I DIDN’T KNOW THAT LAST WEEK – 12th November 2018

1              ‘Single-use’ named the Collins word of year. Lexicographers at Collins have decided on their word of the year, compiled from a list of notable neologisms. ‘Single-use’ has been chosen as a term which has increasing currency, used in reference to plastic items which are made to be used once and then thrown away. Collins says it is now being used four times as often as it was in 2013. The Guardian

2              UK has worst work/life balance in Europe. More than one in eight (12.7%) toil for more than 50 hours a week; in France, the figure is 7.8%, while in Germany it is 4.6%. On average, UK employees spend 325 more hours a year at work than their German counterparts. CityAM

3              There were only 11 democracies in the world in 1945

4              Matters of the heart. A survey by Interflora has revealed that 6% of British people have never said “I love you” to their partner. 25% have never told their mother they love her and 32% have never told their father. Mail on Sunday

5              If all those who fell in WW1 and WW2 were to march past the Cenotaph four abreast, when the head of the line was in London, the rear of the line would be in Newcastle. That is the extent of the slaughter inflicted during the two world wars. As a veteran of 26 years myself, I will remember them.

6              People who eat organic 25% less likely to get cancer. A study of almost 70,000 adults has found that people who eat organic fruit and vegetables are 25% less likely to develop cancer than those who do not, according to researchers at Paris University. The scientists believe that pesticide residues in conventional products are to blame. However, critics argue that the link may not be causal, as the organic consumers may be better off and healthy for other reasons. Daily Mail

7              The Royal Mint is bringing out a special £5 coin to celebrate Prince Charles’s 70th birthday this month. Cynics ask what he’s done to deserve having his 70th birthday marked, but they miss the point. Three score years and ten has always been the lifetime of the average person. To not only reach that age, but also accrue £300m on the way, while waiting to start the only job you’re going to get in life, is a miraculous achievement. The Express

8              Google handles more than 40,000 searches per second. There are nearly two billion websites in existence, but most are hardly ever visited. The top 0.1% attract more than half of all traffic. Most consumer traffic is video. In Britain, 95% of people are online; in China, 60% are; in Somalia, under 2% are. The Guardian

9              Britons spending ever more on Halloween. Britons spent an estimated £419m celebrating Halloween this year as the popularity of the annual event continues to grow, new figures show. Market research firm Mintel says Britons are forking out 5% more than they did last year on chocolates, sweets, decorations and fancy dress for Halloween, which until just a few decades ago was a smaller event in the UK than Guy Fawkes Night. Sky News

10           NHS spends £3m getting things out of noses. The annual cost to the NHS in England of removing items stuck up people’s noses or in their ears is almost £3m, a study has found. Most of the patients involved are children. According to a research paper titled Will Children Ever Learn?, the average number of removals carried out each year between 2010 and 2016 was 3,697. Daily Mail

11           The bottom line. 51% of UK adults sleep for six hours or fewer a night. A mere 17% get the recommended eight hours. The Times


A man whowants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd


Happiness is…telling your partner you love them


“A spa hotel? It’s like a normal hotel, only in reception there’s a picture of a pebble.” – Rhod Gilbert


Love is…telling he/she that you love them


Honky Tonk Women – The Rolling Stones

Highest Chart Position: No.1 23rd July 1969 for 5 weeks


Monday 12th November 2018

Pizza With The Works Except Anchovies Day

Human-Animal Relationship Awareness Day

Chicken Soup For The Soul Day

World Orphans Day

Happy Hour Day

Fancy Rat & Mouse Day

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