Hi, George here.

Welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in, as long as you just stay in the garden.

Ok, I know you can probably come in the house but it’s best to be on the safe side. Boris Johnson put the wind up us all last week when he started to apply the brake on Lockdown let ups.

I suppose you can be welcome to my world if you wear a face mask.

Life has got a little better over the past two weeks. Like the weather it has been hotting up. You know what hot weather means, getting the paddling pool and water slide out more times!

The greatest thing has been that Home-Schooling has ended…and breath.

Well I thought the pressure was off. I was sure ready for the break. The only problem with Home-Schooling is you don’t get a proper break. I was all excited looking forward to the August Summer Holidays not realising you do not get a real break from Home-Schooling.

You see from real schooling you do not see your teacher for six whole weeks. Wow! But with Home-Schooling she’s still there with you, day in day out. Where’s the break in that?

But look on the plus side, having a Mum as a teacher does mean that you get to do some inspirational stuff over the holidays.

For example, we got to go to The Old Barn Field Farm Rolleston Nottinghamshire, ​NG23 5SJ. And what is that all about? Let The Old Barn Field Farm tell you.

“What do we do at The Old Barn?

We offer you the chance to join us on our working arable farm in a beautiful, secluded location and release your inner creativity!

Come and join Helen and her family on their family farm in rural Nottinghamshire and experience some good old fashioned hospitality!”

We did loads of wonderful and creative things there. The main thing was we played and modelled in mud. A four-year-old child’s dream come true. Mud, mud, glorious mud. Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood.

I loved getting my hands and arms covered in it. The farmers showed us how to model with the mud and me and sister Freya modelled a small mud house each. I have never ever done that before in life, have you?

We then went and played with the huge circular hay bales. They are so heavy, four of us could not move them. How can hay and straw that is so light be so heavy?

We had lots of good food, no, not hay and mud pie, proper delicious food.

But what a brilliant Muddy Day. Simply the best. I’m gonna like this holiday.

I recently graduated from nursery and pre-school. I left months ago due to Coronavirus. Now I have left

Officially. We gave my Nursery helpers a present and a card along with my appreciation. I got some certificate, but Coronavirus meant I missed out on the proper formal cap and gown graduation stuff.

Me and Mum and Sister Freya went into the Nursery to take the card and gifts and say our last goodbyes. Mum said it was the end of almost a seven-year relationship. Her maths leaves a lot to be desired. How can that be when I am only four? But then she’s a teacher, what can you expect?

For all the four plus years I have had at Nursery and pre-school, I also had one whole day a week at Mamma and Grandad’s Childminding Nursery. Which was a fancy dressed up name which meant I Babysat Mamma and Grandad. Every single Wednesday in term time. I can tell you it was not easy. No, worse it was tough at times, but I am tough too, so I coped.

But again, sadly, Coronavirus brought that to an early end.

The end was so abrupt we had had no time for a Mamma and Grandad’s Childminding Nursery Graduation Party. But due to Boris Johnson’s easing up of lockdown we managed to finally squeeze one in.

Grandad blogged about this, I know, but I’d just like to give my version of events.

In days before Coronavirus when I was babysitting Mamma and Grandad, I used to take them to Stray’s Coffee Shop in Newark. They liked it and I liked it and so it seemed a good idea all round.

To get the most out of it, as a creature of habit, I always ordered the same things: a cheese sandwich, crisps, a cereal bar, a Fruit Shoot to drink and both Grandad and Mamma’s biscuits they had with their coffee. Oh, yes and half Mamma cheese scone and cheese.

To enjoy it to its fullest I had a very strict routine of eating the food. You have to be strictly organised, don’t you? The order was:

Grandad’s coffee biscuit

Mamma’s coffee biscuit


Mamma’s cheese scone

Cereal Bar

Cheese taken from his sandwich

Finally, my bread and butter

All interspersed with a quick slurp of my Fruit Shoot – normally blackcurrant.

It needed to be a leisurely lunch, too. Definitely not to be rushed. I needed not to be hurried. In fact, I categorically refused to be hurried.

We usually got there at 11.30am. Annoyingly, Mamma and Grandad insisted we be back to collect sister Freya from school at 3.00pm. So, we had to leave Stray’s by 2.00pm. Far too early. I usually ended up with a piece of bread in each hand still eating. How bad was that?

So, I was so excited going to Stray’s with Mamma and Grandad for Mamma and Grandad’s Childminding Nursery Graduation Party.

We took Mum and Sister Freya with us as a treat. For them, that is, certainly not for me.

I ordered my usual. I had to in celebration and for old times’ sake.

When the food arrived, I launched straight into my strict eating regime that was the norm with Mamma & Grandad.

But Mum intervened.

“No, George. No biscuits until you’ve eaten your sandwiches.” She said. “Sandwiches, crisps, Mamma’s cheese scone, cereal bar, coffee biscuits. Ok?”

No, it wasn’t ok!

And in addition, we arrived at 12.30pm and left 1.30pm prompt. That is no time to eat my lunch/

My Mum is worse than Boris Johnson. Another of the drawbacks of having a strict disciplinarian teacher as a Mum!

Anyway, I suppose it was alright, in the end. Just not quite as I would ideally want it which seems to be the way of most things in these Coronavirus Times.

Mamma and Grandad gave me a book as my “Mamma and Grandad’s Childminding Nursery Graduation” gift. It’s titled “Before You Sleep” by Benji Bennett. The book is all in brilliant rhyme and every page has fantastic pictures that excite me. A very good book Mamma and Grandad! Thank you

Another day we went to Newfield Ice Cream Parlour and Café, near Southwell. Not only do they have amazing ice cream they have this Brilliant Adventure Playground.

Me and Sister Freya met up there with our cousins Rory and Ewan.

Did you know ice cream comes from cows? No, I didn’t either. I think the cows that give milk live in open fields and cows who give ice cream live in great big special open fridge cow sheds.

I like hundreds and thousands on my ice cream. But where do they come from. I think you harvest rainbows. Collect them in jam jars. Then you process them through a micro food processor that chops them up finely and mixes them in with micro pieces of chocolate.

Absolutely delicious.

Sister Freya is moving into a bigger bedroom. Danny came to decorate her new room. I now get to have Sister Freya’s old room. Much bigger than my room but not as big as Sister Freya’s new room.

Dad painted my room and Mamma is going to wallpaper it. That’s a bit scary. Don’t you think? I hope she brings her glasses.

I do have a lot of faith in Mamma but it still bothers me that I always get the ‘tit end of the lemon’ and get the amateur decorators whilst Sister Freya always gets the better deal and the professional decorator. That’s the problem of being the youngest. Second-hand Rose, that’s me.

We received delivery of my school uniform this week. Scary! No going back now as Mum and Dad have made that major investment. But I do look amazing in it, even if I do say so myself. The schoolboy look really is me.

Boris Johnson says we have to wear masks to prevent Coronavirus spreading, especially when we went to the hairdressers to have our haircut. I have the best mask ever. I have seen lots of people in masks but none as good as mine – a Spiderman mask. Why doesn’t everyone wear a Spiderman mask? Everyone wears boring ones. Why?

School Holidays are still good even with Coronavirus. We go somewhere every day like Rushcliffe Country Park, Rufford and Rutland Water. That’s the plus of a School Teacher Mum!

At Rutland Water we played Crazy Golf. Golf is a funny game.  You just have to put a ball in a hole. Crazy! Not skilful like football.

There’s a lot more fun still to be had out there too. So, I’m away to have fun. Enjoy the August holidays. Have fun!

Bye! George.