GEORGE AGED 3 YEARS BLOG – The Youngest Oldest Friday Whisby Melting Pot

GEORGE AGED 3 YEARS BLOG – The Youngest Oldest Friday Whisby Melting Pot BLOG Saturday 28th September 2019

 Hi, George here. Welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in.

On one side of my family I am the youngest. My Cousin Ewan has just started big school. Sister Freya already goes to school and so does Cousin Rory. So, I feel a little left out. No in fact I feel gutted and the real baby of the bunch. I just need to be at school. Why don’t Mum and Dad just take me there? What’s difficult about that?

But then on the other side of the family Sister Freya is the only one that goes to big school. Me and Cousin Finlay and Cousin Erin do not go to big school and I am the eldest of the three of us. In that case I think it is brilliant not going to school.

Ok, I have to go to nursery a couple of days a week although that seems to have inexplicably been ratchetted up to three days. There is no logical reason as to why.

I have never done Mondays. I don’t ever want to do Mondays. I therefore have no idea what people are talking about when they talk of that Monday morning feeling. And I never want to.

On top of that the weekend for me has always started at 4.30ish Thursday afternoon. But that has shifted on 24 hours to 4.30ish Friday afternoon. Why?

Going back to what I was saying, I am a see saw kind-a guy at the moment: top of the pile with one side of the family, bottom of the pile with the other side.

Life is so strange and takes so much grasping. And even Grandad doesn’t have all the answers although he likes to think he has.

This Friday had an additional surprise. Dad fetched me from nursery on Friday and Mamma and Grandad were at our house when I got home. On a Friday? Weird!

I was taken to nursery on a Friday and when I got home Mamma and Grandad were there? Could things get any weirder?

I have to say I can understand the Mamma and Grandad bit. They are old and do get things wrong. I just assumed the poor dears thought it was Wednesday. But I can’t understand why Mum and Dad have started taking me to nursery on a Friday. For goodness sake Mamma and Grandad have an excuse for getting it wrong. They are old. What’s Mum and dad’s excuse? They are happening dudes.

But the day turned out brilliant in the end. Mum and Dad went out to Nanny and Grandad’s special wedding anniversary meal and we grandparent sat Mamma and Grandad, who had a special sleep over with us.

The evening and night were brilliant. We were able to stay up until midnight. I’ve never done that before, have you? I didn’t this time, either, only one little thing stopped me I went to sleep at 9.00pm otherwise I would have stayed awake until midnight.

It was so funny to see Mamma and Grandad in the lounge when I got up Saturday morning.

Every Saturday morning week in week out we have to be at Freya’s swimming lesson for 9.00am in Lincoln. It is so boring. Once you’ve seen her swim a length that’s all you need. Believe you her swimming may improve but the event doesn’t.

Fortunately, it is at a gym, Total Fitness. You can either watch Sister Freya swimming, watch people wrecking themselves on the equipment, you can eat and drink in the café or you can play in this massive softplay area for us the energetic kids of society.

Which did I choose? The massive softplay area for us energetic kids of society. There is everything: books, toy cars, TV playing, computer games, a slide, climbing equipment and these massive, massive soft blocks as tall as Grandad. The whole thing was obviously put together by a grown up. How do I know? There is a notice saying all children have to be supervised by an adult. They’d never put that notice up if a child was in charge.

So, to ensure I didn’t have to waste half an hour of my life I could never retrieve watching Sister Freya swim I had to spend it in the softplay area. But where could I find an adult gullible enough to spend half an hour with me in softplay? Yeh, you got it in one, Grandad. He’s such a soft touch.

As usual I just ignored his loud protests. I could assure him he did not want to see Sister Freya swim. I know him better than he knows himself.

So, we built a massive den with the blocks and sat in it, me and Grandad. I then ran the cars down the slide. That is such a brilliant game. The steepness of the slide makes them go 100mph and they have a car crash as they hit the floor at the bottom. Boom! Crash! Wallop! Bang!

