Hi, George here.

Welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in? Now, you know you can’t in this Covid-19 Lockdown job.

‘Scuse me whilst I just sing:

Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday dear Georgie

Happy Birthday to me


How old are you now?

How old are you now?

How old are you now?

How old are you now?

One, two, three, four!


You see it was my birthday on Friday 8th May. My fourth one. And one of the symptoms of Covid-19 is that you don’t have anyone to sing Happy Birthday to you. So, you have to sing it to yourself.

Fortunately, with video links like Zoom and Facetime,  WhatsApp and general videos, lots of people did join in singing Happy Birthday to me. So, that was alright.

Do you know what Grandad said? You don’t do you?

He said no one could have done that when he was my age because the phone and computer and internet as we know them today had not been invented!

But I think that was just a Grandad joke. Think about it logically man could not have survived on earth for 200,000 years without a phone and computer and the internet to help him through. So, to say he did not have them is ridiculous.

Anyway, let’s concentrate on Friday 8th May 2020. An especially important day because it was my birthday. So important they declared it a Bank Holiday, yes, a Public Holiday. Because it was my birthday.

You see I could not have my very own party at Claire’s Accessories (thank goodness) or the Village Hall or Ed’s Playbarn, or at the Golf Club or at Water Meadows or White Post Farm. Or even at Nanny’s or at Mamma’s. Which was disappointing.

But to make up for it there were street parties in most villages and towns throughout Britain. But people could not have street parties in the traditional sense but they just put a small table at the front gate with food and a drink on it all in the name of celebration.

Everyone put union jack buntings up around their houses and in their garden. And loads and loads of flags which made it so exciting.

The Red Arrows who are an aerobatic display team of nine aircraft and put on special displays for important occasions and events. They even scrambled and flew over London to mark the occasion. I understand someone has to pay for them. I don’t know who arranged that, I suspect it was Grandad. The reason I think that it was him is because they flew over London, but not over my house. Grandad would have been too mean to pay for the fuel to take them from London up to Nottingham. Obvious isn’t it.

At least I assume they didn’t fly over my house. I did not hear or see them, and I always see any aeroplanes in the sky near us.

Grandad has some photographs of the nine Red Arrows on my birthday. It is obvious it is in lockdown as the aeroplanes are the Lockdown statutory two metres apart.  

We all sang some different birthday songs like “We’ll Meet Again”. That’s because I can’t meet up with people on my birthday but promising that we will do in future and we’ll celebrate my birthday when all this lockdown is over.

The Queen made a speech on TV, all to make up for my birthday being celebrated in lockdown.

It is extremely rare for the Queen to address the nation — she has previously only done so for special celebrations such as Christmas Day.

This is the fifth previously unscheduled speech of this kind delivered during the monarch’s 68 years as Queen. She spoke after her Diamond Jubilee in 2012. Also, she spoke to the nation after the deaths of Princess Diana and the Queen Mother. She spoke to the nation a few Sunday’s ago about Coronavirus. And then on my birthday Friday 8th May 2020 in a speech entitled “75th Anniversary of VE Day”.

Most people have to wait until they are 100 years old before the Queen acknowledges their birthday.

Do you know some people celebrating VE Day took over my birthday celebration as there’s. But I don’t mind though. It is a good cause. Also, it meant millions then ended up celebrating my birthday.

So, let’s move away from the nationwide celebrations to my amazing personal celebrations.

The best birthday Present I received was the Bank Holiday which meant no Home Schooling on my birthday! Hooray!

On the day, Friday 8th May 2020 I was up by 6.30am. I had to be for two reasons.

The first reason: I am only allowed to be four years old once in my life and so only one day in my entire life can be allocated to my 4th birthday. I need to live every second of that day and squeeze the very most from it.

Second reason; I needed lots of presents more than ever before. During this lockdown situation Mum seems to have given up on going out to work. So, earning money for my presents is left to my Dad. It was especially important that he got off to work early on my birthday to pay for the presents.

