Hi, welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in?

Yes, that’s right, it’s George, aged 3 years old here!

And it’s a Sunday. I bet you didn’t expect me. No, and I didn’t expect being here, either. But life should be massive and as unpredictable as possible. And that’s certainly my life.

I turned up yesterday to do my Blog. Me and Cousin Ewan take it in turns to do alternative weeks. Cousin Ewan did it last week my turn this week. But there he was doing his Blog yesterday when it was my turn. A lesser person would have gone ape and had a massive meltdown. But not me. I relished in the unpredictability of life and the situation bestowed upon me.

Anyway, Cousin Ewan’s my mate. He and I are major buddies. There are enough nerds in this life winding me up without allowing my best mate to do so.

You have to sympathise with Cousin Ewan, he has so much going on in his life, yes, even more than me. That’s why it took him two Blog posts to report it all.

You know, I know and Cousin Ewan knows all that Cousin Ewan needed to say could have been done in one long Blog post, last week. Then, I would have done mine as usual yesterday. Not that I am bothered, do you see. Look at this face does it look bothered? I guess you can’t see it can you? You see I love the unpredictability of life. But Grandad interfered and said the Blog Post would be too long. Too long for who, I have to ask? Not you. Not me. Not Cousin Ewan. It can only be too long for Grandad. Confidentially, he has a short concentration span. The truth is it is he who wouldn’t be able to handle a long Blog post.

But I’m not worried, I love an unpredictable life so, I said, “Ok. No worries. I’ll do my Blog tomorrow” and I did and here it is.

Do you know on the Thursday just gone, (25th) they are saying it could have been the hottest day ever on record. The hottest day ever recorded in the UK was 15 years ago on 10 August 2003 38.5 degrees (Faversham, Kent). The Met Office think it hit 38.7 at Cambridge University last Thursday but they can’t be sure, It will be next week before it is confirmed.  It’s only a University it takes time to read a thermometer you can’t do that over night!

All of a sudden over the last three years hot weather temperatures have been hitting the roof. I don’t think it’s just coincidence that that has been since Cousin Ewan and myself were born. That proves what hot stuff we are.

Last weekend was wildly unpredictable in my life, like every day is. We had an impromptu sleepover at Mamma and Grandad’s. You don’t get many of those in a lifetime.

Mum and Dad are running out of money and there is the annual Family Holiday looming around the corner. A very extravagant and expensive time So what do Mum and Dad do, panic!

But they both deal with the situation differently. Dad goes to the pub in Lincoln and buys a pint.

Mum launched an Emergency Appeal, not unlike Children in Need or I suppose more Red Nose Day. That means she puts all mine and Sister Freya’s clothes and all mine and Sister Freya’s toys into the car boot. The car ends up so full of stuff that there is no room for me and Sister Freya and Mamma has to fetch us in her car.

Mum, Sister Freya and me sleep at Mamma and Grandad’s. I suspect Dad stays at the pub all night. As we are now paupers we have to spend the night like paupers and me and Sister Freya have to both sleep in the same bedroom. Can you believe that?

We had separate beds though. I got really annoyed because Sister Freya kept me awake for ages and ages and ages, well at least one minute. I feared this was to be my, (in fact our) life forever from this moment on.

But next morning, early, very early Mum and Grandad went out with Mum’s car piled high with all of mine and Sister Freya’s possessions. At lunchtime Mum returned with loads-a-money, bags and bags full of it.

Grandad obviously had to go ride shotgun to protect Mum and all the money and gold bars she was carrying. Once we had all the money we were able to return home. Dad returned home too. Apparently we could now look forward to our holidays again. But best of all we had independent bedrooms again. I felt like Peppa Pig and George when we had to share a bedroom. Not a good feeling.

But we have no clothes, well just a few and no toys, well, just a few.

Mamma, the poor old dear, had worked hard to make life appear to be as normal as possible for us whilst Mum, Grandad and Dad were dealing with the uncertainties of our life.

She took us to Tesco and then to Cousin Rory and Cousin Ewan’s where we played in the paddling pool.

I wanted to say to her, Mamma this is not life as we know it. This is not being as normal as possible. We have never, ever done this on a Sunday morning before. It just feels as if it’s being done to take our mind off being paupers on the verge of being admitted to the workhouse.

Mum was overjoyed to have lots of money again. Dad was overjoyed that Mum was overjoyed to have lots of money again.

The down side of the weekend is that as we had a sleepover at Mamma and Grandad’s we probably have to return the favour and have Mamma and Grandad to our house to sleep.

Something unpredictable happens all the time in my life. I was expecting Mamma and Grandad on Wednesday morning but Nanny and Grandad turned up. How bizarre was that?

To be honest I was very pleased, even relieved. My life is not unpredictable in fact boringly predictable every Wednesday when Mamma and Grandad come and take me out for lunch at Strays in Newark. And every week I buy me bread and cheese. I get sick of the repetition. Do they think I am Montegue The Church Mouse.

But I was so disappointed because by lunchtime Nanny and Grandad had left and Mamma and Grandad had turned up and taken over. And, yes, you guessed it took me to Stray’s for bread and cheese.

But the afternoon turned out very different. When we went to pick Sister Freya up from school she had broken up for five weeks Summer Holiday. To celebrate the PTA had organised a village of six bouncy castles and an ice cream van on the school field.

It was very exciting to begin with  in the scorching hot sun, but I soon got fed up of trailing around after Sister Freya and her hoppos. It was as if the wicked witch had cast a spell on me to spend eternity in Disney Princess Land.  I prefer to plough my own furrow and that is what I did and with my ice cream I loved it.

Mum broke up that day too, resulting in more unpredictability in my life. But even worse she packed in work. She’s retired like Nanny, Grandad, Mamma and Grandad. That will put an end to mine and Dad’s Monday fun.

Even more unpredictability in my life was when I got up Thursday and got ready for nursery and there was none. Apparently I’m on holiday for the next four week. No one bothered to tell me, although I could do with the break, I must admit.

Then to top it all I find out Boris Johnson has somehow become Prime Minister. I never even expected that in my lifetime but I’m only three and it has happened already.

Grandad said Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister is the only predictable thing in my lifetime.

Grandad is not very clever though, he says doesn’t even know how Boris Johnson became Prime Minister. At his age he should know how it works, but then again I do not think schools had been invented when Grandad was a lad.

Well, I guess I’d best be off or I’ll be doing a Ewan on it and doing part two next week.

Isn’t life just brilliant, full, unpredictable and beautiful.

Bye George.



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