Laughing Gorgonzola Giraffe

Gorgonzola Giraffe laughs and laughs and laughs until he can laugh no more.

He loves laughing. He laughs all the time.

That is very unusual for a giraffe. They do not usually laugh. Not even at Giraffe Jokes. When did you last hear a giraffe laugh.

Gorgonzola’s favourite painting is the Laughing Cavalier. He thinks the best song in the world is The Laughing Policeman and he laughs along to it all the time.

He always laughs when he is awake. He laughs when he is asleep.

He laughs when his dad takes him to school in the car, which often makes his dad feel self conscious.

He laughs at school which usually irritated his teacher.

He laughs at the breakfast table which makes his mum cross

It is difficult for him to drink because he always ends up laughing and spitting the drink all over his pet cat named Ketchup – first name Tomato, of course.

Ketchup put down his umbrella, angrily.

“What on earth makes you laugh so much?” she miawoed. “We must find out because I am fed up with getting wet every morning.

“I know,” said Grandad Giraffe “Gorgonzola must have a feather in his pants.”

“Grandad,” said Gorgonzola “Don’t you remember, giraffes don’t wear pants? So it cannot be that.”

“Maybe it is the long grasses tickling your tum.” Said Ketchup.

Ketchup, