King Flashypants and the Toys of Terror by Andy Riley

King Flashypants and the Toys of Terror: Book 3 by Andy Riley (Author)

BOOK OF THE DAY              


Paperback:           192 pages

Age Range:           6 – 8 years

Publisher:              Hodder Children’s Books


“Brilliantly original and hilarious. It’s nearly as good as one of my books.” DAVID WALLIAMS

“Two words – such fun!” MIRANDA HART

“Beautiful, inventive and laugh-out-loud funny.” SUE PERKINS


Great to read aloud with children of 5+ and perfect for newly independent readers of 7+.


FOO HOO HOO! King Flashypants is back for his third rib-tickling adventure. Something weird is happening in Edwinland – Emperor Nurbison isn’t evil any more! He’s doing stuff like smiling and making toys of himself for the peasants. Is he up to something? Probably. But what can it be?