Hi George, here.

Happy New Year! Won’t you come on in? Yes, I know. You can’t come in can you? We’re in Lockdown again. But, I guess you can come into the new year, 2021 but not my physical world.

My oh my, why is Coronavirus so complicated and so confusing.

Like we were promised we could have 5 days of Christmas. That was slashed to 1 day right at the last minute.

New Year was cancelled! So, how come it happened any way and we are in 2021? Yet another confusion.

Then we were told “Back to school Monday, 4th January 2021.” For Sister Freya and me it was Tuesday 5th January 2021 as the 4th was an Inset Day. No, I don’t know what Inset Day means either. In reality it is another day’s holiday. So, why not call it that.

Because adults call it ‘Inset Day’ instead of a ‘Holiday’. Adults make the adult world a thousand times more complex than it needs to be.

To be honest if adults left us children to run the world it would be a far less complicated world. We’d tell it how it is and would keep things simpler. There would be far less things to learn in a simpler world. Consequently, we would have learned everything possible in the world by the age of 10 and be able to leave the education system. And have a longer time to enjoy life doing things we want to and enjoy doing.

There would be no requirement for going to University. There would not be the complicated things to learn that justifies a university education. No university so, there would not be such a rapid spread of Coronavirus and we would not be in Lockdown 3.0.

Anyway, so, we get to our ‘Inset Day’. Me and Sister Freya are all excited (Sister Freya more than me, I will admit) about going back to school tomorrow.

But news gets back to Boris Johnson that children are excited because they are going back to school and he hates children. He just cannot abide wasting good food on children even more. Fortunately, big strong footballers muscle up to him and he has to give in. Otherwise, us kids would just get crap to eat.

You can imagine, therefore, word obviously got back about us children being excited about going back to school and Boris Johnson got a bit annoyed. “Close the schools, immediately!” he said.

So, we couldn’t go back to school.

He did just the same at Christmas. Announced 5 days of Christmas, just before it started, he realised all the children were getting over excited and cut it down to one day for spite.

We need another footballer to step in and tell him children have to go to school. Home schooling is brutal and bruising! I think I’ll contact Harry Kane and ask him, he owes me a favour for all the support I have given him.

But things progressed to try and get over it. We have video classes from school twice a day. That is amazing It’s like Cbeebies Mr Tumble on steroids.

For four desperate years I watched Mr Tumble, Peter Rabbit, Postman Pat, Paw Patrol and Bing on TV, talking to them all, all the time. In those 4 years not one talked back and inter reacted with me.

But my school does on this new TV channel. It’s probably Netflix. Everyone is talking Netflix in these Coronavirus times. Netflix and Amazon Prime know what the 21st Century generation want.

I do love to learn. There is always something brilliant waiting to be learnt. I feel I need to learn. Learning is the most important thing ever in the world to me. Apart from my family of course. They are the most important thing in the world ever to me. And food. If I didn’t have food I couldn’t learn. Oh, yes and Harry Potter. And I forgot about dinosaurs. Among Us, I guess that’s the most important thing in the world to me. You don’t know what Among Us is! Where have you been isolating? I’ll tell you about it later. And of course, Mr Christopher, my teacher, he’s the most important thing in the world to me, too.

Here are Ten More Things that are the Most Important Things In The World To Me:

  1. My tablet
  2. Pizza
  3. Pasta
  4. Haribos
  5. Hospital Dog Book by Julia Donaldson
  6. My bedroom
  7. Ice cream
  8. Television
  9. Cars

Sister Freya has a video link with her teacher too.

But Grandad has taught me that with everything in life you must always find the positives. The positive of being home schooled this week came when the snow fell.

The weathermen have really buggered the snow up this Christmas. They got the timings wrong and made it snow early December. There was none left for 25th December. Thank goodness for the Snowman and Snowdog giving us virtual snow fun at Christmas.

Then, it has snowed again this week. I know, ridiculous, I can’t believe it either. Not enough to build a snowman or even go sledging. But we did manage to make a few snowballs, me and Sister Freya. And brilliant snow angels. You always have to make a snow angel!

With being home schooled we were able to be a little versatile with lessons and move outside for them. We incorporated the snow into our learning process. Hot and cold frozen and wet. What is a snowflake made of? Why when I go out in the snow do I get so wet?

We even did sums in the snow. We wrote numbers and letters with our feet.

We also went for a walk and found a giant snowman on the park. Just when I thought there was not enough snow to make one. There was definitely not enough snow to make a snowman so, he must have come flying through the air, already made and perched himself on our park.

I do miss meeting up with everyone: cousins, grandparents, aunties and uncles. We do meet up on Zoom and Snapchat and WhatsApp, though. But it’s not the same.

One thing me and Sister Freya love is a computer game called “Among Us”. Fortunately, our cousins love it too and so does my Dad and uncle and auntie. We are all able to play together over a video link. How cool is that? Why doesn’t Mum play it? She’s always got something better to do. Better than Among Us? She’s crazy. She always misses out on the fun things of life. One day she will regret it. In fact, I think she already does. I’ve seen her spending hours chatting in video conferences. And I look into her eyes and I see her longing for her work colleagues to play Among Us instead of just doing boring chat all the time.

Having said that it is one of the duties of being a mum to live a boring life and not join in on computer games. It makes your children’s lives look a lot more exciting.

I’m not sure what happened to Auntie JuJu. She doesn’t stick to the mum rules. She joined in on the Among Us game. Cousin Rory and Cousin Ewan were definitely far from happy. They nearly didn’t play that time, just out of protest.

Among Us is very, very good, you know. It teaches you so much about life. It shows up the cheats in the family, the fakers of the family, the brave and the wimps and the good for nothings. I have learned so much from it and feel there is still so much more to learn. I recommend it to anyone.

Did you pick up that I have a new favourite book. Hospital Dog by Julia Donaldson. Very topical and of the moment would you say? Do you know if I had a dog it would go straight to the top of the Things That Are The Most Important In The World To Me Chart? Instead, I have to manage with a dog book about hospitals. But do I complain? I have every right to but no, I just soldier on, regardless.

Well, I can’t stay Blogging to you all day. There is important work to be done. I desperately need to contact Harry Kane. Those schools just ain’t gonna open themselves.

Bye, see you next time,