1. GEORGE’S BLOG (20 months old)- BUSY DOING NOTHING

Friday afternoon was a beautiful sunny April, afternoon.

I was very, very busy playing outside in the back garden and who should turn up but Mamma and Grandad. The last people you want when you are so busy playing in the sun.

And it got worse. Mum and sister Freya went out leaving me to baby sit Mamma and Grandad.

I really did not have the time. But also I really did not have any choice.

I had to keep climbing the ladder of my slide. I practiced my counting on the steps. One, two, three. And sliding down. Wheeee! Then I had to get my golf set out and chip a few balls. Then there was the hula hoop to take out of the shed. In between time I saw my Thomas the Tank sit on to ride round the garden. Then I needed Grandad to teach me the new skills of scooter riding. He was not the best scooter pusher but I suppose he turned very very old on his birthday last week.

Next there was the shed to check out to make sure I’d got all my toys out. Granddad started playing bounce with a tennis ball and I had to take it off him.

There was Freya’s trike and one of my painful duties as a toddler was to climb on it and fall off grazing my hand. It takes a lot of training to do it correctly. You have to just hurt it enough but you have to put out an enormous scream loud enough so you get Mamma cuddles.

I then had to check out the shed one more time to make sure everything was out.

Then climb into my car and ride it, round and round the garden (like a teddy bear, I suppose).  Get Grandad to push me in it. He does and traps my feet.  I scream.  We sort it and start again and he gets it right this time.I scream. Stop at the slide. Take my toy cow out of the back of the car and let it slide down my slide a few times.

Next I had to take Lightning Mcqueen, my red car and shoot that down the slide a few times.

Then let my footballs roll down the slide, lots.

Next I had to get my golf caddy. Pause for breath. Try to get the golf balls out. Fail. Take it to Grandad to sort. He’s hopeless. I had to take it off him and give it Mamma to sort.

Thank heavens for Mammas.

Next, push the golf balls down the slide.

Have a poo on the hoof, which calls for an emergency nappy change pit stop. Mamma is on duty, so a bit slow. Dad holds the record as fastest changer. He is awesome. The only changer I have heard of who can do it one handed without lying me down.

I had my afternoon read of a book with Grandad. Dad came home from work, thank goodness. He relieved me of my Grandad and Mamma responsibilities giving me chance for my patio art session using coloured chalks. Coo no rest for the wicked! I must be  a bad, bad boy.

I went in for tea. I realised I’d been so busy I’d  missed all my  favourite TV – Peter Rabbit and Waffle The Wonder Dog. Tut, shit. Not to worry.

Mum and Sister Freya comes home, which means bath time. Out of the bath and into bed (I was dried and had to put on my pyjamas). Then there was my bedtime story to listen to. And peace at last as I fell instantly, fast asleep.

It’s a busy, busy life for a toddler these days and just no let up.

Bye Bye, George x