The main theme of the – (so good we named it twice) is it is all about “feeling good”. Like you know you should.


This week there have been many feel good events, or should have been but I’ve been a little disappointed.


Eurovision last Saturday. UK came last. Only to be expected. And today it has been reported we are even more last (4 more points deducted) after some miscalculations. Whatever happened to the “Congratulations” of the  “Puppet on A String”, “Making Your Mind Up” to  “Save All Your Kisses For Me” as  he/she “ Boom Bang-a Banged” days.


And the sun is shining so it must be Chelsea Flower Show. Ok sometimes it does rain for Chelsea but this is a “feel good” Blog.


I know as I get older I seem to become even more of a Royalist. But I did enjoy seeing the Queen going to Chelsea and being escorted by her daughter in law around the ‘Back to Nature Garden’ she has been involved in.


Why Kate Middleton’s garden won’t win an award at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show


The Duchess of Cambridge finally unveiled her beautiful garden, which she co-designed, at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show on Monday. And while gardening lovers across the world are descending to the popular event, Kate will not be presented an award for all her efforts with the ‘Back to Nature Garden’ – and there’s a very simple reason why! Kate’s project wasn’t judged as the garden was this year’s RHS’s feature garden, which typically isn’t included in the competition.


Kate, 37, co-created the magical woodland setting with landscape architects Andrée Davies and Adam White. The garden itself features a rustic den and a campfire, with a centrepiece of a high platform treehouse. On Sunday, Kate took Prince William and their three children – Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis – to a private viewing of the garden.


Despite not winning an award, Kate’s work was highly praised by her eldest son. Prince William asked five-year-old George, who is third in line to the throne, what he would rate the garden out of ten. “How many marks out of then would you give it, with ten being the highest,” said William, to which George replied whilst swinging on some rope: “Twenty.” Rather impressed, Prince William then remarked: “Twenty out of ten? That’s pretty good.”


Speaking to celebrity gardener Monty Don, Kate explained she hopes her work will inspire families to get in touch with nature. “There’s an amazing fact I learnt recently that 90 per cent of our adult brains are developed before the age of five,” she shared. “And really what a child experiences in those really early years directly affects how the brain develops and that’s why I think that it’s so important that all of us, whether we’re parents or carers or family members, really engage in quality time with children and babies from a really, really young age.”


Kate Middleton’s garden is a HIT as fans queue for TWO hours to see it

It’s the only garden with a queue


I loved that bit but just on the negative side I have come to hate the BBC evening coverage of Chelsea flower show and usually I watch most of them. The coverage used to be for the average working person hobbyist gardener full of colour passion and using a light hearted approach full of real salt of the earth characters and presenters.


But now it’s gone high brow and is like a horticultural university graduate’s dissertation briefing.


And the winners are…


Gold medals

Show Gardens

The M&G Garden

The Morgan Stanley Garden

The Welcome to Yorkshire Garden

The Resilience Garden

Space to Grow Gardens

Kampo No Niwa

Viking Cruises: The Art of Viking Garden

The Montessori Centenary Children’s Garden

The CAMFED Garden: Giving Girls in Africa A Space to Grow

 Facebook: Beyond The Screen

Artisan Gardens

The High Maintenance Garden For Motor Neurone Disease Association

Green Switch

Family Monsters Garden

Silver-gilt medals

Show Gardens

The Wedgwood Garden

The Dubai Majlis Garden

Warner’s Distillery Garden

The Greenfingers Charity Garden

Space to Grow Gardens

The Roots in Finland Kyrö Garden

The Silent Pool Gin Garden

Artisan Gardens

Miles Stone: The Kingston Maurward Garden

Walker’s Forgotten Quarry Garden

Silver medals

Show Gardens

The Trailfinders ‘Undiscovered Latin America’ Garden

IKEA and Tom Dixon: Gardening Will Save The World

Space to Grow Gardens

The Manchester Garden

The Harmonious Garden of Life

Artisan Gardens

The Donkey Sanctuary: Donkeys Matters

Bronze medals

Show Gardens

The Savills and David Harber Garden


If something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour.


Happiness is…creating a peaceful garden attracting songbirds to give it a soundtrack


We know the speed of light is 300,000 km/s (186,000 mi/s). But what’s the speed of dark?


Love is…a rose garden


I Didn’t Promise You A Rose Garden – Lynn Anderson

Highest Chart Position: No.3 27th March 1971


Thursday 23rd May 2019

Turtle Day

Lucky Penny Day

Title Track Day

A model on the vWedgewood Garden on Press Day


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