Ironing tips to get clothes looking their best

10 ironing tips to get clothes looking their best BLOG  Sunday 5th September 2021


It’s time to dust off your best outfit and refamiliarise yourself with your steam iron

By Joseph Perry – WHICH

With workplaces shut and celebrations put on hold, many of us haven’t ironed in months. But as life slowly returns to normal, and with school pupils either back or due back soon, now could be the time to dig out your iron and spruce up you or your family’s wardrobe. If you can’t remember how to iron a shirt or what those symbols on the care label actually mean, don’t panic: we’ve pulled together 10 fool-proof ironing tips. We’ve also got advice on caring for your iron – and how to stop creases before they happen.


  1. DON’T: Overload your washing machine You might not realise it but making your ironing job easier starts before you’ve even got your iron out. Overloading your washing machine can cause clothes to crumple so leave plenty of room for clothes to tumble around.


  1. DO: Make sure your clothes are clean It might seem obvious, but make sure your clothes are clean before you iron them. Ironing a stain can make it stick, so it’s always best to iron clothes when they’re fresh from the washing machine or tumble dryer.


  1. DO: Iron clothes while damp It’s easiest to remove creases while clothes are still damp, although there are some exceptions. If your clothes are already dry, dampen them using the iron’s spray function or a spray bottle – you can use an empty cleaning bottle (just make sure it’s thoroughly rinsed out).


  1. DON’T: Use ironing water Ironing water is said to prevent limescale build-up, shift stubborn stains and leave your clothes smelling extra fresh. However, you can manage just fine without it. In fact, lots of ironing brands caution against using ironing water. Tefal told us: ‘Scented or treated waters can damage your iron or generator, as the chemicals leave residue which can damage seals and moving parts.  ‘Treated water can also have a higher boiling point, which can result in incomplete steam generation.’


  1. DO: Adjust your ironing board Your ironing board should be at the right height for you: too high and you won’t get enough pressure on the iron; too low and you’ll get backache. As a general rule, your arm should be at a 90-degree angle when you iron. If that’s not possible with your current ironing board, find a new one.


  1. DO: Separate fabrics by type Instead of reaching for whatever’s at the top of the laundry pile, separate your clothes into different fabrics. This means you won’t have to adjust the settings each time you iron an item and be left waiting for the iron to heat up or cool down. If you don’t know what fabric a garment is made from, check the care label – it should tell you the fabric composition, and whether it’s safe to iron.


  1. DON’T: Ignore the care labels. Some clothes can’t be ironed, so it’s best to find out before you start ironing – and end up burning a hole through your new top. Others require a press cloth, such as a clean cotton tea towel, to protect them from direct heat. If you aren’t sure what the symbols on the care label mean, check out online: “Ironing symbols explained”.


  1. DO: Hang clothes up straight away There’s no point ironing your clothes if you don’t keep them crease-free. Have a pile of hangers next to the ironing board – or iron beside your wardrobe, so you can hang clothes up as soon as they’re ironed.


  1. DON’T: Wiggle the iron Wiggling the iron can stretch the fabric, so it’s best to stick to long, straight strokes. There are a handful of exceptions to this rule, where ironing in long strokes might damage the fabric, so check out ironing different fabrics on the internet, if you’re in doubt.


  1. DON’T: Forget to clean your iron Make sure you drain the water tank after each use. Stagnant water allows limescale to form, which can clog the steam ducts and make the iron less effective. Before you put your iron back in the cleaning cupboard, it’s also a good idea to initiate the self-cleaning function (if your iron has one). The instructions manual should tell you how often to initiate it, but this is typically a minimum amount – if you live in a hard water area, you might need to do it more regularly.



Top 10: Films Most Unlike the Books On Which They Are Based

By  John Rentoul – Independent

  1. The 39 Steps. All four film versions of the 1915 novel by John Buchan. Hitchcock’s 1935 film changes most of the story, including the “39 steps” themselves (actual steps in the book, a secret organisation in the film); the 1959 film is closely based on the 1935 one; the 1978 film also bears little resemblance to Buchan’s original story; and the 2008 film, in which many of the characters are renamed, ends with a scene of a submarine in a Scottish loch, rather than the original setting off the Kent coast.


  1. The Jungle Book.


  1. Life of Brian. Nothing like the Bible.


  1. The Ipcress File. Len Deighton’s book and Guy Hamilton’s film are both superb, but the film stays in London, while the book flits across the globe. Both feature the treachery of Dalby and brainwashing, but how it is done is completely different.


  1. Under the Skin. Seeing the film you’d have no idea who Scarlett Johansson’s character is, why she does what she does, or what anyone in her world or ours might feel about it.


  1. Blade Runner, based on Philip K Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? “Even though I had read the book, I don’t think I would have connected it to the movie had I not been told in advance that it’s based on it,” said Omer Lev.


  1. The English Patient. Takes one part and makes a completely different story, said John Peters.


  1. Without Remorse. Recent Amazon film of the Tom Clancy book, but the entire story is different. “Only uses the title and some character names; the plot is completely different.” said Martin Payne.


  1. World War Z. “The book is an amazing horror pastiche of aural histories of war; the film is a generic zombie yawnfest,” said Alistair Smith.


  1. The Lawnmower Man. The short story is about a man hiring a violent Greek god as a gardener; the film is about a gardener made into a sociopathic genius by the internet.


Excluding Bond films means I miss out Casino Royale, the 1967 film, which should otherwise be up there, said Anthony Wells. “Unless you also don’t count it as a proper Bond film, and therefore allow it.” It can be number 11.

Many other good nominations. Children of Men: book and film have the basic infertility premise in common, but virtually nothing else (Tom Doran). The Godfather: Mario Puzo’s book is quite pulpy and softcore (Dan Fox). LA Confidential has completely different plot twists in book and film (Stuart Nathan). Slumdog Millionaire changed a lot from the book Q & A by Vikas Swarup, in which the hero forces the quizmaster to give him a hint to the last answer (Kipplewinker).

And no, I did not accept The Lion King, because Hamlet is not a book.


REMEMBER: The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

– Nicolas Chamfort



 “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot


Happiness is…relaxing doing the ironing listening to the radio.


You do realize that vampires aren’t real. Unless you Count Dracula.


Love is…when I only feel like this with you.



A time to carefully iron your clothes…A time not to bother ironing and enjoy the creases.


5th September

 1889  German Christine Hardt patents the first modern brassiere.

1958 1st colour video recording on magnetic tape presented, Charlotte, North Carolina.

1976 Jim Henson’s “The Muppet Show” premieres on television with Mia Farrow as the guest star

2019  74-year-old Erramatti Mangamma became the world’s oldest mother after giving birth to twins in India.


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