George Aged 4 – Countdown to Christmas Blog – 19 sleeps to Christmas.

George Aged 4 – Countdown to Christmas Blog – 18 sleeps to Christmas.

Hi, George here! I can’t wait to be driving home for Christmas, can you?

One thing I love to do when I’m driving home for Christmas is look at everyone’s Christmas lights. I love Christmas lights almost as much as driving home for Christmas.

I was so proud of my Dad and Mum this Christmas. This is my fifth Christmas (but I’m confused I’m only 4 years old? How does that work?) And Mum and Dad have always been so lazy and last-minute putting up Christmas lights, Christmas trees and Christmas decorations.

So late that it has always made me very embarrassed in front of family and friends. I have usually feared they would never be put up at all.

But this year, 2020, they’ve really risen to the challenge. We were fully decorated up in November and I’m proud of it and them!

Mind you, due to the pandemic we needed it to cheer ourselves up.

I do have one criticism though. You know how most households, to add to the Christmas light spectacle have their outdoor and indoor lights flashing on and off.

It adds to the impact and spectacle of Christmas for so many reasons. You constantly get that tingling thrill of the lights coming on. It’s great to be in total, scary, dark and then WOW! an empowering, super light again. Then it’s dark. It can only add to the thrilling spectacular of Christmas lights.

And if you are bored you can give a running commentary, “They’re on, they’re off, They’re on, they’re off, They’re on, they’re off, They’re on, they’re off.” (Dougal style, says Grandad, whatever that means. That man lives in a world of his own.) You can repeat that for hours. It helps pass the time more quickly on these long boring December days.

But back to my gripe. I think in 2020 the lights going off and on is not an electrical fault with the lights, it is caused by purposefully adding a small chip which, on a timely basis, cuts the power to the lights counts 3 elephants and then restores the power.

My gripe is that all our outside lights, boringly, stay on all the time, which means I have to intervene and manually turn the power on and off.

Although Mum and Dad stop me citing that it is dangerous. Where is their Christmas spirit? And I do have to stop because I get the old chestnut “He’s watching you, you know.”

To be honest I think Santa would be happy that I am adding yet another dimension to our Christmas and will give me a bonus Christmas present.

We went to see one of Sister Freya’s friend’s homes all decorated up with outside lights. I have to say it was good. But as with most things I could see there was room for improvement. So, I came home and out of the goodness of my heart drew a picture of my suggested amendments, which her friend’s dad was grateful for.

But with so many years outdoors Christmas decorating he should not have needed me to point these things out.

But I suppose these older parent’s ideas become tired and dated and they are desperate for us youngsters, and new blood to come in and tip the Christmas decoration designs upside down with our radical thinking.

I guess Grandad should be happy with this Blog post. It’s just a sentence or two like he asked for.

Happy Christmas decorating! See you tomorrow.