1)  Billie Eilish’s phone demand


As she sat down cross-legged to play Ocean Eyes, Billie Eilish had some advice for fans who wanted to film her performance.


“If you want to film me, that’s OK – but put the phone next to your face and look me in the eye.


“Because we’re right here now together and this is the only moment we ever get together, ever.”


That’s right – you can film the show without watching it simultaneously on the screen. Why did no-one tell us this before? This changes everything.



2) Neneh Cherry encounters the Windows screen of death

Half-way through Neneh Cherry’s set on the West Holts stage, as she performed a laid-back take on 7 Seconds, the laptop running her video screens spluttered to a halt, leaving the singer performing in front of the boot screen and the Windows XP logo for the best part of a minute.


But hold on a minute… Windows XP? Surely the residual royalties to Buffalo Stance alone would be enough to buy Neneh a new laptop.


3) Liam Gallagher’s heart of gold


Liam Gallagher dedicated the Oasis classic to “Lauren” – a sick fan he’d met last year.


It turned out she was Lauren Mahon, presenter of 5 Live’s cancer podcast You, Me and the Big C, who’d delayed her radiotherapy to watch Gallagher’s set at Glastonbury two years ago.


“I still can’t believe it happened,” she told the BBC. “I don’t know where I go from here in life.”


4) This deckchair

5) Kylie’s triumphant homecoming


Fourteen years after cancer forced her to pull out of a headline slot, Kylie finally got her moment on the Pyramid Stage, and it couldn’t have been more heartwarming.


She sang, she danced, she cried… and she channelled every era of her career from innocent 80s Kylie (I Should Be So Lucky) to 90s sex kitten Kylie (Confide In Me) and even elder-stateswoman of pop Kylie (the superlative Dancing).


She even brought out Nick Cave for a steamy duet on the gothic ballad Where The Wild Roses Grow.


Also Chris Martin performed on stage with Kylie during her set on day five of Glastonbury.


“Just so you know, I’ve never seen so many people in my life,” she announced as she surveyed the crowd. And no-one else this weekend saw more.


6) Lizzo taught us all to love ourselves


Playing on the West Holts stage, Lizzo was on a mission to lift every soul, spiritually as well as musically.

“I want you to know that I love you very much and I’m very proud of you,” she said. “And I want you to know that if you can love me, you can love your goddamn self.

“I want you to go home tonight and look in the mirror and say. ‘I love you, you are beautiful, and you can do anything!’

“Because I can believe we can save the world if we save ourselves first. And you all can change the world.”


7) Rubbish!

In an interview with the Glastonbury Free Press on Sunday, Emily Eavis said: ‘We’ve made so many positive strides with our green campaigns this year. It’s incredible to think that there will be one million fewer plastic bottles for the planet to deal with because we’ve stopped selling them. The most eye opening part of the weekend for me was not seeing any plastic bottles in the bins or on the ground. I think people are really starting to understand how important it is to treat the land with respect, and to stop living a disposable lifestyle.’ There were more than one million plastic drinks bottles sold at the festival in 2017, and zero sold in 2019.


In total, 45 tonnes of aluminium cans were processed on site, while 4,500 litres of cooking oil was turned into biofuel. More than 1,300 recycling volunteers are at Glastonbury Festival each year, while more than 10,000 trees have been planted locally since 2000. This year, there were 850 water points on the 900-acre site, with 37 WaterAid refill kiosks.


The mission to convert the event’s site back into a functioning dairy farm could take up to six weeks.


8) The TV numbers

Most watched performance on TV:

3.0 million             – Kylie Minogue, 18:00 BST Sunday, BBC One

1.4 million             – The Killers, 21:00 Saturday, BBC Two

1.2 million             – The Cure, 21:00 Sunday, BBC Two

1.1 million             – Janet Jackson, 19:30 Saturday BBC Two

800,000                                 – Stormzy, 21:50 Friday, BBC Two


9) The social media reactions:

The Brit Award-winning grime star dominated the social media conversation, with more than five times as many mentions than the next most talked-about act, according to research firm Brandwatch.


Stormzy – 160,000 mentions

The Killers – 29,600

Miley Cyrus – 29,400

Kylie Minogue – 23,900

The Cure – 23,000


The company also looked at whether messages about the 15 top-billed acts were positive or negative. The artists with the highest proportion of positive mentions were:


Christine and the Queens – 96.3% positive

Vampire Weekend – 93.3%

The Cure – 91.9%

Janelle Monae – 90.7%

The Killers – 88.6%

Stormzy’s score was 64.27% – with the political content in his set accounting for many negative mentions, according to Brandwatch.


10) A couple of unusual winners

But some of the biggest winners weren’t musicians

Two of the breakout stars were not even on the bill.


Sir Lord King David Attenborough made a semi-surprise appearance on the Pyramid Stage shortly before Kylie Minogue’s set, and it was a close call as to who got the biggest reception.


Later, on the Other Stage, rapper Dave picked out one fan, who is now suddenly rivalling Sir David for legendary status. Alex Mann got up on stage to join Dave for his track Thiago Silva.



“My advice is, never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time.”— Charles Dickens, David Copperfield


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Why do psychics have to ask you for your name?


Love is…part of every day life


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