George Aged 4 – Countdown to Christmas Blog – 4 sleeps to Christmas.

George Aged 4 – Countdown to Christmas Blog – 4 sleeps to Christmas.

Hi, George here. 4 sleeps to go to Christmas. But isn’t time going so slowly. So slowly that it feels as though it is going backwards. I’m sure tomorrow I will be saying “Countdown to Christmas Blog – 5 sleeps to Christmas.”

On Saturday at 4 minutes past 4 Boris Johnson made another announcement on TV to help mess up everyone’s Christmas. He just loves doing that as much as I like eating Haribos.

I have been doing a Countdown for Christmas Blog, Counting down the number of sleeps until Christmas Day. Hopefully it has cheered you all up through the month of December, making the time that has slowed right down the closer we get to Christmas Day pass a little quicker.

But Boris Johnson has also done a Christmas Countdown. Instead of a Blog he has had his own TV show. A bit like a YouTube Channel but on mainstream BBC 1 TV.

But instead of getting everyone excited and in the Christmas spirit, he’s done the opposite, making everyone sad and miserable.

In the beginning he promised us a great Christmas. But then he limited it to only 3 families in a Christmas bubble, but they could stay together in one place or house over five nights. He did limit it to 5 days 23rd December until 27th December. Then he said we could not stay overnight in the same building. Then he said we can only get together for one day, Christmas Day. Although still in a 3 family bubble. And then for some parts of the country he said “Christmas is cancelled” as you could not get together with anyone outside your household, not even on Christmas Day.

Fortunately, that does not apply to us yet. But I am very aware that there are still FOUR yes, 4 whole days to go before Christmas Day and Boris Johnson likes to dump unpleasant surprises on you out of the blue when you are all unsuspecting. So, it could get even worse.

Due to Boris Johnson’s Special Countdown to Christmas Surprises, it has put a whole new spin on Driving Home for Christmas. Especially for people living in London, the South East and Peterborough. In essence they can’t do it. Driving Home for Christmas is banned.

Because Driving Home for Christmas is the theme of my Christmas Countdown Blog this year I have been granted exclusive rights to a photograph of Boris Johnson breaking the news to Chris Rea.

Oh well! If you can drive home for Christmas good luck to you and keep on truckin’. If you can’t commiserations.

Whatever I will see you tomorrow unless time passes so slower it goes into reverse in which case I will see you yesterday.


Many Britons will not be following the words of Chris Rea’s Christmas song Courtesy Daily Telegraph