GEORGE AGED 4 BLOG – Advent Countdown to Christmas – ONLY 24 SLEEPS TO CHRISTMAS

GEORGE AGED 4 BLOG – Advent Countdown to Christmas – ONLY 24 SLEEPS TO CHRISTMAS

Hi, George here. None of my welcome to my world crap because you can’t come in anyway and Grandad’s not allowing me enough number of words.

Grandad has said I can do a Daily Advent Countdown to Christmas Blog Post, covering the 25 days 1st December to 25th December, Christmas Day. Ain’t that exciting?.

He says to give my thoughts and comments, hopes and fears and observations about Christmas, but with just two rules:

  1. I have to be jolly.
  2. I am limited to just one sentence a day!

I know I have already broken one rule by doing 6 sentences already. But that’s because I have to explain what these Daily Advent Countdown to Christmas Blog Post are about.

Can you believe all the extra work that means I have to do, writing a Daily Advent Countdown to Christmas Blog Post every single day whilst my excitement for Christmas is building to a fever pitch crescendo?

Not only that I have to do FULLTIME SCHOOL as well. Us school children are not like you skiving adults working from home. We are out there doing fulltime school risking life and limb keeping the country running and motivated. The government’s insistence that we children attend fulltime school during the pandemic smacks of the days they used to send kids up chimneys.

Shouldn’t everyone be out on their doorsteps on a Thursday night banging their saucepans in gratitude to us school children?

Grandad has taught me that I need to have a theme for my Daily Advent Countdown to Christmas Blog Post. And I have chosen “Driving Home For Christmas” the Chris Rea song which is our family’s Christmas theme tune (along with Fairy Tale of New York) and motto.

Every day in my Daily Advent Countdown to Christmas Blog Post as “Driving Home For Christmas” is my theme, my main picture will be Santa (& Rudolf in many cases) driving home for Christmas and always in a red vehicle. Mostly in a red car. That’s because I love red cars. Red cars are the best cars ever. Top Gear say so, Auto Express say so, Autocar say so, What Car say so and they even get the consumer magazine Which award for best car.

Finally, my thought for the day. Today, 1st December, we all begin our Advent Calendars. Any advent calendar worth having has to have chocolate behind the doors or in the drawers. But have you seen the pokey little bit of chocolate shaving you get. Not worth having to be honest.

As you know since starting school in September, they have taught me to become a radical thinker.

My radical thoughts about advent calendars are that the bits of advent chocolate should be scrapped and replaced with a real bar of chocolate behind the door each day to make Advent more enjoyable, exciting and practical. Like advent was meant to be.

So, open the doors each day in the GEORGE REED ADVENT CALENDAR and you will find the following full size bars of chocolate:

December Day     1              Mars

December Day     2              Bounty

December Day     3              Kit Kat

December Day     4              M&Ms

December Day     5              Cadbury Dairy Milk

December Day     6              Cadburys Fruit & Nut

December Day     7              Fudge

December Day     8              Yorkie

December Day     9              Milky Way

December Day     10           Aero Mint

December Day     11           Aero

December Day     12           Galaxy

December Day     13           Cadbury Whole Nut

December Day     14           Curly Wurly

December Day     15           Wispa

December Day     16           Crunchie

December Day     17           Rollo’s

December Day     18           Flake

December Day     19           Smarties

December Day     20           Freddo

December Day     21           Haribo’s

December Day     22           Milky Bar

December Day     23           Maltesers

December Day     24           Lion

December Day     25           Mars Celebration (Tin Of)

And… and here is my second, radical thought on Advent Calendars.

Why do we have to finish the Advent Calendar on 24th or 25th December, what is the point? The GEORGE REED ADVENT CALENDAR will go on giving doors to open offering a different bar of chocolate until 12th Night or 6th January. I cannot see any reason why it shouldn’t.

December Day     26           Munchies             

December Day     27           Double Decker    

December Day     28           Caramel                

December Day     29           Turkish Delight   

December Day     30           Boost    

December Day     31           Ferrero Rocher    

January Day         1              Guylian SeaShells               

January Day         2              Cadbury’s Bourneville       

January Day         3              Time Out              

January Day         4              Picnic    

January Day         5              Quality St             

January Day         6              Anything you like from the Hotel Chocolat Range     

I will ask Boris Johnson to make that law. After all he does owe me one, this year, after preventing me from seeing my Nanny and Mamma for most of the year!

I don’t know why no one has thought of that before. After all mankind has had 2,000 years to think about it.

My radical thinking scares me. Those amazing unique ideas came after just 3 months at school it is scary to think what I will be coming up with after 14 years at school.

Well I think that’s more than a sentence or two. Happy Christmas Advent