George Aged 4 – Countdown to Christmas Blog – 11 sleeps to Christmas.

George Aged 4 – Countdown to Christmas Blog – 11 sleeps to Christmas.

Hi George, here. I’m still being driven home for Christmas, are you?

Yesterday Sunday 13th December 2020 a major event of my countdown for Christmas occurred. The most major event on the Christmas 2020 Countdown so far. It was my Mamma’s birthday. It was also Sister Freya’s Mamma’s birthday too. Coincidentally it was Cousin Rory’s Mamma’s birthday and Cousin Ewan’s Mamma’s birthday too.

Mamma persuaded Boris Johnson to be nice and let us all see her at Clumber Park with social distancing all in place of course.

Although, I’m not sure if Boris Johnson suggested it to honour Mamma’s birthday or she insisted it would happen.

At Clumber Park being a National Trust Property there was a Peter Rabbit Trail.

I think it was Mamma’s choice to go there for her birthday treat. She’s a bit Peter Rabbit obsessed. She’s not at the sharp end of good solid birthday celebrations like us 10-year olds are. we know where it’s at. We know what birthday celebrating is all about and get it right, going to Thomasland, Ed & Molly’s Playbarn or Alton Towers on the day. Although Coronavirus has fecked it up a little bit.

But Mamma is old and has had a lot of birthdays, so A Peter Rabbit Winter Adventure at Clumber Park is just enough for her on her birthday. And I can understand where she’s coming from, I really can. I can’t say that I agree with her, though.

So, we got to Clumber Park at 10.30am. We bumped into Mamma and Grandad. Well, not literally, because you are not allowed to. You have to stay 2 metres apart.

We also bumped into Cousin Rory, Cousin Ewan and Auntie JuJu and Uncle Ian. Again, not literally, because you are not allowed to. You have to stay 2 metres apart.

We got the Peter Rabbit Trail Bag with 10 Questions which you have to find the answers to at 10 points along the trail, through the walled garden. If you get them all correct you win a badge which is alrady in your bag anyway. So, as it is so cold and rainy why don’t we just wish Mamma “A Happy Birthday” pack up and go home? A no brainer. But unfortunately I am not in charge.

But we don’t we do the trail. But Peter Rabbit never showed up once. I’m not surprised. It was far too cold and wet. And Santa never showed up either. Again, too cold and too wet.

As we did the trail it got colder and colder. And the rain rained faster and faster and harder and harder.

At the end of the trail, we had a Birthday Brunch for Mamma standing in puddles of water under the sun umbrellas in the Food Courtyard at Clumber Park. We even sang Happy Birthday to Mamma.

Mamma confessed that Grandad had attempted to give her 68 birthday kisses when he woke her up with her Birthday Morning Cup of Tea. But my Dad politely asked her not to speak about her love life in front of her grandchildren.

As I stood in that puddle, I was getting colder and colder and wetter and wetter and no one seemed to care.

I very rarely cry. I am not an emotional person. But I was so wet and cold I was screaming with it and numbed by it.

I do know why it was so cold though. I think Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines are going to be available at Clumber Park and to keep the vaccine at the correct temperature it has to be stored and given at a constant -70C.

Believe me that is why I was crying with cold. I know my temperatures and the Clumber Park temperature was definitely a constant -70C.

But the day was amazing and we celebrated Mamma’s birthday in style finally making it home to dry out and get warm.

Keep on Driving Home For Christmas. See you tomorrow