Hi, welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in?

George here but I guess you guessed that, didn’t you?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. (Well, it is at our house.)

We’ve put up the tree and decorated it. We have a massive star in our kitchen window which is all lit up and twinkles like a little star even though it is mega-big. It’s bigger than any in the sky. I think Mum or Dad must have caught it in my fishing net as it fell from the sky. It is a real star you know. (Catch A Falling Star – Perry Como No.9 22nd March 1958)

We’ve put lots of lights outside on our house too. Well, Dad did but I had to help him, it was too big a job for him to do himself. I bet he’s so pleased he’s got me as a son to help him.

If you are a regular reader of my Blog you will know that we, the Reed family, have been in the season of Christmas Celebration since we came back from Summer Holiday in August.

But now the Christmas season is reaching its climax. That means even more excitement.

My Sister Freya has been an angel in her Christmas school play. Cousin Rory was an Elf in his play Gnome Alone. And Cousin Ewan was an angel in Whoops A Daisy, Angel.

And me…? I seem to have avoided starring in anything or even going to see any of them. I don’t think nursery can face it. The carers have enough on organising their own Christmas. I’m with them 1,000%. Suits me! Down to the ground. I ain’t no angel and you ain’t going to get me dressed as one.

Although I have been party to helping Sister Freya prepare for her part in the nativity. And to be honest I would have liked to see the play “The Sleepy Stargazer” because I love stars. I assume they mean stars in the sky and not TV stars like Cbeebies’ Justin, Bing or Mr Tumble or Shaun the Sheep. But I will never know because I did not get to see it.

The reason I wanted to see it is because there is a song in it titled “Wake up Philip”. My Grandad’s name is Philip and he’s always falling asleep. I’m not supposed to call him Philip. I don’t think I’m even supposed to know that that is his name.

Wake Up Philip – Starshine Singers

The reason I thought it could be TV stars in the “stargazers” is because Grandad (aka Philip) always falls asleep in front of the TV. Mamma and we are always having to say “Wake up, Philip.”

In Sister Freya’s play Philip is asleep – as usual! Philip’s nickname is ‘Stargazer’, because he stays up at night gazing at stars. His friends say he misses out on everything because he sleeps in the daytime.

As you can understand I wanted to see if this really was Grandad.

I was due to go and see the play. I had a ticket. I had shoes and coat on. I was taking Mum, Dad, Grandad and Nanny to see it. I had mustered up a lot of excitement. But Nanny and Grandad had gone in the afternoon to see it. When the nativity had finished, and they were coming to our house Nanny’s Grandad was so star struck he didn’t see the pavement curb and stumbled over it and hurt his foot. Me being an expert on things breaking because I have broken so many toys was sure it must be broken. But the grown ups who always know better thought not. But he couldn’t use it. In my extensive 3½ years of life experiences anything you can’t use is either due to confiscation or breakage.

So, he and Nanny had to rest at our house, but they couldn’t be left home alone, now could they. Grandad was suffering. He may need to go to A&E. So, I made the sacrifice and stayed to look after them. Everyone else went swanning off to Sister Freya’s show. Someone needed to be there for Grandad. Oh, yes, they all went except Dad, but he don’t count.

That is the reason why I still did not get to see the show and find out if The Sleepy Stargazer is about Mamma’s Grandad. But to be honest there can be no doubt – a stargazer named Philip who falls asleep, it cannot be about anyone else. You don’t need to see the show to realise that.

Last Sunday afternoon was the Christingle service at our church. As there was no other conceivable reason the ageism card was played here. “George is too young”. Excuse me isn’t the Christingle all about children. A children’s service organised by the Children’s Society to give children an orange for Christmas. Grandad said that was all Santa left him for Christmas when he was a lad.

For one thing it is his own fault for being born so long ago. But another thing is, which he does not tell us, that he was probably very, very naughty and Santa knew he had been. Grandad is always naughty now. Mamma is always having to tell him off.

