Grandpa’s Noises by Gareth St John Thomas & Colin Rowe

Grandpa’s Noises by Gareth St John Thomas & Colin Rowe

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Grandpa’s Noises  by Gareth St John Thomas (Author), Illustrator Colin Rowe (Author)


Hardcover:           32 pages

Age Range:           4 – 8 years

Publisher:              EK Books


You know your Grandpa is noisy but a fantastic hilarious new picture book entitled Grandpa’s Noises by Gareth St John & Colin Rowe will surprise you with how many noises he makes.


I’m not a Grandpa, I am a Grandad but I’ve been through this book and I have ticked off every one of the noises as I made them. So this book is not only a very beautiful story book, it also contains hard facts and can even be used as a reference book.


The book made me realise what a very noisy grandad I am.


The main thing that surprises me about this book is that the subject has not been covered by picture books before. It is a very obvious subject, which you will be well aware of if you have a Grandpa. But, I suppose,  better late than never and with the superb quality of this Grandpa’s Noises book, it has certainly been well worth waiting for.


I thank Gareth St John & Colin Rowe for writing and illustrating the book marking what us Grandpa’s have spent years building up and perfecting, our repertoire of (mainly bodily) noises.


My grandchildren loved going through the book page by page and found it hilarious making the different bodily noises. They loved identifying the noises and saying “You do that Grandad”.


As well as each page being adorned with a different Grandad noise there is a beautiful artistic picture to accompany it. They are so colourful and vibrant.


And in addition to the words, the story, the noises and the pictures, grownups and children alike will find even more entertainment finding Grandpa’s ginger cat who can be seen lurking in every picture with some great expressions on its face. That cat never says a word but he/she is a wonderful character.


High on the list of attributes of being a Grandpa, in addition to making lots of bodily noises is to entertain our grandchildren and make them laugh. Grandpa’s Noises helps do the job for us.


This classic book deserves a place on every child’s bookshelf and every Grandpa’s bookshelf too.



Children love laughing about body noises. In Grandpa’s Noises, a range of sounds and words coming from body and mouth are explained in a warm and funny intergenerational romp. Children look at life with open, honest eyes but sometimes it takes a bit of thinking and code-breaking to work out what’s really going on. Fortunately, for this particular grandchild, while Grandpa’s noises might be a mystery to many, he knows just what they mean! For example, “Eyenolessgofurawark” is obviously Grandpa-speak for “I know, let’s go for a walk”. “Aaaahhh” means the cup of tea is just perfect, and “Pissphusshawertt” is that sinking sound Grandpa makes when he needs a rest in his chair. And once you know that “Eeeawoscreech!” is actually the sound of a misbehaving hearing aid, Grandpa becomes a lot less scary and even more lovable. Of course some sounds – like the “Fffffffft” that sometimes escapes Grandpa’s bottom, and Dad’s – need no explanation!


Be yourself, no one can say you’re doing it wrong


Happiness is…hearing the noises Grandpa makes


Don’t take life too seriously, you won’t get out alive.


Love is… when opposites attract


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