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How much do the Gogglebox cast get paid – and how much TV do they need to watch?

Benjamin Lynch 

Gogglebox became a hit as soon as it flashed onto our screens for the first time in 2013.

The faces of the show have gone on to become very well known to Channel 4 audiences.

Show favourites like Dave and Shirley, Giles and Mary and the Siddiqui family can earn a sizeable sum for their witty comments during the programme.

The beauty of the show is that it provides us with an inside look at the family moments that make us laugh and sometimes cry, as we can all relate to sitting around watching the TV and making sarcastic comments about celebrities with our loved ones.

So how much do the Gogglebox cast earn?

How much do the Gogglebox families get paid?

Gogglebox Siddiqui family© Channel 4 Gogglebox Siddiqui family

Each family on Gogglebox gets paid a sum of £1,500 a month.

This is shared out between them and they receive a free takeaway for their troubles as well.

The fee is according to insiders reporting to The Sun and has never been confirmed by Channel 4.

That doesn’t mean stars can’t go on to do their own thing. Former cast member Scarlett Moffat has now believed to have a net worth of over £1 million after going on to become a TV personality.

How much TV do the Gogglebox cast have to watch?

Jenny and Lee have been Googlebox favourites since they joined in 2014© Channel4.com Jenny and Lee have been Googlebox favourites since they joined in 2014

The cast of Gogglebox have to watch around 12 hours of TV a week.

The TV marathon is split across two six-hour shifts, allowing the cast to carry on with their main job commitments and any schooling they have to get through.

The long hours have led to some criticism from cast members. Paige Deville left the show in 2021 and was scathing on Twitter, saying: “I have made the decision to walk away from Gogglebox.

“It’s been an experience but one I cannot continue with due to long hours of filming, restrictiveness, control of our actions and opinions and zero aftercare support.”

Channel 4 insisted it does its best to look after cast members: “The welfare of contributors – past and present – is of paramount importance and robust protocols are in place to support contributors before, during and after taking part in the series.”

How can I be on Gogglebox?

People can’t apply to be on Gogglebox. Instead, the Channel 4 show recruits its members by scouting the country far and wide.

A spokesperson from Channel 4 said in 2020: “There is no way to apply to be on Gogglebox.”

Cast members are ideally people who are funny without realising it, and executive producer Victoria Ray told the Daily Star: “The ideal people are ones who don’t know that they’re funny.

Marcus and Mica on Gogglebox© Channel 4 Marcus and Mica on Gogglebox

“We like people who are charismatic, engaging and who don’t necessarily see themselves as TV personalities.”

Speaking about the casting, the show’s creator Stephen Lambert said in 2015: “Everybody on Gogglebox has been found and persuaded to be on the show and I think that’s the key to why they are likeable and why the show works, because we get to know these people. We’ve never advertised for people on Gogglebox.”


Top 10: Bizarre Things That Things Are Named After

This list was suggested by Stewart Wood, after Robert Macfarlane reminded us of how the game of Subbuteo was so called because its inventor, Peter Adolph, had his trademark application for “Hobby” rejected. So he took the name from the Latin name of the hobby, a small falcon, Falco subbuteo (Falco, sickle, which its claws resemble; subbuteo, like a buzzard).

  1. Adobe. The American software company’s founder John Warnock named it after a creek which runs behind his house.


  1. Audi. Latin for “Hark” or “Hear!” August Horch founded a company named after himself before leaving to start another. His former partners sued over the name and he had to find another. While discussing it with friends, his friend’s son, doing his Latin homework in the corner of the room, suggested “Audi” since “Horch” as a verb in German means “Hark”. Thanks to Stewart Slater.


  1. Frankfurt Hahn airport. It is 129km from Frankfurt – seven-and-a-half hours by bike – and nearer to Luxembourg.


  1. Oasis. Named after a leisure centre in Swindon, the closure of which was announced last year. Liam Gallagher chose a new name for his band, Rain, in 1991, from a poster for an Inspiral Carpets gig at the leisure centre; the poster was on the wall of the bedroom he shared with brother Noel, a roadie for Inspiral Carpets..


  1. Quark. From “Three quarks for Muster Mark!” in Finnegans Wake, by James Joyce, read by Murray Gell-Mann, who posited it.


  1. Spam. Unwanted advertising emails sent in bulk, from a Monty Python sketch of the greasy spoon cafe in which every dish available includes Spam.


  1. Starbucks. The coffee shop was named after Starbuck, the first mate on the Pequod, the whaling ship in Moby-Dick, the 1851 novel by Herman Melville.


  1. Tank. The military vehicle is named after the code name given to them during their development in the First World War. The military actually thought that the correct name would be “Caterpillar Machine Gun Destroyers” or “Land Cruisers”, said Conor Downey.


  1. Thagomizer. The tail spikes of a stegosaurus were named in a Gary Larson Far Side cartoon: a cave person points to the end of a picture of a dinosaur saying it is called “after the late Thag Simmons”. I suppose it is thagomiser in British English.


Source: John Rentoul – The Independent

REMEMBER: The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

– Nicolas Chamfort



“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” —Dr. Suess


Happiness is…Gogglebox.


I’m really excited for the amateur autopsy club I just joined. Tuesday is open Mike night!


Love is…when the Winter Wind cannot chill the warmth in your heart.



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