Kirstie Allsopp – Reading For Pleasure

Kirstie Allsopp divides parents with latest Twitter debate about homework

Kirstie Allsopp caused some controversy among her Twitter followers after she posted about the disadvantages of homework. The TV presenter admitted her “greatest regret as a parent” is having not taken a firmer stance on homework and instead encourage her two boys to read more. Kirstie was responding to research that showed 52.5 per cent of eight to 18-year-olds read for pleasure, down from 58.8 per cent from three years ago.

“Hardly surprising figures, the joint assault of absurd homework, which takes time from reading, and the smartphone & tablet, it’s amazing any kids are reading for pleasure,” Kirstie tweeted. She continued: “Reading is everything, homework other than reading is a waste of time and causes conflict & unhappiness in many families, mine included. My greatest regret as a parent is not taking a firm stance on homework from the very beginning and ensuring that our focus as a family was on reading, reading, reading.”