But back to me staying home, I think the real reason I had to stay home was because Dad wasn’t going and someone had to stay home and babysit Dad. If he was left home alone there is no telling what mischief he would have got up to.

Sister Freya was singing in her school choir at the Christingle. I guess I will when I start school.

Mamma brought me an orange from the service, but she needn’t have bothered as it was manky. There were all sticks stuck in it with chocolate raisins with the chocolate sucked off stuck on them. A candle was stuck actually into the middle of the orange. The candle had been used and partly burned down. Sister Freya’s orange was all flashy with a light stick where my candle was.


On Wednesday Sister Freya was singing in the School Choir again. She must be minting it with all the appearance fees for this choir job. This was the Coddington Carols Under the Tree event. Well we didn’t get “Under the Tree” more “Around the Tree”.

I got to attend this event. A taste of Christmas in the outside world at last. Hoo-bloody-ray.

Boy was it cold? I don’t know. I was so numb with cold I couldn’t feel anything let alone feel the cold.

Mum didn’t attend this event. I can’t fault her. She’s big on premunitions and obviously had one that suggested it would be cold, and it was.

Then Friday 13th came, that’s yesterday which was a right pantomime.

Oh yes it was.

It was Mamma’s birthday. What a pantomime that was for a start starring Mamma as the Old Dame.

More about that later.

But I also went to see the pantomime “Sleeping Beauty” at Newark Place Theatre with nursery. Sixteen of us (I’m not sure which one of us made it happen) conned some nursery carers to help us. We borrowed the Chuter Edes School mini bus. We loaded up with a crate of orange juice and set off to see Sleeping Beauty.

Oh no you didn’t I hear you chant. But oh yes, we did, I chant back. And where was it? Behind you!

No, it was at the Palace Theatre, Newark.

Sleeping Beauty was full of hilarious comedy from Muddles the Jester and Dame Nanny Annie, storybook romance from Princess Rosa and Prince Valiant, epic parties from King Hugo, marvellous magic from Fairy Azurial and vivacious villainy from Carabosse (boo!), Sleeping Beauty is a must-see highlight on this year’s Christmas calendar!

So, Dame Nanny Annie was one of the stars. My Nanny looks nothing like her, she looked more like Mamma.

Me and my best mate Benjamin sat together. Oh yes, we did! And we had a good laugh and the pantomime was funny too.

But “Sleeping Beauty” I thought that can only be another play about Grandad especially when I saw Dame Nanny Annie who was a dead ringer for Mamma. I bet they sing “Wake Up Philip”. So I will finally get to see it performed. Sadly they didn’t do the number.

But it got us away from the nursery for the afternoon and it was crazy, and I like crazy.

Talking crazy, I then went home to the biggest, wildest pantomime ever starring Dame Mamma Jeannie in Dame Mamma Jeannie’s Mammoth Magical Mystery Extravaganza Birthday Party Pantomime. Oh yes I did and she was behind me. And guess what? Mum, Dad, Sister Freya, Auntie JuJu, Uncle Ian, Cousin Rory, Cousin Ewan and Grandad were all BEHIND ME! Too.

We danced, we ate food that Mum had prepared, we played, we watched Christmas films and we laughed and laughed and laughed and sometimes cried (when Mum & Sister Freya had iced the cake and not invited me to ice it with them) and laughed until the early hours. Well, 9.00pm.

For a present I got Mamma a pair of my trousers that needed sewing because the thing she likes doing most in the world and in life is sewing clothes.

We sang “Happy Birthday to You” and inserted the word “Mamma” which was quite clever, I thought.

We had to blow out all Mamma’s candles. It took all ten of us blowing at full puff because she’s 67 or was it 76 or 97. I’m not sure but it was a number far bigger than I can count to. But that has given me a new goal. Before I start school in September, I want to be able to count to as many as Mamma is years old.

That is a big learn and I only have 8½ months to do it. So, if you’ll excuse me I’d best go and make an early start.

Thanks for reading my Blog.

Bye Bye, George