Hi, George here. Welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in?

I’ve had a sickening couple of weeks. I have, really.

The Sunday before last we had a sleepover at Nanny and Grandad’s and at 5.00am I woke up and decided to be sick and we had to be rushed home in the dark. I can’t remember deciding though to sick seemed to make it’s own mind up to be sick.

The week afterwards we had a sleepover at Mamma and Grandad’s house and at 5.00am Sister Freya woke up and she always has to copy me and so she was sick and we had to be rushed home in the cold and dark at 6.00am Sunday morning, before even the church bells had started to ring or the cocks had crowed.

It was only a small bug. I was sick a couple of times. Sister Freya once.

But why can’t we be like normal kids and be sick on nursery days or school days and get a day off nursery or School. I blame Mum and Dad’s work ethic. It is in our jeans (Grandad interruption: George, I think you mean “genes” – George: Whatever, it’s Mum and Dad’s fault is what I mean.) that if we are going to be ill it cannot be in nursery, school or work time. It has to be in our own fun time!!!  – Grandad says we cannot use exclamation marks, but I do not care that sentence needs a lot of exclamation marks. It needs 2 million.

It just means we miss all the fun stuff and get no time off.

Being sick is not much fun. You feel funny inside. You just don’t want any food and only Mummy and Daddy cuddles make it better.

I want to be like Spiderman and Batman and Darth Vada they are never ever sick because they have special powers. Peppa Pig gets sick though. |Her and George are for real like us.

It was strange too because the day I was sick we were supposed to be going to Cousin Rory’s 7th birthday party. It was a tragedy because he had a trampoline party. And I like trampolining. But Sister Freya still got to go. And had a great time. I stayed home and did some Dad bonding. Mum brought me home a party bag and a brand-new Spiderman toy. So, it was partially worth being sick, if you’re Grandad and looking for positives.

When Sister Freya was sick it was Cousin Erin’s birthday party. Sister Freya had to stay home and do some Mum bonding whilst me and Dad went and did some partying. Sister Freya was sad like I was when I was sick, but she got a party bag and a special toy.

After each sickness bout we had to dust ourselves down and get off to nursery and school.

I do three whole days at nursery, now. You know how I was unsure about the extra day at nursery. Well I have opened up my heart and realised I can’t do anything about it, so, make the most of it. As Grandad says I have two choices be miserable all the time or be happy. I have to do it so it is best doing it happily otherwise you will have a miserable life. So, I have taken on the extra day positively.

Grandad also says make the most of nursery because one day you may be wishing you were back at nursery. I can’t quite see that myself or where he is coming from. He says he wishes he was back at nursery, but he can’t. You never see guys his age at nursery either as inmates or minders. He is far too old.

Not only that after Christmas I will be dropping half a day every day and going to big school every afternoon. I cannot wait for that.

That reminds me Christmas is coming. It is just around the corner. From today 12th October 2019 there are only 74, that’s right 74 sleeps until Christmas and you won’t believe this but my Mum and Dad, yes, my dear old Mummy and Daddy have not yet made a start on Christmas preparations. There is not a thing in our house that in any way suggests or indicates that it is Christmas. I knew you would be shocked at that.

I’m not quite sure who you report such neglect to there must be some professional organisation. I realise all is not lost because Fairy Godmother Emma and Prince Charming Daniel are visiting us this weekend. That shows Christmas is coming. They are perfect Fairy Godparents and bring magic upon a child’s life. For presents they always give us something that “will get on your nerves”. Well not our nerves but our parents’ nerves.

No.1 rule in the book “Children’s Rule Book” is: Always play with toys that are mind blowingly noisy that irritate the backside off your parents and any other adult present and the occasional goody, goody good child.”

When Fairy Godmother Emma came, she said “Oh my word, my goodness, my heavens. Pray, George, you do not have the instruments to carry out Rule No.1 in “Children’s Rule Book for Children Born In 2016”. Goodness, gracious me and some, I will put that to right immediately or at least in one instant or one second whichever comes soonest.

It was an instant. There was a puff, a flash, a wallop and a cascade of beautiful stars fell to the floor. And I had a brilliant most irritating toy ever.

Imagine the horror on her face when she comes this weekend and sees that Mum and Dad have not even trimmed up for Christmas let alone put Christmas themed TV programmes on TV or Christmas films nor filled our fridge with Christmas produce. Or iced the Christmas cake. And do not have a host of angels or Slade singing background Christmas songs. There’s not even a mince pie in the cupboard and Dad’s not even cleared the snow from the path yet. Mainly because it’s not snowed.

When Fairy Godmother Emma and Prince Charming Daniel knock at the door and Mum and Dad go to let them in without even wearing Santa hats Fairy Godmother Emma will say:

“Oh my word, my goodness, my giddy aunt’s hat. What has happened here. I can’t believe it. There is not one sign of Christmas.”

She may consider it such gross neglect and misconduct on our parent’s part that she magics me and Sister Freya to her house where Christmas will be in full flow.

I cannot wait fa a-la la la. Christmas is coming Grandad’s getting fat. Please put a penny in his silly hat. Well a bit more than a penny please. What can you buy for a penny these days?

And I need to get my stockings out.

On Wednesday I went into Newark with Mamma and Grandad.

We went into the Post Office which is like a Christmas Shop. So exciting and I became over excited.

We next went into the Toymaster Toy Shop. That is where Santa collects all your toys. I had a go with a go-cart and a Volkswagen Camper van pedal car. But my favourite as usual is the Brio wooden train set.

In the toy shop they have a set laid out. Brilliant.

Mamma and Grandad have a set for me to play with at their house, I have one at home too. But mine is old you have to push it by hand, what hard work that is. The line on Mamma and Grandad’s Brio train set and the toy shop one has been updated and electrified, that means the engine runs on a battery. It is so much better. You are not so tired after playing with it as mine, the one you push.

Grandad is going to build me an amazing layout he says. He has this CD (CD ROM) he puts into the computer that shows lots of different layout designs. He says we’ll build it and then he’ll write me stories about this little wooden railway. He’s a brilliant story writer…(he says).

I was looking forward to playing with the wooden railway the morning Sister Freya was sick. But her sickness put an end to that. That illustrates how sickness just ruins people’s lives.

See you next time,

Bye Bye George.   – Actually, that’s a lie. I will not see you next time, I never see you, I just write for you. Sorry.



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