Hoot Howl Halloween: 10 Spooky Sounds Board book by Becky Wilson

Hoot Howl Halloween: 10 Spooky Sounds Board book by Becky Wilson (Author)

Board book:         10 pages

Age Range:           2 – 4 years

Publisher:              Parragon

On Halloween, the moon shines bright, and SPOOKY noises fill the night…Hoot Howl Halloween is a fun book with 10 spooky sounds! Explore the haunted house and press the buttons to hear ghosts wailing, witches cackling, bats flapping and bones jangling. This spooky book is written by Becky Wilson and illustrated by Samantha Meredith…Enter if you dare!

A fest is set for everyone – It’s time for SPOOKY party fun!

10 Spooky Sounds including ghosts, witches, bats and more!

Read this enchanting story and follow along by pressing the sounds correspoding to each page

Vivid illustrations and shaped cut outs of characters to turn the page

Toddlers will love exploring Halloween with their friends and will want to read this book over and over again!


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Halloween Night by Marjorie Dennis Murray  (Author), Brandon Dorman (Illustrator)

Paperback: 40 pages

Age Range: 4 – 8 years

Publisher: Greenwillow Books;

Trick or treat!

It’s Halloween night and all are preparing, for a wickedly wonderful evening of scaring. With zombies and banshees and mummies galore, read this book once and you’ll come back for more!

Marjorie Dennis Murray and New York Times best-selling illustrator Brandon Dorman team up to make this one of the spookiest Halloweens ever!



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Can You See What I See?: On a Scary Scary Night by Walter Wick  (Author)

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Age Range: 4 – 8 years

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In this latest addition to the hugely successful CAN YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? series, acclaimed photographer Walter Wick welcomes readers out for some spooky search-and-find fun!

Co-creator of the popular I SPY series, Walter Wick is at it again. Mr. Wick dazzles the senses with spooky scenes that achieve new levels of aesthetic excellence! This book offers readers lots of search and find fun as they peer through pages and pages of brilliant photographic compositions looking for fascinating toys and objects.


This highly collectable book is a must.