Welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in?

You know what that means? Yes, it is me George and I’m back Blogging to you again.

If you are wondering where I have been, I’ve been on holiday.

The last time I blogged was 29th July 2019. The date is now 14th September 2019. That is 47 days or 6 weeks 5 days. That is a long time when you are only 3 years old like I am. Although I do believe on the 8th October 2019 I can legitimately claim to be 3½ years old. It is also a long time when you are as old as Grandad, 70 years old, too.

Any way that is 47 days and I have been on this earth for 1,224 days. 47 days is 3.83% of that time. In these 47 days I have lived a lot of life. I have gained loads of life experiences and had 47 sleeps in that time, too.

It is Grandad who says I’ve been on holiday for 47 days. That is a Grandad joke. I was away on holiday for just 9 of those days. Grandad means I have not had to do my Blog for 47 days (or nights).

I say sadly, we were not away on holiday at the seaside for all that time, because I love the seaside and would have loved to have been there for 47 days (and nights). Even longer, I would like to live there all the time.

I have crammed so much into my 47 days (and 47 nights), that I don’t think anyone could have done more. Grandad says that’s because I dash around at 110mph like Hare in Grey Rabbit or the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. I have a watch like him. It’s a Spiderman watch. The most accurate watch in the world. It has to be to ensure Spiderman fits in all the ‘saving the world’ events he has to do.

I need it to ensure I can pack into my life all the life experiences expected of me. But I don’t race around singing “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date”.

Mine is such an important watch. My Mummy had to go to London specially to buy it. They are special Spiderman watches and you can only buy them in London.

Just so that you can get a good feel on how many life experiences I have had in the 47 days (and 47nights), here are my 47 Days Holiday from My Blog In Numbers:


1              321 –       the number of miles travelled in the car to reach our seaside holiday home in Cornwall (That sounds as though I made it up but I assure you, ‘tis true)

2              8 –           the number of sleeps on holiday

3              26 –         No of times I paddled in sea

4              53 –         number of ice creams I ate in my 47 days

5              11           times – No of times I visited McDonalds in 47 days

6              2 –           number of times I went to the cinema in 47 Days

7              4 –           number of birthdays we celebrated in the 47 days Mummy’s, Daddy’s, Auntie JuJu and Uncle Ian’s although his was a couple of days before my 47 days (and 47 nights) started

8              109 –       the number of books I had read to me over the 47 days

9              1 –           number of sleepovers at Mamma’s and Grandad’s I had

10           183 –       the number of wees I had in the 47 days

11           59 –         number of poos I had in the 47 days

12           4 –           the number of times I went to Whisby Garden Centre

13           1 hours 23 minutes – amount of time I spent in time out in 47 days. (Actually that’s not too bad, for me. I must be getting well behaved) or are they braking my spirit

14           9 –           the number of times Cousin Ewan has been to Big School in the 47 days

15           2,782,963 – The number of times Sister Freya got on my nerves in the 47 days (and 47 nights)

16           1 –           the number of new jobs my Mummy had in the 47 days

17           0 –           the number of new jobs my Daddy had in the 47 days

18           22 –         the number of days I saw Mamma & Grandad in the 47 days

19           27 –         the number of times over the 47 days I tried to get my Dad to get the Nintendo Wii working and he didn’t. I am almost 3½ years old and never ever used a Nintendo Wii. Can you imagine how much damage that has done to my overall life experiences. Don’t you know how much disadvantage that is to me as I journey through life.

