Laugh Your Life Away 29.11.2017

Laugh Your Life Away

R U JOKING, GRANDAD BLOG 29th November 2017


A few days ago in Blog of the Day I reported that adults laugh only six times a day where as children laugh nore than 150 times a day.


I thought it was a good time to focus on laughter and what makes you laugh.


What makes you laugh?

What makes you die laughing?
What makes you die laughing?

Think about it and tell me as many things as you can at the very bottom of this post where it says “Leave a Reply” in the box marked “Comment”. Make the list as long as you like


Laughing is an integral part of mine and Jeannie’s (Mamma) life and is what has kept us going through the years.


  1. There’s always something funny in most things and most situations in life if you for it.

2              All four Grandchildren

3              Daughters and husbands

4              Close family and friends (particularly nieces, nephews, brother in laws sister in laws)

5              Peter Kay, Car Share & Phoenix Nights

6              Billy Conolley

7              Father Ted, IT Crowd, Motherland and Anything written by Graham Linehan one of Father Ted writers

8              Snoopy cartoon

9              Friends

10           Richard Curtis’ scripts

11           The Goons (collectively and individually)

12           Marty Feldman

13           Slapstick

14           Coco the Clown and other good clowns

15           Monty Python

16           Fawlty Towers

17           Hancock’s Half Hour

18           1950s radio & TV and 1960s radio & TV

19           Viz

20           Stand-up comedy

21           Situation Comedy

22           Frazier

23           Would I Lie To You

24           Rob Brydon, David Mitchell, Lee Mack

25           Tommy Cooper

26            Diane Morgan

27           Russell Howard

28           Royle Family – Particularly all work of

29           Morecambe & Wise

30           The Two Ronnies – Particularly Four Candles.

31           The Fast Show

32           Black Books

33           Giles Cartoon

34           Dandy & Beano

35           The Office

36           Alan Partridge

37           I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again – Jack Dee, Barry Cryer

38           Only Fools and Horses

39           Goldie Hawn (& Laugh In)

40           Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor films

41           Tom & Jerry

42           Looney Toons

43           Ying Tong by The Goons

44           Bob Newhart

45           St George and the Dragon – Stan Freeberg

46           Spike Jones

47           Private Eye 7 Have I Got News For You

48           Jasper Carrot, Mike Harding

49           Freddie Starr, Michael Barrymore when they were top of their game before their demise

50           Tim Vine


And much, much more.


There are Grandad jokes too. Those funny quips that I think are funny but no one else does.


A laugh is… a smile that bursts, an instant vacation, a day not wasted, music to the soul, a cheap medicine. The more you laugh the more you live!


Of course, most of what I have listed is material in the media but there is so much natural humour in everyday life too, which tends to be the very funniest.



So please tell me below about the things that make you laugh.

Laugh, you know it makes sense


Find lots to laugh at everyday I guarantee it will change your life


Happiness is…a good laugh especially if it is with someone else


Why do the French eat snails? They don’t like fast food.


Love is…laughing till you cry

Love is…laughing more, worrying less


.My Special Angel – Bobby Helms

Highest chart position No.22 30th November 1957