Kes Gray’s Daisy And The Trouble Collectio

Kes Gray’s  Daisy And The Trouble Collection

10 books set  by Kes Gray  (Author)

No. of Books:       10 Books

Paperback:           240 pages

Age Range:           5 – 7 years

Publisher:              Red Fox

A magnificent set of Daisy – The Trouble With Books

(What is the collective noun for these 10 Daisy books – I suggest it is a ‘trouble’ of books

Kes gray daisy and the trouble collecton 10 books set includes titles:- Daisy and the Trouble with Giants, Kittens, Zoos, Life, Christmas, Maggots, Coconuts, Burglars, Piggy Banks, Sports Day. Description:- A great introduction to chaptered reading for children, this Trouble With Daisy Set includes Ten of Kes Gray’s super stories. Things never seem to quite go right for the cheeky heroine of these books and she finds herself getting in to all sorts of weird and hilarious situations. Children will love the short chapters and illustrations, as well as following Daisy on her many adventures that include an incident at the zoo and an amusing accident at the school nativity.

Let’s take a more detailed look at one of the 10 books to give a flavour.

Daisy and the Trouble with Life. Keynote – Daisy’s guide to life – cheeky, extremely readable and funny young fiction, now with fabulous CD read by Jadie-Rose Hobson and James Goode. Description – The trouble with life is it’s sooooooo not fair. And the trouble with being grounded is it’s sooooooo boring. You absolutely can’t go anywhere at all. No hopping jumping, flying or parachuting …Daisy’s got ever so much time to think about what she’s done. Really, if her pocket money hadn’t run out and if someone hadn’t dropped a strawberry dib-dab on the pavement and if strawberry dib-dabs weren’t Daisy’s absolutely favourite sweet …Who knew that it had invisible red germs that are so totally teensy and that Auntie Sue says give you tummy trouble? Daisy’s trips to the loo are interspersed with hilarious musings about the trouble with everything, from her goldfish Freddie who thinks it’s a dolphin, to the school name-caller Jack Beechwhistle, and hosepipes that don’t do as they’re told. Now, if only Daisy can find a word to rhyme with hippopotamus, she and Gabby can magic next door’s cat into a hippo.

When she’s un-grounded and off the loo, of course …


Kes Gray was noted by The Independent as one of the top ten children’s authors in the UK in 2003. He is the author of the award-winning Eat Your Peas and four more titles in the acclaimed Daisy series, as well as Our Twitchy and Who’s Poorly Too?, illustrated by Mary McQuillan, and Billy’s Bucket, illustrated by Garry Parsons, winner of the Red House Children’s Book Award for Younger Readers. He also works as a freelance advertising copy writer.