Kate Middleton ditches royal protocol and breaks huge record in the process

Kate Middleton ditches royal protocol and breaks huge record in the process

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Kate Middleton ditches royal protocol and breaks huge record in the process!

Kate Middleton ditches royal protocol in a move that gives us an idea of what the future of the royal family might look like. Better still, considering how popular it’s been with the public, it’s a future that’s looking bright.

Kate Middleton’s choice to perform a piano solo isn’t a traditional move but the video of her performance has broken records!

Royal fans have been delighted by her vulnerability and, of course, talent.

There’s no denying that Kate Middleton overcame her nerves and stole the show with her ‘beautiful’ piano performance at the royal carol service. That show isn’t the only thing she’s stolen however as she’s also nabbed the most ever views on an Instagram video from a royal family account!

Royal fans could barely contain their excitement as the Duchess of Cambridge effortlessly accompanied Tom Walker for a “beautiful” performance during the Royal Carols: Together At Christmas service at Westminster Abbey.

In her capacity as a working royal, the Duchess often makes public appearances and proves that she’s happy to get involved. One particularly notable event was earlier this year when Kate Middleton showed her sporty side when she took to the court with tennis champ Emma Raducanu.

Not content with taking on world-class tennis champs, she’s also proven she’s happy to take risks with another secret skill—music!

Despite a world-class piano performance, in which she appeared composed and a total natural, her fellow performer Tom revealed she was, ‘quite nervous.’

All that considered, it’s no wonder that Kate Middleton was granted a major honour by the Queen and Royal Family ahead of her iconic festive appearance. An honour which she was suitably dressed for.

Kate Middleton’s Christmas Day outfits have always been fabulous and Kate Middleton’s dresses never cease to induce envy among fashion fans. However, the red dress she wore during her piano performance may be one of her most glam ever!


TOP10 Inversions of Well-Known Phrases

  1. Trouble Over Bridgwater. Album by Half Man Half Biscuit.


  1. “Greater love hath no man than this, than to lay down his friends for his life.” Jeremy Thorpe on Harold Macmillan’s cabinet reshuffle of 1962.


  1. “Hollywood goes to Frankie.” Acton Gazette headline when a cinema bar called Hollywood Greats became a club called Frankie’s.


  1. “Don’t you know who I think I am?” The Libertines, “The Boy Looked at Johnny”.


  1. “There but for the God of Grace go I.” Roger Moore, when his stunt double Martin Grace was injured in a fight scene.


  1. “The wrath of grapes.” Leonard Wibberley’s description of a hangover.


  1. Electric Landlady. Album by Kirsty MacColl, 1991, homage to Electric Ladyland by The Jimi Hendrix Experience, 1968.


  1. “Ah, but I was so much older then; I’m younger than that now.” Bob Dylan, “My Back Pages”.


  1. “Britannia waives the rules.” The pun dates back to 1842.


  1. Do Dice Play God? A 2019 book on the mathematics of uncertainty, by Ian Stewart.


REMEMBER: The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

– Nicolas Chamfort


Be someone’s sunshine when their skies are grey.”


Happiness is…having someone like Kate Middleton in the Royal Family


What did the big furry hat say to the warm woolly scarf? You hang around while I go on ahead!


Love is…being his domestic goddess


A time to listen to music on a vinyl record player…A time to listen to music on Spotify


Elvis: British co-star Annette Day was discovered on a London market stall at 17

Imagine being a regular London teenager working on your mother’s market stall in Portobello market. One day a film producer spots you and comes back weeks later to announce that they would like you to fly to Los Angeles and star in Elvis Presley’s Double Trouble movie. It sounds like a fantastical Hollywood plot but that is what happened to Annette Day. Decades later she looked back on their time together: “I had a ball, it was tremendous fun.” She described The King’s playful games and extraordinary generosity and why she decided to give up Hollywood and come home.

Day, who had no previous acting experience, remembered when she was offered the part of a runaway heiress in 1967’s Double Trouble: “You either take your chance or you don’t. I thought, yes, I am going to do that.”

She was understandably nervous on her first day on set but recalled how her experienced co-star took the time to help her.

She said: “I thought ‘My goodness, what have I let myself in for here’, but he had tremendous patience with me. He very kindly took me through it. He said ‘It’s no problem, just take it easy’.”

