George Aged 4 Countdown to Christmas Blog 23 sleeps to Christmas.

Hi, Georgie here. Advent Day 2 that means 23 sleeps to Christmas. Isn’t December going slowly. I’m sure Boris Johnson has increased the number of hours in a day from 24 to 48 without telling us. Is he legally allowed to do that? I guess he is.

You know how in my Blog Post before last I warned that Santa may not be coming due to him Self Isolating. I now have it on good authority that he will be braving it and coming, as usually. Apparently there are terms attached as usual: if I’m good.

My big concern is that my presents will now have to be put into quarantine for 72 hours. That means I can’t have them on 25th December, or 26th December or 27th December. Can you imagine how painful that will be seeing my presents but not being able to touch them until Monday 28th December. Probably worth risking it I think. I don’t mind wearing a mask. After all both Batman & Spiderman do without problems.

I guess I have gone over my sentence quota! No worries, as my Dad would say.