Jack Nicholson a great actor with a big secret in his life.

Jack Nicholson a great actor with a big secret in his life

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Jack Nicholson, a great actor with a big secret in his life.

Jack Nicholson, a great actor with a big secret in his life.

One of the greatest actors cinema has ever produced, Jack Nicholson was born on 22 April 1937 in Neptune City, New Jersey. His early life was shrouded in mystery. Only at a later age, the Hollywood star found out about his life’s biggest secret.


His sister was his mother.

Jack Nicholson had no official birth certificate and, as an established actor, he wanted to know why. At that point, he found out that his real mother was the woman he always thought of as his sister: June.


Why the truth was hidden.

June had been 17 when she became pregnant. Jack’s grandmother, Ethel May, decided to act as his mother and hide the story, which was scandalous at that time.


Jack Nicholson’s childhood.

Jack Nicholson’s family was humble but nevertheless managed to prosper and settle in the affluent Spring Lake area. There, Jack Nicholson attended the prestigious Manasquan High School. It was a normal childhood and adolescence that hid an enormous secret.


First films.

Jack Nicholson’s career began when he moved to spend some time with his “sister June” who lived in Los Angeles. Film was his dream and he began working in an administrative position in the offices of Metro-Goldwin-Mayer. There he met Roger Corman, the B-movie director who would give him his first jobs in films such as ‘The Terror’. He met with stars like Cicely Tyson (image, 1954).


Born to Be Wild.

Throughout the 1960s, Jack Nicholson worked in 18 films, none of them very successful. The exception is ‘Easy Rider’, a countercultural classic directed by Dennis Hopper, which earned him his first Oscar nomination.


The rising star of the 1970s.

The 1970s were his golden decade: critics and audiences began to adore him and he was nominated for Oscars for ‘Five Easy Pieces’, ‘The Last Detail’ and, above all, ‘Chinatown’.


Vital and toxic excesses.

In various biographical profiles published throughout his long career, it has been noted that Jack Nicholson’s youthful years were full of parties, toxic excesses and a bad life. Or good, depending on how you look at it.


Admirer of the greats of cinema (and music).

The picture shows Jack Nicholson with the Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni. His absolute idol was always Marlon Brando. He became his friend and neighbour in Beverly Hills. Musically, his favourites were Bob Dylan and Louis Armstrong.


First Oscar.

In 1975 he won his first Oscar for ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’.


His most terrifying character.

His 1980 performance in ‘The Shining’ may have been the most iconic of his entire career. The character of Jack Torrance allowed him to make a terrifying interpretative display and a summary of his style as an actor: the mastery of excess. Stephen King never liked Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of his novel, but audiences will never forget it.


A Hollywood star who doesn’t give interviews.

Jack Nicholson is a Hollywood star who is very social with his colleagues but elusive with the press. He rarely gives interviews, apart from a few occasional promotional engagements. His explanation: “I’m just a guy who makes movies.”


Second Oscar.

In 1983, ‘Terms of Endearment’ becomes the big winner at the Oscars. Jack Nicholson (alongside Shirley MacLaine) wins his second statuette.


Jack Nicholson’s love life.

Jack Nicholson’s romantic relationships have been numerous. In 1962 he married actress Sandra Knight whom he’d met on the set of ‘The Terror’. It was a short-lived marriage, but the couple had a daughter. After Sandra Knight, the actor had more or less serious relationships with Anjelica Huston (in the picture), Rachel Ward, Candice Bergen, and Lara Flynn Boyle, among others.


Two children with Rebecca Broussard.

Jack Nicholson had a daughter and a son (Lorraine and Raymond) with actress Rebecca Broussard,.


The actor has lack of sympathy for the paparazzi.


Basketball fan.

Jack Nicholson is a basketball fan in general and a Los Angeles Lakers fan in particular. For years, he paid more than $100,000 a year to have a courtside seat.


A peculiar guy.

Jack Nicholson’s personality is peculiar. His humour tends to extremes, and he has strong personal convictions that he refuses to change. For example, Nicholson has an aversion to mobile phones. He doesn’t use them.


Jack Nicholson’s third Oscar.

And then came the third statuette in 1998 for his role in ‘As Good as It Gets.’


A marvellous villain surpassed by others.

When Jack Nicholson played the Joker in Tim Burton’s first ‘Batman’ movie (1989), he was applauded. The role is so rich, however, that other actors managed to surpass Nicholson’s work: Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix. Jack Nicholson’s Joker was more gentle than the villain of his younger colleagues.


Jack Nicholson and his daughter Lorraine.

Jack Nicholson is a star who loves life’s pleasures: golf, yachts, and holidays in Saint-Tropez. Life’s excesses have increased the actor’s weight noticeably over the years, but that has never bothered him.


Jack Nicholson’s last film.

In 2010 Jack Nicholson shot what is so far the last film of his filmography: ‘How Do You Know.’ Since then, the actor’s biography has been a bit of a mystery. No one knows why exactly he stopped working and there has been some speculation about health problems.


Jack Nicholson is still standing.

Be that as it may, Jack Nicholson still appears (when he can) courtside at the Los Angeles Lakers.


The eternal star.

Jack Nicholson is a venerable, retired Hollywood octogenarian (though we wish he would act again!) and he will always be a star. His great performances are part of cinema history.



Top 30 Popular Jack Nicholson Films

  1. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)15 | 133 min | Drama
  2. Easy Rider (1969) X | 95 min | Adventure, Drama
  3. Chinatown (1974) X | 130 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller
  4. Terms of Endearment (1983) 15 | 132 min | Comedy, Drama
  5. The Shining (1980) 15 | 146 min | Drama, Horror
  6. Carnal Knowledge (1971) X | 98 min | Drama
  7. About Schmidt (2002) 15 125 min | Comedy, Drama
  8. As Good as It Gets (1997) 15 | 139 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance
  9. Broadcast News (1987) 15 | 133 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance
  10. Prizzi’s Honor (1985) 15 | 130 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama
  11. The Departed (2006) 18 | 151 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller
  12. Ironweed (1987) 15 | 143 min | Drama
  13. The Passenger (1975) A | 126 min | Drama, Thriller
  14. The Last Detail (1973) X | 104 min | Comedy, Drama
  15. Hoffa (1992) 15 | 140 min | Biography, Crime, Drama
  16. Batman (1989) 12 | 126 min | Action, Adventure
  17. The Crossing Guard (1995) 15 | 111 min | Drama, Thriller
  18. Anger Management (2003) 15 | 106 min | Comedy
  19. Heartburn (1986) 15 | 108 min | Comedy, Drama
  20. The Witches of Eastwick (1987) 18 | 118 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
  21. The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981) X | 122 min | Crime, Drama, Romance
  22. The Pledge (I) (2001) 15 | 124 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery
  23. Reds (1981) AA | 195 min | Biography, Drama, History
  24. Five Easy Pieces (1970) AA | 98 min | Drama
  25. Mars Attacks! (1996) 12 | 106 min | Comedy, Sci-Fi
  26. The Bucket List (2007) 12A | 97 min | Adventure, Comedy, Drama
  27. The Border (1982) X | 108 min | Crime, Drama
  28. Blood and Wine (1996) 15 | 101 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller
  29. How Do You Know (2010) 12A | 121 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance
  30. The Evening Star (1996) 15 | 129 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance





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