GEORGE BLOG AGED 4¾ – BUSY BUSY BEE BLOG Sunday 14th March 2021



Hi, George here. Welcome to my world. Sorry, I can’t ask you to come in due to Lockdown, even though we are back at school.

That’s right we went back on Monday 8th March 2021. Me and sister Freya were forced to go back even two weeks before that. That was punishment because we had chosen to have Mums and Dads, who have special Key Worker status in society.

I know I have left posting my Blog for three weeks instead of two but there is so much going on in mine and Sister Freya’s life even with Lockdown. Such, BUSY! BUSY! little bees be we.

Over the last three weeks there have been the following key events From Monday 22nd February 2021 until Sunday 14th March 2021:

  1. 23rd February 2021. Having key pupil status. Me and Sister Freya start back to school in advance of the rest of the population.
  2. Celebrated Sister Freya getting her Harry Potter Badge at Brownies.
  3. 25th February 2021. Spent hours in time and effort and creative thought in making Mamma and Grandad personal bookmarks and posting them only for Postman Pat to f*** it up!
  4. 28th February 2021. (Only 20 days late) Grandad finally recognised I am 4¾ years old!!!
  5. 4th Match 2021. World Book Day.
  6. 5th March 2021. I, George, win a Major International Award at school.
  7. 8th March 2021. Nationally All Children Go Back To School Day.
  8. Made Mum a Mothering Sunday card as well as going out and buying her one!
  9. And organised her present.
  10. 14th March 2021. Mothering Sunday.
  11. Made special effort to try and be nice to my Mum for Mothering Sunday.
  12. Throughout the three weeks keeping in contact with Cousin Rory and Cousin Ewan.
  13. Throughout the three weeks keeping in contact with Cousin Finley and Cousin Erin.
  14. And if that was not enough throughout those 3 weeks, I still carried out my full duties championing the cause of being an irritating little brother to Sister Freya.

I know what you are thinking, “How did you manage to fit all that in Georgie? You must have Superhero powers.”

Anyway, I will now expand on some of those activities to illustrate to you how tough life is for a 4¾ year old kid in 2021.

I will start with my pet subject being forced into going back to school. Forget me and Sister Freya starting back two weeks early. (Although I can’t). But you have to question Boris Johnson’s motives.

I’m sorry if I am repeating what I have said in previous Blog posts, but he continues to infuriate me.

You see during March everyone else is still in Lockdown. Ok, one person from one household can meet up with one person from another household, providing it is in a massive outdoor open field and you are both surrounded by sandbags.

But the experts say it is not safe for anybody to do anything else. Everyone is barred from going to the shops, the pub, sitting actually inside McDonalds, visiting soft play areas, the gym, swimming pools, going on holiday or flying abroad, or seeing Mamma or Nanny or doing anything fun. Nor can adults go out to work, they have to work at home.


But it is alright for the kids to go to school as normal. They don’t matter. We are only the future!

We are like the canaries in the coalmines of 1940s/1950s UK. I have said this before, and I insist on repeating it. We the school children of the UK are canary in a coal mine.

To explain.

Wikipeadia says: The use of miners’ canaries in British mines was phased out in 1986. The phrase “canary in a coal mine ” is frequently used to refer to a person or thing which serves as an early warning of a coming crisis.

“Canaries were used as sentinel species for use in detecting carbon monoxide in British coal mining from around 1896, after the idea had been suggested in 1895 by John Scott Haldane. Toxic gases such as carbon monoxide or asphyxiant gases such as methane in the mine would affect small warm-blooded animals before affecting the miners, since their respiratory exchange is more rapid than in humans. A canary for example will be affected by carbon monoxide within a few minutes, while a human will have an interval of 20 times as long. Canaries were found to be more sensitive and a more effective indicator as they showed more visible signs of distress. Their use in mining is documented from around 1900. The birds were sometimes kept in carriers which had small oxygen bottles attached to revive the birds. The use of miners’ canaries in British mines was phased out in 1986.

The phrase “canary in a coal mine” is therefore frequently used to refer to a person or thing which serves as an early warning of a coming crisis. By analogy, the term “climate canary” is used to refer to a species (called an indicator species) that is affected by an environmental danger prior to other species, thus serving as an early warning system for the other species with regard to the danger.

That is just what we school children are “climate canaries”. I’ll just don my yellow birdie costume and warble for my supper.

Boris Johnson is keeping an eye on us. If we do alright, he’ll say its safe for the world to go back to normal. If we are not, be warned you are doomed, and Lockdown will continue.

And on top of that all you oldies sitting at home with your feet up with no chance of being exposed to the virus because you are not going outside, actually get the jab. But Boris has decided us, the ones sent out there to be the first to try normal life again, the “canariees in the coal mines”  should not get them. (They are wasted on us.) He treats us like he treats the Europeans. Why?