20           1 –           the number of times Fairy Godmother Emma and Prince Charming Daniel visited us in the 47 days

21           47 –         dark, coal black nights when spidery nightmares come and big bad wolves scratch at your bedroom window, trying to blow your house down, but you are cosy and safe in your bed

22           11 –         the number of days I spent at nursery in the 47 days

23           2 –           the number of dens grandad made for us at his house

24           417 –       number of times I sang ‘Love Train’ by the O’Jays

25           1 –           the number of days we went to York for Mummy’s birthday

26           2 –           the number of times I had biscuits, crisps, cheese scones and 2 quarters of cheese sandwiches with Mamma & Grandad at Stray’s in Newark

27           32 –         the number of times I watched Star Wars films in the 47 days

28           915 –       the number of Harribos I managed to con out of the system for making out I’d been to the toilet

29           3hrs 27 minutes – the number of hours stuck in my car seat in the car a traffic jam going to York on Mum’s birthday

30           15 – number of times I listened to Love Train by the O’Jays on Freya’s music box

31           376 –       the number of times the picturebook Dave (the cat) by Sue Hendra was read to me

32           100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,001 – the number of times I wish the picture book Dave (the cat)  by Sue Hendra had been read to me and the number of times I wish I’d sung Love Train by The O’jays and the number of times I had nightmares about spiders

33           999 –       the number of times I had to clear up my toys and books for my Mum and Dad because they were too lazy to do it for me.

34           703 –       the number of times I got told off in the 47 days

35           1,932 –   the number of times Grandad got told off when he was in my presence in the 47 days

36           1 –           number of times Daddy wouldn’t let me go to play golf with him on his birthday. Can you believe that?

37           57 –         the number of crabs we caught on seaside holiday

38           33 –         the number of times we passed the Big Bad Wolf’s House in Newark. But we crept so quietly by we never disturb him so we never saw him

39           1 –           tattoo professionally put on my arm in Padstow

40           10 –         the number I can count to, so aren’t I doing well with all the times I have to count over 10

41           42 –         number of cups of tea at Mamma’s Café. I only get cups of tea when Mamma comes. I don’t think Mum & Dad know how to make them.

42           9,999.999 – number of life experiences I have had in the 47 days (and 47 nights)

43           3,428,967 – photos taken of me. No matter what me and Mamma says Grandad takes our photograph, again and again…and again.

44           1 –           day out each with Mum’s good friends Helen and Karen. I love seeing them and there children, my friends, so much.

45           Not sure – Lost count of the number of days I saw Nanny and Grandad and Cousin Finley & Cousin Erin

46           1,237 –   the number of life lessons I learned in the 47 days and nights

47           Zillions – the number of things I did but as Grandad types this for me I don’t remember to tell him


And in addition, because I squeezed so much into my 47 days and my 47 nights:


267-        the number of times I fell down and hurt my knee and most other parts of my body, but I got up again, dusted myself off and started all over again as per Rule #1 in ‘Grandad’s Rules of Life’ Book

0 –           no of times I went to Legoland – Cousin Ewan & Cousin Rory went for 2 days

1 –           days we went to White Post Farm

1 –           number of times Uncle Ian brought their water slide for us to play on & 10 million the number of slides I did down it

66 –         the number of times I hit an adventure playground or soft play area or Ed’s Barn, and all the really exciting places for an adrenaline junky like myself

224 –       the number of cakes, hedgehog cakes, cup-cakes, birthday cakes, me, Sister Freya and Mum made

15 –         pizzas Me, Sister Freya, & Dad made

2 –           tons of cake mixture me, Sister Freya and Mum mixed in the 47days (and 47 nights)

1 million – the number of stars that shone each of the 47 dark black nights

2 –           the number of different songs that hit No.1 on the singles chart in the 47 days (That’s Grandad sneaking some of his information into my Blog. Just ignore it, he might go away).


I don’t think I need to explain any more for you to realise how much I have achieved in my 47 days (amd 47 nights).

Next time, hopefully in two weeks I’ll go into more detail about Mum’s and Dad’s birthday and my new favourite book about “Poo”.

Bet you can’t wait, but you’ll have to.

Bye Bye, George


“Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions.”-Dalai Lama


Happiness is…keeping out of the way of the Big Bad Wolf


Dogs can’t operate MRI machines…But catscan.


Love is… written in the sand but solid as a rock


The Great Pretender/Only You – The platters

Highest Chart Position: No.5 22nd September 1956


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