Hi George, here. Welcome to my world. Yes, you can now come in as long as you limit it to 6 on the inside as long as we are from just two families. And there are additional complicated rules that I do not and cannot be bothered to understand.

Hopefully by Monday 21st June 2021 (the day after Father’s Day) we’ll all be fully back to normal. So, it all started 23rd March 2020 and hopefully ends 21st June 2021. That has resulted in 2 birthdays and 455 days in some form of lockdown. 24% of my total life to 21st June 2021. Have you ever felt cheated? I certainly do.

Anyway, welcome to this my last official post to my Blog. This is my official Retirement Day. We have to retire early in this business of Grandchildren Under 5 Blogs. Writing the Blog is so demanding you are in danger of suffering burnout if it goes on too long. That can be the only reason grandad insists we stop the Blog when we reach our 5th birthday.

Although it is my last day to day to make regular posts. I will return with two Specials, Father’s Day on 20th June 2021 and also My Life Review The First 5 Years at some later date. So, do please look out for them.

I will not be disappearing from the Blog altogether. My Blog Posts are being replaced by a fortnightly post entitled The FREGs. The FREGs will follow the adventures of myself, my sister and two cousins.

It is a bit like the Secret Seven. Although we are not ‘Secret’, nor are we ‘Seven’. We are FOUR!

Or The Famous Five. Although we are not ‘Famous’, nor are we ‘Five’. We are FOUR!

The Four FREGs.

And what are FREGs – Freya-Rory-Ewan-George, that’s our names made into a special word that spells EXCITEMENT! and  LAUGHTER!  We will HAVE FUN! and ENTERTAIN YOU and make the world a happier place.

I can tell you that will be so funny you will laugh your socks off. And to see your socks shoot off will be hilarious in itself. I’ve never seen anyone laugh their socks off. But that’s because I have not seen anyone read the FREGs Blog yet.

I’ve never laughed my socks off. Have you?

The last time I posted a Blog Post was 2nd May 2021. I was going to Twycross Zoo with my cousins that day at the start of my Birthday Week Celebrations. Those were the days. Long gone now.

Just to remind you, if you need reminding, I bemoaned the fact that I had to go to school during my birthday week, unlike everyone else in my family who had a week’s holiday for their birthdays.

Except, I suppose Cousin Rory (his is a delayed 2 week’s holiday which comes 2 weeks later.

Oh, and Cousin Finley, I suppose.

Alright then, and Cousin Erin.

And I know you never hear them complain. Well maybe they should complain and not just take it lying down.

Nanny, Grandad Reed and Mamma don’t officially have a holiday when it is their birthday. But to be honest I cannot get too excited about that. As they are retired life is one big holiday all the time anyway, for them.

All that is to emphasize, yet again, that I am forced to go to school during my birthday week and during a period when everyone else is still being advised to work from home.

The Zoo on the Sunday was great. I was introduced to a huge Rhino and I was impressed. He was very strong. There were also monkeys, and apes there (in addition to the little monkeys Cousins Rory and Cousin Ewan). That’s a brilliant joke I made.

The day after “Zoo Day” was the token day off to mark my birthday, 5 days early. The Mayday Bank Holiday Monday. We were planning a McDonalds Garden Celebration just because we could. But we had to cancel due to the rain. Not just rain but record-breaking rain. We had more and heavier rain for a Mayday Bank Holiday Monday than ever, since records began.

Brilliant, a record-breaking rainfall! If Lockdown doesn’t get you bad weather sure will.

Mamma had her 2nd Covid-19 jab that afternoon. Even more brave in the middle of that downpouring rain. You won’t catch me doing that rain or no rain.

Tuesday to Friday carried on like normal days. There was no excitement in the air at school. It was just as if no one at school knew or cared that it was my birthday week. I blame the fact that there was no National (or even International) week-long holiday to mark the occasion.

Even on Friday 7th May the day before my birthday when you would have expected the atmosphere at School to be electric with anticipation for my birthday as I took a chocolate bar into school for every child in my class to nudge them into celebration mode. But it was non-effective. No one cared!

I ended up the one and only one excited and over excited at that.

Disappointed with that I went home to find the weather had literally pissed on my Birthday Party Parade yet again. If it was not Boris, it was the weatherman. My party, which due to Lockdown had to be in the back garden by law anyway, Boris’ Law, had to be transferred from the morning and afternoon of my birthday to the next day, Sunday 9th May.

Apparently record rainfall was forecast that day that broke all records for all four previous birthdays and the actual day I was born.