Not that I particularly want a jab. I’ve had them before. “Just a sharp scratch. It won’t hurt.” Won’t hurt my arse! It kills! 

“Because you’ve been such a brave little soldier you’ve earnt a sticker!”

To be honest I’m not that desperate for a sticker..

Also why does Boris continually stop us visiting nanny and Mamma’s houses to see them?

I want to go hug my Nanny and Mamma!

Ok, I’ll move on or you’ll be getting bored. Pardon, you are already? You must have a very low boredom threshold.

So, 28th February (Only 20 days late) Grandad finally recognised I was 4¾ years old. When you are only 4 years old every day of life is so meaningful to you. Celebrating an extra ¼ of a year is so important. If you are trying to lord it over a kid at school who is 4½ it works so much better if he knows you are officially 4¾. It just gives you the edge.

If an adult especially a really old adult as old as grandad, asks you how old, you are and you say 4¾ you can see the shock in their face at what a big lad you are.

You feel so much more confident at 4¾, you are so much more intelligent and responsible. You know so much more and have so much more experience of the world and life than at 4½.

I was 4¾ on the 8th February.  The day passed unmarked, probably lost in thoughts of Cousin Ewan’s 6th birthday. Fair enough. I don’t mind that.

Anyway, Grandad has officially changed my Blog Post Category, take a look. That is better than any birthday card to me!

Did you dress up for World Book Day? I do think everyone did. You wouldn’t not would you? I obviously dressed up as Harry Potter. A no brainer really. Everyone thought I really was Harry Potter. Especially when using my wand I turned my teacher into a frog and then back again. Sister Freya dressed up as Hermoine Granger and had her hair done specially. She was so good too.

For once I was pleased, I was in school that day. Far more fun celebrating World Book Day with others, even if they were not my normal mates. But much better being at school in costume than on Zoom.

Mamma and Grandad sent us a video of what they were looking like on Book Day. Mamma was The Tiger from The Tiger Who Came To Tea. Grandad was a very ancient Harry Potter. Not very convincing really. Then he appeared as Willy Wonka from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. That was better.

Did you see I mentioned about Sister Freya’s Harry Potter Brownie Badge? The only thing that stops me getting one is that I am not in the Brownies.

To be honest although I like a lot of the tasks they set in Brownies and do do my own version. But my time on a Wednesday evening is too precious to me to give up for Brownies. I have things to do. On top of that it would be like join a club full of loads more Big Sisters and we can all manage without that!

Do you know I spent hours creatively making a card for Mamma and bookmarks for Mamma and Grandad? Beautiful and unique they were. I spent time I could ill afford in my dynamically busy life putting them in envelopes, carefully putting stamps on them. Then spending time I could I did not have walking to the post box and carefully posting them.

And then I waited, and I waited… and I waited. I expected a major call from Mamma and Grandad who I knew would just adore them and the fact that their youngest grandson had so lovingly created the card and bookmarks for the two of them.

But nothing!

How ungrateful I thought.

But then 2 weeks 3 days 16hours 27 minutes after I posted my creations in the red pillar box Mum received a WhatsApp message from Mamma to say they had received my wonderful creation. My work of art. Postman Pat had just delivered it charging them £1.50 for the privilege because the incorrect postage had been put on the envelope.

The robbing bastard! (Postman Pat that is.) Taking advantage of a poor little helpless mite like myself who is barely tall enough to reach the slot to post the letter in the pillar box. It’s a good job I am 4¾, I would not have been tall enough at 4½ years old.

This week the Royal Mail reported a huge increase in turnover, no wonder, they are taking it from the mouths of babes like me.

So, I was awarded this major International award, like an Oscar, Bafta, Nobel Peace Prize or Booker Prize. I know it was because it was given out in School Assembly. You cannot get more international than that. Although it was a School Facebook Zoom Assembly which takes a bit of the status from it. It’s not quite as prestigious as sitting in the School Hall. It doesn’t stop it being an international award I just wish the international community would acknowledge it more.

On Monday 8th March every child in the land went back to school. I was relieved that I was not the only one going to school anymore. I don’t like to be different to the crowd or stand out. It was good to catch up with old mates reflecting on old times and bragging about Lockdown achievements. There were even guys I had forgotten existed, so long was it since we last officially did school.

Finally, we get to Mothering Sunday. That is today. So, I am just working through that and probably will tell you more about it in my next Blog Post.

I’m not sure what Mum and Dad have bought me for Mother’s Day yet, they don’t appear to have come up with my present yet. I hope they’ve not forgotten me.

