R U JOKING, GRANDAD BLOG 27th October 2017

 1)            ROGER McGOUGH NEW BOOK “80”

I’ve just received a wonderful book that came out on 5th October 2017 entitled ‘80’ by Roger McGough.

Roger McGough is one of my most favourite poets and the book contains eighty of his poems and the publication is to celebrate his 80th birthday on 9th November. Wonderful book captures his lifelong magic and humour. It’s no use me telling you you need to get a copy and experience it yourself. Treat yourself, chear yourself up. The most useful way of utilising this weekends extra hour is to read this book of poems You’ll feel great.


2)            FATS DOMINO

Sadly one of rock ‘n’ rolss greatest ever singer songwriter, performers has died, Fats Domino

Fats Domino, one of the most influential rock and roll performers of the 1950s and 60s, has died aged 89.

The American rock and roll artist was best known for his songs Ain’t That A Shame and Blueberry Hill.

The New Orleans singer sold more than 65 million records, outselling every 1950s rock and roll act except Elvis Presley.

His million-selling debut single, The Fat Man, is credited by some as the first ever rock and roll record.

Fats Domino – whose real name was Antoine Domino Jr – was one of the first rhythm and blues artists to gain popularity with a white audience and his music was most prolific in the 1950s.

Domino had 11 US top 10 hits and his music is credited as a key influence on artists during the 1960s and 70s.

Elvis Presley referred to Fats Domino as “the real king of rock n roll” and Paul McCartney reportedly wrote the Beatles song Lady Madonna in emulation of his style.

Note: Mamma said, as she always does when somebody this age dies: “Oh, well at least he did have a good innings.”

That is no consolation Mamma! It’s like someone saying, when you’ve had a stroke: “Just think there are lots more worse than you.” I tell you, it doesn’t help!

I tell you if I die at 89 or any age prior or after, I won’t be saying “Well, at least I did have a good innings.”

Thinking about it, I suppose I won’t be saying anything.

See our Stunning Playlist this week ALL FATS DOMINO songs.


3)            BLOODHOUND SCC

Yestreday at Newquay, Cornwall Airfield RAF Wing Commander Andy Green drove the Bloodhound car from nought to 210 mph over 1.7 miles, in less time than it takes the average person to walk 10 yards.

Eight seconds later it’s all over, the first test run carried out by Bloodhound SSC in front of the public successfully completed.

Within a few minutes the 14.65 yards long (13.4 metres) supersonic car sets off again down the runway at Newquay Airport, in Cornwall, flames shooting out of its exhaust engine as it once more reaches 200 mph.

Yesterday’s display – witnessed by more than 3,500 enthusiastic spectators – was certainly impressive, but it will pale when the supersonic car makes its attempt to smash the 1,000mph barrier in South Africa in 2019.

For an hour and a half Newquay Airport was closed to air traffic while the tests took place.

Today, the car relied on a Eurojet EJ200 jet engine for thrust. That part on its own could take the car to 650 MPH. The final configuration will also have a rocket system provided by Nordic aerospace company Nammo, however.

Climbing inside the cockpit of the $23 million-car is also more akin to slipping into a rocket ship, says the team.

When the car achieves 1,000 mph it will be capable of travelling the 414.1 miles London to Edinburgh in 24.6 minutes. Assuming no other vehicles on the road and no road works.

Under normal circumstances without road works or delays the journey takes 7 hours 25 minutes.

But also get this:

Fancy a quick jaunt to Edinburgh without the five-hour train journey? That could soon be a reality thanks to Hyper Chariot, a company which has grand plans to create a super-shuttle that could get you from London to Edinburgh in a mere eight minutes. Eight minutes? It’s hardly worth getting a can of G&T for the journey.

It all sounds a bit too good to be true, but the folks at Hyper Chariot claim that the super-shuttle would use rollercoaster-style technology to catapult car-sized pods through airless concrete tubes, reaching speeds of 4,000mph (no, not 400, we checked: four-actual-thousand).


“The road to Easy Street goes through the sewer.” ~John Madden



Happiness is…a view of the sea.



A farmer in the field with his cows counted 196 of them, but when he rounded them up he had 200.



“Something” by the Beatles

Highest chart position No.4 22nd November 1969

& by Shirley Bassey No.4 15th August 1970