Although some moments were easier than others. Describing shooting a scene where he has been gassed unconscious, she said: “Elvis comes in and picks me up and rescues me. The only trouble was it was a four-poster bed and I really whacked my head on the wood. And afterward he was most concerned!”


Annette Day – A Brief Film Career – but with Elvis.

Annette Day’s entire film career consists of her single appearance with Elvis in Double Trouble. After that she retired from films and never went back again.

In 1967 Annette Day was filming Double Trouble with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

When she heard the news that Elvis had died she was living in Beckenham.

“I thought it was so terribly sad, he was a man of so many talents, who had so much more left to give.”

Annette, who now lives in Telford, Shropshire, knew about this better than most.

Because 10 years earlier, as a fresh-faced 19-year-old, Annette became the first and only English actress to star alongside Elvis on the big screen.

The 71-year-old grandmother played Jill Conway, a rebellious British heiress who led the singer through all sorts of wild escapades across Europe, getting mixed up with spies, jewel thieves and madcap detectives along the way.

Off screen, the pair enjoyed a close, if brief, friendship with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, which even extended to him buying her a car as a treat.

Annette, who settled in Shropshire with husband Mike the year after Elvis’s death, remembered the singer as being like a big brother to the innocent teenager who had been plucked out of obscurity after being spotted working on a market stall by film producer Judd Bernard.

“He had a terrific sense of humour, he was always playing games,” she says.

“There were a couple of times, off-stage, when the light came on for me to go through the door onto the set, and he would grab my coat so I couldn’t walk, and the crew would be calling for me. I had a ball, it was tremendous fun.”

Double Trouble, which was Elvis’s 24th feature-film

And she got a first-taste of the star’s legendary generosity at the end of filming, when she was making small talk about how youngsters back in Britain would have to save to buy their first car.

“After a day on set we were talking about how youngsters have to save every penny to buy a car after their graduation,” she says.

“In the US, most youngsters were given a car, not so in the UK.”

Then one day, in a car park, Elvis asked her to follow him, and asked her to close her eyes.

“At that moment I knew he had a surprise waiting for me, but never in my wildest dreams could I have thought of a sports car,” she says.

“It was a white Mustang convertible. Elvis handed me the keys and said ‘it’s your’s’.

“I couldn’t believe it, but I think he did things like that quite often,” she says. “I think if he was able to help somebody, he liked to do that.”

Double Trouble was Presley’s 24th feature film, and it was reported that by this time he was getting quite weary of them, although he made seven more movies in the two years that followed.

It is said that when he found he would have to sing Old MacDonald Had A Farm for a scene in Double Trouble, Elvis screamed “It’s come to this?”, and Annette believes that he was definitely falling out of love with the movie industry.

“I think, more than anything, he wanted to be back out on stage to his fans,” she says.

“I think he was quite pleased when the musicals had stopped. I think he would like to have got a more serious picture, he wanted to do more than just musicals. I think he could have been a very good actor, but the films he was in were all the same sort of thing, family films with a few more songs in between.”

Annette, who worked as a secretary at Telford-based SMP Security before her retirement, was offered a seven-year contract by MGM Studios after Double Trouble, but decided acting wasn’t for her. She rarely talks about her part in the film, and reckons many people have no idea about her previous career.

“I don’t watch the film very often, and when I do I don’t think I was very good in it,” she says.

“I went to be with my husband, and I’ve had my children and my grandchildren and I have no regrets about that at all. They say go out while you’re at the top, I had great fun, but it was very hard work, you would be there on set at eight in the morning, and you could be there until 6.30 at night, nobody could go until everything was perfect.”

She returned to the UK, not only leaving behind her brief film career, but also her Ford Mustang.

“I found it would cost rather a lot to bring it back to the UK,” she says. Today, of course it would be worth a fortune as a treasured piece of movie and musical history, but she gave it to her brother who was living in the US at the time. He used it for a few years, and then sold it when it broke down.

It all begs the question of what would Elvis be doing if he were still alive today at the age of 86?

Annette does not think he would be performing today, although she say s he would also have found it very difficult to give it all up.

“It must be very hard for somebody who is at the top like that to walk away from it all,” she says. And she has no doubt that if he had lived to a ripe old age, it would have done nothing to lessen the legacy of his work.

“He just had something about him,” she says.





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