Did you know the lady who invented Mothering Sunday came from Coddington where I live? I’m not surprised Coddington is the centre of my universe and for me everything radiates from here. Lots of famous people live in Coddington. My Mum, my Dad, my Sister Freya and Me.

Constance Penswick Smith is the lady inventing Mothering Sunday as we know it today. I was surprised I thought it was probably invented by Mr Hallmark, the greeting card man, or Mr Interflora the flower guy, or Mr Thornton and Mr Cadbury the Chocolate Factory guys, or possibly Mr Chanel the perfume factory guy. Anyway, this was around 1915. Grandad says he wasn’t even born then, and I’d thought he’d been around forever.

Her Dad was the vicar of our Church at Coddington, All Saints. I don’t think he still is as it is a lady vicar now.

Constance Smith’s grave is in Coddington Churchyard, so, I think she’s probably dead now. The interesting thing about that is I only thought there were ghosts in our churchyard when I have gone to it before. Mum says we need to go and look at her grave Spook – Key!

Mum watches a programme on TV long after I have gone to bed called “22 Kids and Counting”. It is about a family with 22 Children (and counting). Can you imagine being that mum and the amount of presents and cards she must get for Mother’s Day. 22 bunches of flowers and 22 boxes of chocolate. I bet it feels like Christmas. But then I bet you can’t move in their house for presents on Christmas Day.

Imagine having 21 brothers and sisters. If there were that many brothers and sisters in our family, there would be a strong possibility I would not be the youngest but have younger brothers and sisters. Imagine if you were the youngest of 22 children. Boy I know the troubles of being the youngest of 2 and of 4 grandchildren, imagine being the youngest of 22. And what if you were the youngest grandchild of that lot. You just would never get a look in. By the time Mamma and Grandad had reeled off all the names to get to yours they would have given up the will to live.

I’m good at arithmetic you know. I worked out that if we had 22 kids and counting and Mum and Dad had their own room that would mean 7 children in two bedrooms and 8 in the third. A bit crowded but fun. I bet I’d get shoved in the room with 8. I guess that’s life.

Ok, Mothering Sunday calls. Got to entertain Mum.

See you next post, if they do not decide to charge me extra!

Bye, George.


TOP 20+ Children’s magazines/comics Circulation for year 2020


                Publication                                          Publisher                                              CIRC.        YR

                                                                                                                                                             on YR  Months


1              Peppa Pig Bag-o-Fun                          Redan Publishing Ltd                         62,743   -5%         6            

2              Frozen                                                    Immediate Media Company             57,939   0%          6            

3              First News                                             First News (UK) Ltd                           57,633   -7%         12         

4              LEGO Special Series                           Immediate Media Company             50,314   22%        6            

5              CBeebies Special                                 Immediate Media Company             49,681   3%          6            

6              LEGO NINJAGO                                 Immediate Media Company             49,564   -11%      6            

7              Fun to Learn – Peppa Pig                   Redan Publishing Ltd                         47,284   10%        6            

8              CBeebies Magazine                            Immediate Media Company             46,792   -2%         6            

9              The Beano                                            DC Thomson Media                           43,971   9%          12         

10           Pokemon                                               Immediate Media Company             43,438   3%          6             

11           Fun to Learn – Friends                        Redan Publishing Ltd                         40,929   5%          6            

12           Top of the Pops                                    Immediate Media Company             40,856   -3%         6            

13           LEGO Star Wars                                 Immediate Media Company             40,773                   6            

14           CBeebies Art                                        Immediate Media Company             38,309   -2%         6            

15           PJ Masks                                               Immediate Media Company             38,132   24%        6            

16           Girl Talk                                               Immediate Media Company             37,986   5%          6            

17           LEGO CiTY                                         Immediate Media Company             34,256   -8%         6            

18           Andy’s Amazing Adventures            Immediate Media Company             34,191   -5%         6            

19           LEGO Super Hero Legends               Immediate Media Company             33,946                   6            

20           Hatchimals                                           Immediate Media Company             32,800   8%          6            

28           Girl Talk Art                                         Immediate Media Company             21,011   -5%         6            

30           LEGO Disney Princess                       Immediate Media Company             18,190                   6            

32           Hey Duggee                                          Immediate Media Company             13,231   7%          6            

33           Mr Tumble Something Special         Immediate Media Company             9,828      -37%      6   





The trick is to enjoy life. Don’t wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead. – Marjorie Pay Hinckley


Happiness is…being a Mum on Mother’s Day


“Silence is golden. Unless you have kids. Then silence is suspicious.”


Love is…your one and only MUM!



A time to be a Mother…A time to be a Grandmother


on 14th March

1940 “The Road to Singapore” directed by Victor Schertzinger starring Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour, first of seven such films premieres.

1879       Albert Einstein is born       Albert Einstein is born in Ulm, Germany.





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