If anyone had asked me, which they didn’t, which would you rather have – your Dad working on your birthday and mountains of presents, or your Dad at home on your birthday and just one present? My answer is the obvious one: my Dad working on my birthday and mountains of presents.

That is what happened thank goodness and I got up early to make sure he was out to work early earning loads of money. Money means presents!

I had loads of presents to open up like: a Talking Hulk, a Hulk costume, loads-a books, Throw N’ Catch Spiderman Set, Playmobil Farm, Mickey Mouse Tea Set, Mickey Mouse Car and from my sister a Darth Vader Outfit.

There were some clothes but as Grandad has taught me, clothes are not good presents.

Somehow Postman Pat had brought piles of cards in the house too.

We video-linked Nanny and Grandad. My best present was that Nanny was not in hospital. She was at home with Grandad. You can’t get much better than that. Now I’m not quite sure how this works but Nanny and Grandad’s present was transferred by video-link from their house to mine. Isn’t modern technology incredible. There was this present in front of my very eyes. I excitedly unwrapped it to find the best present ever along with my others I just listed. That’s right a set of goals. I could not wait to get them up and start scoring goals. But Mum is such a girl and said I had to wait for Dad to put my goals up. Why?

We then had a video-link with Mamma and Grandad and their present metamorphosed in front of my very eyes too. A remote-controlled dinosaur transformer. Mum did manage to put that together and insert the batteries. From the remote control I could turn it into a car or a dinosaur and race it around the house and garden.

And then I got a cuddly Hulk from Auntie JuJu, Uncle Ian, Cousin Rory and Cousin Ewan. I have so many Hulks it forces me to ask what the collective noun term for a gathering of Incredible Hulks is. I checked it out and it is a “list” of hulks.

At 11.00am we had the first of many Zoom Video 4Th Birthday Parties. This one with cousins Rory & Ewan & Uncle Ian & Auntie JuJu. We had Mum’s brilliant Mickey Mouse Cake all lit up with candles. Everyone sang Happy Birthday and I blew out the four candles easily. To be honest it could easily have been my tenth birthday because I could easily have blown out 10 candles.

Actually, I should officially be 12 years old because I blew out 12 candles. I blew out Mum’s 4, first. Then, Auntie JuJu had a cake. Technology is brilliant because I blew into our tablet and managed to blow out the candles on Auntie JuJu’s cake. Then, Mamma had a cake with 4 lit candles on it. I again blew into our tablet at them and blew them out. 4+4+4 that equals12.

Magic technology!

To be honest lockdown turned my birthday into one of the best ever of all my four birthdays. I didn’t count the zero-birth date, the day I was born. You can’t beat that day the day when I met Mum and Dad and Sister Freya for the first time. A bit scary that one you just don’t know what you are getting and taking on.

What made my fourth one so good is that I got through with the formalities by 11.30am and then the rest of the day was my own to do with as I wished. In particularly to play with my presents. I’ve never been able to do that before excepting on my Zero Birthday.

At least my biggest fear was not realised. I feared Mum was forcing me down the path of having a “Claire’s Accessories” Party like Sister Freya did for her 7th Birthday. Fortunately, that didn’t come off. I think I have Covid-19 lockdown to thank for that.

The weather was bright sunshine, so I was outdoors most of the day. I had a superb birthday lunch. We had the paddling pool out and all my birthday toys. Brilliant. No interruption. Just left alone to enjoy my birthday.

And a fantastic Hot Dog and Fries and Ketchup tea, with a film to follow.

Then on Saturday I had another birthday with Dad at the helm. (Yes, he could afford to take a day off Saturday).

We finally got the goal posts put up. A good job my Dad is capable. Our garden looks like a REAL garden now. We had the paddling pool out for another sunny day. And I played loads with my presents. Perfection!

Being four years old is brilliant don’t you agree? And that’s after only a two-day test drive. I think I’m going to like being four. It opens up endless possibilities.

So until the next time…Bye Bye, George.