.” I said

Can you believe that Mum expecting me, no, forcing me into home schooling and I am only three years old? (Ok, I’ll be four years old in May but that may be cancelled due to the Coronavirus.

There has to be a law stopping parents from sending children to school (even if, it’s home schooling) before they are four years old. It’s up there with the dangers and cruelty of making children climb up chimneys to sweep them or work down coalmines.

Mum’s a professional, so she stays focussed and would not give in or change her mind. I had to do my work in class for the statutory five hours with two hours homework. I have to take a packed lunch for my lunch and sit outside no matter what the weather for my mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks. And I cannot have TV on or my tablet.

When Dad is at home, he takes over the teaching. His lessons are a million times better and generally PE based.

I can’t wait for when we get an Ofsted inspection. That’ll sort Mum out, when they tell her it is not legally allowable for a 3 year old mite like me to have to suffer schooling.

I’ll have to go for my next lesson, Science. We are learning what vacuum cleaners do and how to use one.

Grandad is keeping an Isolation Diary. In my next Blog I will show you mine.

Bye Bye, George.


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