George Aged 4 – Countdown to Christmas Blog 20 sleeps to Christmas.

George Aged 4 – Countdown to Christmas Blog 20 sleeps to Christmas.

Hi, George here! Do you think it will be difficult to drive home for Christmas with it snowing?

Yesterday I was so ecstatic to see the snow. It is so good with it being so near to Christmas. It was snowing as we walked to school. The most exciting walk to school ever. Certainly the best I’ve had so far in my school career.

I was a little disappointed though that it was a school day. We should have been given the day off so we could get the full benefit and play in the snow, snowball fighting, building snowmen and snowdogs and igloos and making snow angels.

But Grandad said the reason we did not get a day off school is because not enough snow fell.

And that did make me worry. I don’t know who organises the snow. Is it Santa, or the weathermen on TV, or a special organisation that coordinates Christmas happenings or Boris Johnson?

Whoever it is, I was thinking as the day wore on, got it a bit wrong. They let it snow 20 days too early, which is fine if you have a freezer-like-climate to keep it until Christmas. But with global warming we don’t. so, I guess the snow won’t hang around.

Do you think they made a mistake and got the wrong date? Misread 4 for 24 on the calendar.

I suppose they could have been having a rehearsal. If so, they have a lot to fix before they go live on the 24th December. They have to cause more traffic and travel disruption for starters. It needs to freeze as it settles too.

The most disappointing thing yesterday was the snow was brilliant as I walked to school but it was all but gone when I got home. There was a sprinkling left. Just about enough to let your footprints be seen. But I played hard in it. Waste not, want not you know.

Apparently, the Peak District had loads, Yorkshire had a covering that looked like a sprinkling of icing sugar. A giant Paul Hollywood must have stood high in the sky and shook a sieve filled with icing sugar over Yorkshire. In Edinburgh they even had Thundersnow. That sounds cool. What is Thundersnow?

Shortly after 4.40am Edinburgh residents heard two loud cracks, believed to be caused by Thundersnow.

A rare combination of wintry conditions can cause the unusual phenomenon, which is brighter, but quieter than usual thunder and lightning strikes.

Of course, with it snowing early and using up excessive stocks of snow to put on this Thundersnow spectacular may mean that the snow has peaked too early and we will not get any at Christmas, as usual.

What we need is a Christmas regulator like Ofsted is for schools, or Offcom for telephone radio and TV, Ofgem for the Office of the Gas and Electricity Markets, Ofwat for the Water Services Regulation. We need OfChristmas to regulate Christmas and to make sure it snows on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

As usual it takes little old 4 year old me to come up with the obvious answer.

Driving home for Christmas, drive safely.

See you tomorrow