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Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm Profits BLOG Saturday 10th July 2021


Jeremy Clarkson left reeling as profit for Diddly Squat’s Farm first year revealed

The motoring enthusiast previously branded the farm an ‘expensive failure’ despite the series being a colossal success.

Jeremy Clarkson might be surprised by the success of his farming show Clarkson’s Farm, but he has been left bitterly disappointed by the amount he’s actually made in profit.

From 16 tonnes of potatoes rotting away to an entire crop of wasabi failing to grow, the Grand Tour host has been left astonished at the lack of profit.

Revealing in the final episode that he made just £144 in the first year of business, the ex-Top Gear star was shocked to learn the final amount, after deducting the extortionate costs.

Talking to his land agent Charlie Ireland about how much of a profit he had made following his first farming year, he admitted money wasn’t too much of a concern, which viewers would be aware of, considering he spent over 40k on a Lamborghini tractor which he later discovered was way too big for his barn.

However, the newly minted farmer did say he now appreciated the genuine struggles other farmers face when it comes to huge financial losses.

He was relieved to know that he could soon be given a helping hand as the Government will give money for him to make his farm greener.

The plans are set to allow farmers to claim up to £70 per hectare from next spring to improve soil, water quality and hedges.

Livestock farmers will also be able to have free health and welfare check-ups for cows and sheep.

It seems to have been an eye-opener for fans too, as one wrote: “There are some truly interesting insights in the show, highlighting just how small the margins are for some farmers – and how just one simple change, or expenditure, can have an effect on yield.”

Another added: “If you want to appreciate how hard farming is and what it takes to put food on the world’s table, the Clarkson’s Farm series on Prime is a great lesson…and has all the fun, humour, and wit of Top Gear.

By Jess Grieveson-Smith.


Cotswolds chaos! Hundreds of customers queue outside as crowds flock to Jeremy Clarkson’s farm shop

Jeremy Clarkson’s new Amazon show chronicles his life on his Cotswolds farm.

The popularity of the show has led to queues for the Diddly Squat Farm Shop.

At estate near Chadlington, Oxfordshire, yesterday, hundreds queued outside.

His reality show chronicling life on his 1,000-acre Cotswolds farm has been a runaway hit for Jeremy Clarkson.

But sadly, not for his neighbours. Their peace has been shattered by the hundreds of fans flocking to the star’s farm shop.

The popularity of Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon Prime has led to queues for the Diddly Squat Farm Shop to check out his stock, which includes honey, chutney and even T-shirts.

At the estate near Chadlington, Oxfordshire, yesterday (that was Sunday 4th July, 2021), hundreds queued to go inside.

Political commentator Isabel Oakeshott shared a video of the crowds on Twitter, which showed streams of people gathering outside the shop, run by Clarkson’s partner Lisa Hogan, as well as a jam-packed car park.

In the 30-second clip she could be heard saying that the farm was ‘mobbed’ with ‘hundreds of cars’ and people waiting around two hours to check out what the shop had on offer.

She captioned it: ‘Oh, Jeremy Clarkson and Amazon Video what have you done?! Certainly, earning more than Diddly Squat with the farm now! At least 500 people here; chaos on surrounding roads. Next step – theme park?’

Queues began to form outside the farm shop the day after the show was released on Amazon Prime.

The former Top Gear co-host, 61, and his farm shop have angered locals complaining about visitors clogging up the country roads.

Some have also claimed it is affecting the trade of local shops and pubs by selling food and even beer.

Speaking previously about the farm shop’s success, Clarkson said: ‘I mean, if we’d built a nuclear power station I could understand their concerns, but not a tiny farm shop.’




Top Ten Most Crazy Laws In The UK

The United Kingdom set up The Law Commission in 1965.

This much-needed independent body was set up to update the countries legal system and push for reforms where needed.

Since its implementation, over two thousand outdated laws have been repealed, but not all of them!

I guess some of the old rules are so ridiculous and so outdated that they didn’t feel a need to change those laws.

Here’s just a handful of some of the funniest ones that are still in place today.


  1. It’s illegal to enter the House of Parliaments wearing a suit of armour.
  2. It’s legal to shoot a Scotsman under certain circumstances.

Only in York, the law states that it is legal to shoot a Scotsman with a crossbow upon seeing one, except for on Sundays. However, any Scotsman caught drunk or with a weapon can still be shot on a Sunday, except with a bow and arrow. Similarly, in Chester, it is legal to shoot a Welsh person with a crossbow, as long as it is within the city walls and is done after midnight.

  1. It’s treason to misplace a postage stamp.

Placing a postage stamp bearing the monarch’s head upside down on an envelope is considered an act of treason. Also, defacing or destroying anything bearing a likeness of the monarch is illegal. This means that burning paper money, bending coins or tearing a postage stamp is against the law.

  1. It is illegal to gamble in a library.

A British library. The Library Offenses Act of 1898 makes it illegal to gamble in a library.

  1. Trespassing is okay for certain people.

Trespassing is illegal, except by huers and baulkers. An Act of 1603 comes from an ancient custom in Cornwall. People known as huers and baulkers would stand on the cliffs and shout to fishing boats, directing them toward schools of fish. The Act gives those on the cliffs the right of entry onto the lands of others and defence against trespassing.

  1. It’s against the law to shake a carpet.

Under the Metropolitan Police Act of 1839, it’s illegal to beat or shake a mat, carpet, or rug in the streets of London. The only time you may beat them is before 8 am.

  1. You can’t use a cow, horse, or steam engine while drunk.

The Licensing Act of 1872 explains that operating a cow, horse or steam engine while intoxicated carries either a prison sentence or a fine.

  1. It’s illegal to handle salmon in suspicious circumstances.

This is a recent law, which is even more absurd. But under the Salmon Act of 1986, it is an offence to receive or dispose of salmon under suspicious circumstances.

  1. All beaches whales and sturgeons belong to the reigning monarch.

By the law from Edward II in 1324, all sturgeons and whales should be offered to the reigning monarch in case they want them. Along with dolphins and porpoises, they are considered royal fish and any captured within 3 miles of shore, or wash ashore, should be first offered to the crown.

  1. It’s illegal to carry a plank along the pavement.

Another law from the Metropolitan Police Act, it is an offence to carry a plank on the sidewalk.

This Act also includes flying kites on the street and sliding on ice on the sidewalk.




 “Don’t ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.”


Happiness is… doing a bit of farming and not caring whether you make money or not.


A man walks past a fridge and thinks he can hear onions singing Bee Gee’s songs but on opening the fridge he discovered it was only the chives talkin’.


Love is…GREAT!


A time to make sensible laws…A time to make stupid laws.


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