George Aged 4 – Countdown to Christmas Blog – 6 sleeps to Christmas.

George Aged 4 – Countdown to Christmas Blog – 6 sleeps to Christmas.

Hi there all you home drivers who are heading homeward bound for Chrissymas. George here.

Things are hotting up a bit. Only 6 sleeps to go until Christmas now. I had my School Christmas Party on Tuesday afternoon. And then yesterday, Friday 18th December 2020 at 3.15pm I was finally allowed to finish school and break up for Christmas holidays. And then I was rushed off under blue light emergency to have my Christmas haircut.

Mum would, very strictly, would not allow me to have my Christmas Haircut until the very (yes, the very second) I broke up from school for Christmas. Why? Is it some sort of superstition? Was she scared if I had the haircut before I broke up from school I was in danger of it being ruined in school?

But these are very major items ticked off my Countdown for Christmas list.

You know what that means, yes, that brings to a neat end my very first ever school term. And it’s been alright. I have no complaints. I probably could have done without this last week though, but we coped.

Having said that if I had not gone to school, I would have missed out on my class Christmas Party.

Yeh, the party was cool. The caretaker had turned the heating off early because there were no lessons. So super cool.

We played a few party games and had a few snacks. The trouble with school is that teachers and food preparers always have one eye looking over their shoulder. They are terrified in case they get it wrong and end up facing a barrage of criticism from parents. So, any party snacks were ultra-healthy. That means that anything worth eating, tasty and ultra-enjoyable is extracted from the food.

But it’s food and me and the other guys and girls cleaned the paper plates, Tupperware boxes and dishes.

After the food and drink me and the boys hit the dance floor struttin’ our stuff. Boy did we impress both boys and girls. We really moved it so well. Anyway, in the end I pulled a cracker.

No, no, I don’t use that kind of language. That is Grandad talk.

I really did pull a cracker. a paper one. It went off with a loud bang and had a silly paper hat in it. More a pathetic one rather than a silly one. It was very ridiculous. There was a piece of paper in the cracker with a few words that were supposed to be a joke. It didn’t even make me titter let alone laugh.

When I got home my biggest fears of the week were realised. Sister Freya who had stayed home with Dad in her continued isolation was doing FaceTime with Grandad and they were playing games. I knew she would end up doing fun Christmas things I would miss out on. Well, not any more because I’m on Christmas vacation now.

Well, I now just have to sit back and await a big, big, massive wait for the big, big, massive day! At the moment I do not even have to drive home for Christmas, I am already home for Christmas and counting down.

See you tomorrow.