Hi, George here. Welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in? If you do can you wear a mask, please? And oh, can you distance yourself two metres from everyone else, please. Yes, I know officially it only has to be one metre, but I feel I need to be doubly sure.

To say there is a pandemic on there is a lot happening in my life at the moment.

It all started where my last blog post ended, when we went to the Ice Cream Parlour and had hundreds and thousands with my cousins and Mamma and Grandad.

The next day we were going on holiday with my cousins. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep that night and was up at 4.30am. I bet you’d get up that early to go on holiday. We finally got away at twelve noon.

We have to go and find the sea where that we can surf in. That sea is a long way away. It is two days away. It is so far, we have to stay off in a hotel overnight. I think it must be up hill all the way to our holiday destination. It is difficult and hard work, that’s why it takes two whole days.

There is more than just a hotel there. There is a big Sainsburys too. A mega Sainsburys which makes it all worthwhile stopping off. My Cousin Rory and my Cousin Ewan stayed there too. Not Mamma and Grandad. They normally do though.

When going back home we can do the journey in one day. The journey must be downhill, and we do it so much faster. Twice as fast.

When we get to Padstow the first thing, we do is have a tattoo. Then Freya has a braid in her hair. Cousin Rory and Cousin Ewan don’t. I think that is because Uncle Ian is too tight to pay. It is expensive. Freya’s cost £19.

I wasn’t given one either. I think that was all about this youngest verses oldest thing. Like, the oldest gets bought everything and gets to do everything because it is a novelty and for the first time. The second, and any other than the oldest and very definitely the youngest get nothing and get to try nothing and are bought nothing because it has all been experienced before with the oldest. This is very definitely so with expensive things like the hair braid. But see if I care?

When we got to the holiday house Mum and Dad said it was for sale. They didn’t buy it. I’m not sure why not. If they had done and we had moved in it to live there all year I would not have had to go to school. If we lived at the holiday home as our everyday home, there just would not be time to go to school like there is at Coddington. You see there is too much to do in the holiday home all day to find time for school:

  • Walk down to the beach daily
  • Make a sandcastle
  • Build a moat around it with sea water redirected from the sea.
  • Paddle in the sea
  • Swim in the sea
  • Surf on my bodyboard in the sea
  • Build a massive dam on the streams of water to stop them flowing to and from the sea
  • Go rock pooling
  • Go crabbing
  • Play hide and seek in the sand dunes
  • Have an ice cream on the beach
  • Play Big Bad Wolf can’t blow our house down starring Grandad as the Big Bad Wolf in the Wendy House in the garden at the holiday home.
  • Play a round of crazy golf a day
  • Play Hide and Seek in the Holiday House garden.
  • Shielding our chips on the beach from the seagulls

So, you see no time for school there.

Mamma and Grandad normally go on holiday with us. But they did not this year. I thought Boris Johnson had said “No, Grandad, because of Coronavirus you can’t go on holiday.” But Uncle Ian says it’s Grandad being a scardycat. Whatever I missed Mamma and Grandad.

If my Daddy had bought the holiday house and we had moved in Mamma and Grandad could have moved in permanently. They’d have to or how else could we play Big Bad Wolf can’t blow our house down starring Grandad as the Big Bad Wolf in the garden of the holiday home.

It was such fun being with my cousins 24/7 for a week. The biggest fun all year. We do so many great things together especially Crazy Golf and visiting different beaches and shooing off seagulls when we are eating chips.

You always know when our holiday has come to an end. The sun goes in and the dull, grey, black clouds fill the sky. The wind blows and the rain falls heavily, and Dad goes grumpy. That all means pack your case and make your way home. The holiday is over.

If Dad bought the holiday home and we moved in there for everyday use I bet it would sunshine every day. It would in my life anyway. And Dad would never ever get grumpy.

Driving back home is boring so I went to sleep. In fact, everyone did, Sister Freya, Mum and Dad. I don’t know who drove. The car seems to drive better if we are all asleep.

The most amazing thing about being back home was my bedroom. Whilst we were on holiday the wallpaper fairy had been to call and wallpapered my new bedroom, which used to be Sister Freya’s bedroom. The wall is cover in stars. Star Walls! Star wallpaper. I counted a million stars. Grandad said there was “A Thousand Stars” and started singing this song called “A Thousand Stars”. Eeek! Have you heard my Grandad sing? No, You’re lucky.

He went rambling on about this guy called Billy Fury getting to No.14 on 19th February 1961 with a record called “A Thousand Stars”. What ridiculous trivia his brain is filled with. That is pre-history history and has nothing to do with my beautiful bedroom.

Although I pay lip service to the “Wallpaper Fairy” I know the wallpapering has the special touch of my Mamma and she put her artistic touch to it. All I was waiting for now was for a new carpet to be laid and new curtains.

