George Aged 4 – Countdown to Christmas Blog – 10 sleeps to Christmas.

George Aged 4 – Countdown to Christmas Blog – 10 sleeps to Christmas.

Hi, George here. Are you Driving Home For Christmas, Man?

When I tell you I’m Driving Home For Christmas, I’ll let you into a little secret: I’m not doing the driving. The problem is although I am capable of most things and I’d probably be more than capable of driving my Mum and Dad’s car the crazy law makers do not allow me to drive due to my age.

They are obviously the same law makers who make the Lockdown and Self Isolation Laws that prevent me from seeing Nanny, Grandad Reed, Mamma, Grandad Robinson, Uncle Steve, Auntie Jayne, Cousin Finley, Cousin Erin, Uncle Ian, Auntie JuJu, Cousin Rory, Cousin Ewan and President Trump. And going inside McDonalds and sitting at a table to eat my Fries and Chicken Nugget Happy Meal.

Ok, I don’t normally see President Trump and I don’t particularly want to meet him, but you have to admit he does tend to think like a child, although a child younger than the four year old me. But I couldn’t meet up with him if I wanted!

When I refer to me Driving Home For Christmas, therefore, it is figuratively. And also it is from the viewpoint that I have someone to drive me, my chauffeur, like the Queen has a chauffeur, or Lady Penelope has a chauffeur, like Big Ears has Noddy and Grandad has Mamma and residents in London have Taxi Drivers. In my case My Mum or My Dad drives me where ever I instruct them.

But then again, I do have a mini-Trike, a car of my own that is, a car like the one in the photo at the front of my post today. That’s not me in it by the way, it is some other guy, “Driving Home For Christmas,” but I could put a Christmas tree on my Trike car and drive home for Christmas. In fact, I think I will.

And then Driving Home For Christmas becomes exceptionally meaningful.

Something I have not had time to record in my Blog Post is that last Friday was wear a Christmas Jumper to School Day and also School Christmas Dinner Day.  

I wore a very smart, blue number with a portrait of Santa standing out on a royal blue background. To be honest a very neat job against some of the outrageous over the top monstrosities of some of my colleagues.

Sister Freya had an equally stylish bright red jumper with a huge, giant postage stamp shaped head and shoulders portrait of Santa.

I so enjoyed my first Christmas lunch of the 2020 Christmas season. I was asked to compare it with Mamma’s Christmas lunch, in a Celebrity Masterchef sort of way. What dangerous ground that is to tread with the possibility of ruining one area of my existence for life. Do I offend Mamma, or do I offend Mr Christopher (my teacher)? Best edge my bets and be non-committal.

ell, can’t hang about here too long. there’s a lot of driving to be done if I’m going to be getting home for Christmas. and same for you, I guess. See you tomorrow.