I suppose I was very excited about it all after all it is not everyday you have a record-breaking birthday.

The party however is not the main thing on your birthday, is it? But presents and money in your birthday cars are.

I really could not wait. So, therefore, to make my birthday come quicker I took myself off to bed at 6.00pm on that Friday 7th May evening. But it did not seem to help. In fact, time passed even more slowly as I lay in bed waiting for my birthday to dawn.

It was 6.30am on the morning of my 5th birthday before Mum or Dad allowed me finally to get up and open my birthday presents and cards.

All the gifts were so superb and special. But the star one from Mum and Dad and Sister Freya was a Bat Cave.

It’s not a cave for bats. It is not even a cave. And bats have nothing to do with it neither the nocturnal creatures nor those with balls.

It is all about one of my superheroes Batman.

His office/depot that he operates out of is named the ‘Bat Cave’.

It is the same as Dad working out of his garden shed – The Man Cave or Mum working in her Home Office The Mum Cave or Grandad in his Study – The Grandad Cave. Yes it’s Bat Man’s place of work where he operates out of.

So, the Bat Cave Mum and Dad bought me has 1,001 tools and applications to assist my Batman Doll (a Barbie Doll for Superhero Action Kids like me) and me to defend the world.

In the afternoon George’s 5th Birthday Celebration No.2 was launched. By this time the rain had set in. Mamma & Grandad visited us. Dad continued the Bat Cave themed 5th Birthday for me.

He turned the inside of the garage into a Bat Cave. That apparently just involved leaving it exactly as it was and putting out some patio chairs for everyone to sit on.

We all met in the shelter of the Bat Cave, sorry, garage, for Mamma and Grandad present giving ceremony and have a cup of tea and a small slice of my birthday cake. A Christmas Cake decorated with a Spiderman theme. Why Spiderman? Shouldn’t it have been Batman. But Mum says that’s what I asked for. It did not mean that’s what I wanted. Tut! Mums, they take you so literally.

I opened up a couple of brilliant presents. One an almost life size dinosaur. Another I never asked for but brilliant non the less a Wendy House Caravan Tent. And you thought you had an identity crisis. I didn’t know whether to hitch it up to the back of the car or sit around a campfire and sing songs.

Next morning the rain had gone, and the celebrations continued. Nanny and Grandad and Cousin Finley and Cousin Erin and Uncle Steve and Auntie Jayne came bearing amazing, superb gifts after travelling s’ far from the East. From Lincoln actual.

We celebrated with food and drink a load of laughs and another sack load of presents for me to open. Back of the Net!

Then Sunday afternoon the partying just would not stop. Cousin Rory and Cousin Ewan brought Auntie JuJu and Uncle Ian to celebrate my 5th Birthday. And guess what, Mamma and Grandad turned up again for the second day on the trot. You just can’t keep them away.

Mamma and Grandad didn’t bring me any more presents but brilliant Cousin Rory and Cousin Ewan brought me some. They never let me down. Except in the card department. Do you know they did not put any money in my birthday cards? They were not happy that I had to take issue with them on that fact. They did not seem to know that it is rude to send someone a birthday card without putting money in it.

My weekend was packed wall to wall, floor to ceiling with birthday events for every second of the 48 hours. Or rather, horizon to horizon, earth to sky. Or puddle to black cloud, river to thunder cloud, most rain record to heaviest rain record.

Every one of the 4/5  Birthday Party sessions included the same routine blowing out the candles. In case you have never heard it I will transcribe it here:

“Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday dear George.

Happy Birthday to you.


How old are you now?

How old are you now?

How old are you nooooow?

How old are you now?



And I would blow out the candles. Five times I did that.

On the morning of my actual birthday Cousin Rory and Cousin Ewan did an excellent WhatsApp video singing that too. Mamma and Grandad did too. Their version was atrocious so bad it went the opposite of viral. Is it anti-viral.

The time went so quickly. I was soon back with my nose to the grindstone of the humdrum life of school.

But on the following Friday evening Mum gave me some brilliant news. Freya was off somewhere on Saturday and I was being allowed to go to Mamma and Grandad’s for the day by myself. I quickly filled two bags to bursting points with things I might need for the journey. Mum said I was only going for part of the day not the week. But you can’t be too careful can you? You need to cover for every eventuality especially at Mamma and Grandad’s.

I had another Friday night where it was difficult sleeping due to excitement. This was becoming a regular occurrence.