The exciting thing about August is that even when our seaside holiday is over the fun doesn’t know when to stop. We go places everyday and meet up with different friends. Fun! Fun! Fun! In fact, Great Fun! Great Fun! Great Fun! Even though there is still the fear of Covid-19. Although there is some precautionary measures we are gradually getting back to normal.

It is also the major occasions of Dad’s Birthday and Mum’s Birthday. Mum’s Birthday will be covered in the next blog Post.

But it was Dad’s major 40th Birthday. He’s really old. The great thing about that is we and all the family clubbed together to buy him a special present… a brand-new TV. The fantastic thing about that is that I (in fact all of us) get to share in it as if it was my birthday present and all of our birthday presents. I love watching TV.

The problem is I’m not feeling the benefit yet. Dad’s been too idle to go out and get it. Come on Dad get off your butt.

There is one thing for sure, Mum won’t have such an interesting present for us all to share for her birthday. It’ll be a hair-based job or dresses or something equally as boring.

Covid-19 hit dad’s birthday party a bit. He and Uncle Ian went for his birthday game of golf, but it was rained off. On his actually birthday Nanny and Grandad Reed came for tea with Uncle Steve, Auntie Jayne, Cousin Finley and Cousin Erin. Due to social distancing they were allowed in doors. But because Mamma and Grandad were allocated a different day to celebrate and they still turned up on his birthday they had to stay in the garden. And it poured with rain on them making them soaking wet.

Oh, how we did laugh.

The good thing about August even with Covid-19 we meet up with our cousins regularly, every few days in fact. We even had Cousin Rory and Cousin Ewan for a sleepover. How exciting was that. Only the most exciting thing in the world ever.

But before that happened Mum insisted that my bedroom was finished. The carpet fitter came and fitted mine and Sister Freya’s new carpets. The carpet was brilliant and the same in both rooms. I ensured new rules were made to protect the carpet. Everyone had to stick to the new rules and take their shoes and glasses off. The next morning, I was so shocked to find some water from the shower seeping through to my carpet. The emergency plumber came and fixed the leak. Thank goodness. Didn’t you just know I was going to be blamed for that. I felt it in my water.

That afternoon Mamma and Grandad came and made the final touches to my bedroom by putting up the curtains. Mamma and Grandad work as a team. Mamma measured the curtains and put the hooks on and hung them on the curtain rail. Then made sure they worked for each one. Grandad then says that looks nice when she finishes.

And that was another 1,000 stars. Wow! Unbeleivable!

Cousin Ewan slept with me in my brand-new finished bedroom. He thought it was so ace. He didn’t say so, but he didn’t have to. Who could resist a room of a million stars?

My cousins then stayed the next day. And it kept on being good and getting better. Dad celebrated his birthday again. I think when it is your 40th birthday you have to have 40 games of golf to celebrate and 40 eat and drink party get togethers (and a forty-inch times two TV screen I hope), because Dad has had that many celebrations. And we’ve still got Mum’s to come!

My cousins stayed and Auntie Ian and Uncle JuJu came. (I know I wrote it wrong, but I did it on purpose to make you laugh.) dad and Uncle Ian played golf. Mamma and Grandad came to join us all for Dad’s 40th Party again. And the rain poured down, again.

What a brilliant weekend. A real rave. But on TV news Boris Johnson said rave’s where wrong during the pandemic. But we don’t care.

There are millions of great things about August.

Here is 10 Top Things To Do In August:

  1. 6 weeks holiday from school or nursery
  2. Cornish Seaside Holiday away for week with cousins
  3. Dad’s Birthday
  4. Mum’s Birthday
  5. Sunny Sunshine
  6. Rainy Days and big puddles
  7. Fairy Godmother Emma and Prince Charming Daniel visit
  8. Day out every day somewhere different with different friends
  9. Spiders and Snakes
  10. Bigger bedrooms to move into and decorate and re-carpet and re-curtain


But do you know what is top of the list Fairy Godmother Emma and Prince Charming Daniel always come to see us. If YouGov did a poll of all the residents of the UK asking them what the most popular thing is to do in August No.1 with 99% votes would be Fairy Godmother Emma and Prince Charming Daniel visiting wouldn’t it. I just live for that to happen don’t you?

Meeting up with Fairy Godmother Emma and Prince Charming Daniel is as magical as stepping into a part animated Disney film.

Mamma is not only a good Wallpapering Fairy she took me and Sister Freya and bought us new School Shoes. They are amazing. I look ace in them and they make me run so fast.

We went to John Lewis in Nottingham for them. To help save John Lewis as much as because I needed new school shoes. But the shoes are so good they are special superfast magical ones.

I cannot wait to go to school to show them off now. And no one, but no one will be able to run as fast as me.

I know you’d like me to carry on but I have to close, now. There is so much living out there waiting for me to do. There’s Dad’s 40th birthday to finish off celebrating and Mum’s 40th birthday to start celebrating. How will I ever find time to sleep?

See you next time.

Bye! George.