Petersfield Bookshop Goes Viral

Petersfield Bookshop Goes Viral BLOG Thursday 16th January 2020

Petersfield Bookshop inundated with orders after not selling ‘a single book’

By Megan Baynes, PA

A Hampshire bookshop that tweeted about not selling a single book on Tuesday has been inundated with orders after going viral.

An employee at Petersfield Bookshop, which sells antiquarian, second-hand and new books, tweeted a picture of the store after a quiet day meant nothing had been sold.

The tweet read: “…Tumbleweed… Not a single book sold today… £0.00… We think this may be the first time ever… We know its miserable out but if you’d like to help us out, please find our Abebooks offering below, all at 25% off at the moment….”

The message hit home for thousands of book lovers, who retweeted it — including author Neil Gaiman.

Overnight the store had more than 300 messages inquiring after books, as well as 95 orders.

Managing director John Westwood told the PA news agency: “This store, in its current site, was opened by my dad in 1958, and it’s his legacy.

“I believe in this industry, but online ordering and Amazon has hit us hard. I’ve had to sell my flat to keep the store afloat, and most evenings sleep on a camp bed in the shop.

“We have lots of big plans for the future, on how to expand and grow, we just need to get there first.”

He said the store has been busy today with visitors and buyers, with one Petersfield resident telling him: “I’ve lived here all my life and never been in your shop. Last night my friend who lives in San Francisco told me I had to come today.”

Mr Westwood said: “It has been overwhelming, mind-blowing and very humbling. Book-lovers are a very special people, and everyone has been so supportive.

“I’ve carried on this store for my father — if you want to be rich you don’t go into the book industry.

“Books are special things and nothing beats going into a bookstore. Seeing them, touching them, smelling them — it is a special place.”

The bookshop currently runs speaker and poetry events, discount shopping evenings and organises sessions with schools and organisations, and is looking to expand in the coming months.

The store specialises in old books as well as stocking new titles

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