George Aged 4 – Countdown to Christmas Blog – 16 sleeps to Christmas.

George Aged 4 – Countdown to Christmas Blog – 16 sleeps to Christmas.

Hi George, here. Keep on Driving Home For Christmas. You’ll get there… eventually.

At the start of my Christmas Countdown Blog, I came up with my view on Advent calendars.

Now the season has settled down a little I am extremely happy with my advent calendar situation, and Sister Freya’s because hers is exactly the same as mine.

You see we get our chocolate fix in our chocolate button one, where every single day between now and Christmas we get our chocolate button ration. I reckon if they are all added up, or collected up and melted into one bar, it would be the equivalent of a Cadburys Dairy Milk 1lb Bar! Wow!

But then we had an amazing surprise. The Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar was given to us.

Yes, you read that correctly: The Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar.

The box says: Kids can recreate Hogwarts holiday scenes – including the amazing Yule Ball!

This festive calendar is a perfect pre-Christmas gift for kids aged 7 and up. Did see that 7 and up and I’m only 4 but I am considered grown up enough to handle this very special Harry Potter Advent Calendar. And I must say it does give it more kerb appeal if it’s meant for older children. But I love it anyway.

The 24 gifts can be combined with other LEGO Harry Potter sets.

Packed with Harry Potter toys to entertain kids through Christmas and beyond, LEGO Harry Potter gifts are ideal for recreating the magic of the movies.

No batteries required (I don’t know whether that is a good or bad thing) – just hands-on, imaginative fun that never runs out!

Just read this mind-blowing Product Description and I guarantee you’ll want one, too.

Celebrate Christmas in the Wizarding World with this magical LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020 Christmas gift set. Behind each of the 24 doors is a different toy or figure from the Harry Potter series. As the big day gets closer, kids can recreate increasingly larger Hogwarts holiday scenes – including the amazing Yule Ball!

Combine the 24 advent calendar gifts to relive favourite scenes from the Harry Potter movies, role-play stories and create new adventures. The calendar contains minifigures – including Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Padma Patil, Parvati Patil and Cho Chang – and buildable models, such as a miniature Beauxbaton’s carriage and a dining table with ice castle centrepiece.

The extensive range of LEGO Harry Potter models and playsets provide fans of the series with endless imaginative fun and creative display possibilities.

Contains 335 pieces.

You must now understand why I am so excited about Advent. I have my chocolate and I have a new piece of Harry Potter Lego for every one of the Advent Days.

I have just one problem, which Christmas story does Harry Potter fit into?

I looked carefully at the Christmas Story of the birth of Jesus and he’s not in that. And no matter how much I search I can’t find him in the Father Christmas Story, only his books and videos are gifts that Father Christmas delivers.

May be that’s his involvement with Christmas!

Keep on truckin’ (driving home for Christmas). See you tomorrow.