George Aged 4 – Countdown to Christmas Blog – 7 sleeps to Christmas.

George Aged 4 – Countdown to Christmas Blog – 7 sleeps to Christmas.

Hi, George here. I’m still trying to drive home for Christmas. But they keep moving the goalposts and like many others I am continual unsure as to where I am driving to anyway at Christmas.

Our Christmas plans are very fluid and change daily. They were one thing when I went to bed last night. And totally different when I got up this morning.

Last night our plans were that we were going to stay at Mammas on Christmas Eve night and Christmas night. I and Sister Freya had even told Santa that so that we got our presents at Mammas. We have done that before and I do like it. Having a sleepover at Mammas adds a new exciting dimension to Christmas. We go to Church with Mamma and our cousins on Christmas morning, and it is all brilliant.

But now Mr Boris Johnson has stuck his oar in and has just advised, (it’s not law so why has Mum and Dad gone with it) that people should not stay in someone else’s house. So, why don’t we buy a tent and pitch it on Mamma’s lawn and have a sleepover in there for a couple of nights.

I fear for my presents this year too, I really do. The venue of where we are going to be sleeping Christmas Eve through to Christmas Day has changed so often, I get confused where I am expected to be opening my presents. So, what chance does Santa have of getting the correct delivery point. He already gets as confused as Grandad.

I think though we may still visit Mamma’s at some stage on Christmas Day. If Santa does leave my presents at Mamma’s by mistake at least I will be able to pick them up at that point.

The other highly confusing thing is that with all these changes when do I officially declare I am Driving Home for Christmas?

Christmas Eve afternoon or night as we drive to my official residence where my bed is and hopefully Santa will deliver this year. That assumes Christmas is declared official when Santa has delivered presents. I’m assuming I have got through to him that I am at my Official Home Christmas Eve Night until Christmas Morning.

Or do we class Driving Home for Christmas when driving to Mamma’s Christmas Day. That used to be Mum’s home and it sometimes feels like home to me and Sister Freya. And it’ll feel it won’t feel it is really officially Christmas until Mamma gives me a chocolate Christmas tree decoration to eat from her tree.

Or is our Official Driving Home For Christmas when we drive home from Mamma’s on Christmas Day. That is if arrangements do not change yet again.

I have to say, I’m confident they will change.

I suppose I will not be able to lose myself in my actual Driving Home For Christmas journey until after Christmas. I will not know until after the event that that was my Driving Home For Christmas drive.

I don’t think Chris Rea had these confessions when he wrote Driving Home For Christmas in 1978, 10 years before it was released. Life was simpler in those days.

My Mum hadn’t actually been born (is that just a coincidence that my Mum had not been born and life was simpler?) and it was only Auntie JuJu’s 2nd Christmas.

Chris Rea was in no doubts that his drive home for Christmas was definitely his official Drive Home For Christmas. He was so sure he wrote his song about it. His drive was from London to Teeside. And like me he did the drive in the passenger seat.

Oh well, we’ll just have to see how the mince pie crumbles.

I hope I’ve given you food for thought about your own drive home for Christmas.

Whenever and wherever you have your drive home for Christmas, enjoy it.

See you tomorrow.