George Aged 4 – Countdown to Christmas Blog – 5 sleeps to Christmas.

George Aged 4 – Countdown to Christmas Blog – 5 sleeps to Christmas.

Christmas is the Season of big, huge surprises. If you are lucky that is. And yesterday became the luckiest people ever in the world.

Me and Sister Freya (and Mum and Dad) had two major brilliant surprises.

Firstly, there was a knock on the door, Mum opened it and Mamma and Grandad were standing there, 2 metres away of course. None of us could believe it. I so wanted to hug them, but I’m not allowed. (Boris Johnson says).

They had brought our Christmas cards and a bumper Christmas copy of the Coronabobs Times. That’s a cool magazine Grandad makes for us. He used to send it to us as a Home-Schooling Tool when schools were closed April thru’ September. This is a special Christmas & Sister Freya’s 8th Birthday edition. There is a copy for each of his grandchildren.

There are lots of cool things in it like a list of deep psychological questions that reach deep into your inner soul. Such as ‘Have you ever stayed awake all Christmas Eve and actually seen Santa fill your stocking?’

Or ones to test your knowledge about Christmas: ‘What was Mary’s husband’s name: a. Darth Vader, b. Joseph, c.  Spiderman, d.  The Incredible Hulk.

There are lots of pictures to colour in, one for each day from yesterday until Christmas Eve to help pass the time.

And 30, yes 30, ‘Would you rather…’ questions like: ‘Would you rather live in a real house sized gingerbread house or in Santa’s Workshop.’

But Mamma soon wanted a wee and they left to go to the public toilets in Newark.

Uncle Ian and Dad sorted out a game for us four children to play over the internet. But it crashed on our laptop. Whilst waiting for it to be restored there was another knock on our front door. I assumed it was Mamma and Grandad back from the toilet. Ok, two hours is a long time for a toilet break but old ladies like Mamma need it if they are having a poo.

But I could not believe it. Boldly standing 2 metres from my front door was Santa with a sack full of presents.

Straight away I thought it’s the Rotary Club Santa coming round the streets, collecting money for local charities. But then I thought there is no deafening cheesy Christmas music. And it is not dark or night yet. One of Mamma’s most favourite things about Christmas is the Rotary Club Santa coming round the streets, playing their music ultra-loud. The only thing that tops Mamma’s ‘Favourite Things of Christmas List’ above ‘the Rotary Club Santa coming round the streets at night’ is her kiss from Grandad under the mistletoe.

But this Santa standing at the top of our drive took out a very long paper list and read out The Elf on the Shelf Report. Not any Elf on the Shelf Report but mine and Sister Freya’s.

At that point I knew this was the real Santa because he had our Elves on the Shelf report. It was so exciting seeing Santa at our door. The most exciting thing that had happened in my Countdown to Christmas ever.

He said the Elves had reported back to him and he had put both of us on the Nice list and the elves had said I had been especially kind to my sister.

I was very relieved Santa had taken the trouble to call on me because I had said on my Blog last week that I feared Santa did not remember my name or where I lived. He obviously remembers both.

I was going to tell Santa how naughty the Elves on the Shelf had been, but I decided to hold off as they had given me and Sister Freya a good report. They might start playing dirty if I dish the dirt on them. Best Live and let live, is what I say.

Both me and Sister Freya knew those Elves were spying on us for Santa. His visit and list proved it.

Santa also gave us a gift and then said “Merry Christmas” and just walked off down the road. He didn’t seem to have a sleigh or any other form of transport, so, I’m not sure how he was driving home for Christmas.

I do have a theory about Santa’s visit. Usually by this time on the Christmas Countdown we’ve been to see Santa 101 times on trains, and boats and planes and in woods and wooden shacks and parks and stately homes and castles and Christmas markets etc. This year due to Covid-19 lockdowns we have seen him twice. So, he thought it was odd and decided to come and see us. Giving us the best most exciting Christmassy sort of day that is not Christmas Day EVER!!! Good old Santa! We love you, Santa!

Keep on driving on home for Christmas and I’ll see you tomorrow.