The following morning, Saturday, I had a swimming lesson as usual. I love swimming. It is so important these days with all the record rainfalls. You just never know when you’ll get caught out in a freak flood and need to swim your way out of danger to safety.

Afterwards we went to Nanny and Grandad’s for a while.

Then when we got back home Mamma and Grandad came to pick me up. My bags were so heavy Grandad had to help me. I had never travelled in Mamma’s new car before. It was good and comfortable. Grandad sat in the back with me, and we had a good old drunken sing song which wound Mamma up a bit.

Back at their house it was like old times. I was three years old again and they were childminding giving me a day’s break from Nursery.

But then I came fully up to date at 5 years old as me and Grandad hit the computer and I wrote my very own story. Grandad. was my assistant. I wrote the story on the computer. I was good on the three letter words. Grandad helped me on the four-letter words and we both struggled on any words containing five letters and over.

The story was titled “The Dinosaur Who Came To Tea.” It started: “Once upon time a dinosaur came to tea with George. Magic the T Rex had ham sandwiches covered in chocolate…”

It was the best story I had ever written or read. That’s because I know what I like in a story. Mind you Julia Donaldson does and Judith Kerr and Kes Grey and Disney! And I guess Marvel Comics (Spiderman) and DC Comics (Batman).

Grandad and me then watched Spiderman and the Superheroes with Lightning McQueen on the You Tube Channel and also watched a Pingu DVD. Just like we used to do post lockdown. Boy-o, boy-o the memories came flooding back and brought a tear to my eye for the good times.

At the end of the afternoon my three buddies: Sister Freya, Cousin Rory, and Cousin Ewan joined me. We built this incredible den under Mamma’s dining room table using chairs, quilts, blankets and tablecloths. Mamma doesn’t mind us chopping up her chairs and cutting her bedclothes to shape when it is to give us life protecting shelter.

We were fed tomato ketchup, French fries and hot dogs followed by cookies and ice cream. What a party and in our own den!

But then it started to rain, really heavy, throwing it down in record breaking quantities. Just as it always does if you get to have fun these days.

Mum and Auntie JuJu and Uncle Ian said we had to go home. The only reason they could come up with was they were getting wet through sitting outside. You see that was Saturday 15th May 2021 and they were not allowed indoors until Monday, 17th May 2021. Uncle Ian said he wasn’t sitting there until then. How selfish of them we were fine, high and dry. Not only did we have a den to keep us dry it was just inside the patio door.

But Mum was very insistent, and rain stopped play.

Over the three weeks since I last posted to my Blog I have done many more exciting things like meeting with friends and visiting the seaside but I can’t tell you because I’ve run out of my word allocation.

I’m writing this yesterday, Saturday 22nd May 2021. Everyone in the world, or at least, Fairy Godmother Emma and Grandad are wildly excited because it is the One and the Only Eurovision Song Contest on TV tonight. I do not have a clue what that is. All glitz, silly songs, costumes and excitement.

Judging by its name in my eyes it can only be a EuroDisney job where songs come to life and become animated and race to see who can finish first.

But I shall never know, living in a household as strict as mine I will be forced to go to my bed before that starts on TV.

And talking of strictness, it is time for me to close, I am ordered to close.

So, it is goodbye from him.

Love George Aged 5!!!


 Top 10 most popular UK Eurovision songs of all time based on streams:

  1. Bucks Fizz – Making Your Mind Up (1981) – 11,181,430 streams
  2. Katrina and the Waves – Love Shine A Light (1997) – 9,099,989 streams
  3. Michael Rice – Bigger than Us (2019) – 5,686,149 streams
  4. SuRie – Storm (2018) – 5,024,148 streams
  5. Sandie Shaw – Puppet on a String (1967) – 4,780,080 streams
  6. Lucie Jones – Never Give Up on You (2017) – 4,065,951 streams
  7. Molly – Children of the Universe (2014) – 3,781,258 streams
  8. Joe & Jake – You’re Not Alone (2016) – 3,006,032 streams
  9. Electro Velvet – Still in Love with You (2015) – 2,317,282 streams
  10. Brotherhood of Man – Save Your Kisses for Me (1976) – 2,309,123 streams



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A time to be 5 years old…A time to be 72 years old.


23rd May

1533 – The marriage of King Henry VIII to Catherine of Aragon is declared null and void.

1995 – The first version of the Java programming language is released.

1933  Joan Collins Born, London, England

1969 The Who release Tommy

The British rock band’s fourth album is considered the first musical work of the rock opera genre.


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