Grandad did drag me back to watch Sister Freya a couple of times and Mamma took over for a short time. I was glad when Mamma’s watch was over. She’s far too formal, with far too much discipline, and with far too many rules to obey.

After what seemed like hours, Sister Freya’s lesson was over and we went to Whisby Garden Centre which is at Whisby, Lincolnshire and is a family run business that has been trading for over 30 years. There are 5 lakes all beautifully planted up creating a wonderful place to shop, eat and take a walk around and feed the wildlife. Incorporated into it is Whisby Animal Park and Play Barn and Adventure Playground.

I have to say it is the best place in the world. We went to the Café first. Not my first choice. I thought we should have done the Play barn first, but I’m the logical one of the party, others like Grandad who is always thinking about feeding his tum has different ideas.

So, we ate and drank, I cannot remember what I ate because my thoughts were on the Play barn as it was more important to me and I needed to get there urgently. But we had to wait whilst Grandad and Mamma ate their bacon butties and drank their lattes.

On the way to the Play barn there were ducks quacking loudly, no deafeningly, at us from the lakes which had all manor of water birds: geese, swans, moorhens, mallards and white doves (a water bird?).

The Play barn needs so much energy. We saw some of Sister Freya’s friends there. What you have to do at the Play barn is quickly as fast as you can, climb up high to the roof on the climbing frame and zoom down the ultra massive slide. Pick yourself straight up as fast as you can and start all over again. Again, again and again. Phew! And as I was the youngest by far I had to put three times the effort in to keep up. I may have been at the back all the time but I am proud to say I kept up.

Mamma looked exhausted for us and so bought me a gorgeous, delicious strawberry and clotted cream ice cream with a flake in it. And Sister Freya a mint ice cream with a flake. She has such a weird taste.

Whisby creates a lot of hard work. It is no use going unless you have a bucket load of energy. Once you’ve done the inside Play barn there is the outside Adventure Playground to conquer. (You don’t have to, that’s my own personal goal. But you are a wimp if you don’t.)

But make sure you save some time and energy to feed the animals. Mum bought some animal food. We fed the sheep and the goats. I just love the goats. They climb on one another because they try to be the one to get the most food from you. Some even push their noses under the wire. I’m not sure if they want food or if they find it funny just to scare you.

I didn’t feed the pig. He is the only person/animal that has a tummy as big as Grandad’s so I don’t think he needs more food. I hope he appreciates I am doing him a favour by not giving him food.

Another animal that reminded me of Grandad was a donkey in the donkey compound. One of the donkeys stood leaning against the gate fast asleep. What a Wonky Donkey? Grandad sleeps anywhere like that. If I had left him by that gate he would have gone to sleep standing up leaning on it. Sometimes I stand talking to him and I look at him and he’s gone fast asleep.

Peter Rabbit was in one of the pens with a lot of chickens. I tried to stroke him. I love Peter Rabbit. But the evil chickens dived to peck my fingers. Don’t they know they should be off laying eggs, that’s their job, not pecking my eyes out.

Grandad said it was not Peter Rabbit as he lives in the Lake District and wears a blue jacket. Peter Rabbit, like the rest of us, has to get away for a holiday as a break from his busy filming schedule. This is his get away from it all place. The blue jacket is his stage costume which he wears for his TV show, he doesn’t wear it in his day to day life.

Grandad is not very intelligent to say how long he’s had on earth. We saw Gemima Puddleduck, too, on the lake. She had a drake friend. Yes, I know, you get all the celebrity gossip on this blog. And she was not wearing her bonnet, that’s just for when she’s on TV.

Grandad says it’s time to stop as if I go on too long you the reader will loose interest. But this place is so brilliant I need to tell you about the Aladdin’s cave of books, toys and games known as The Works… the magnificent fish in the aquariums… the way all the carp come to the edge of the lake mouths opening like mini sharks for you to feed them… but Grandad, Grandad, don’t stop me.

Sorry George there’s over 1,700 words which is far too many. This computer is closing down! Bye Bye.


“He who laughs – lasts.” – Mary P. Poole


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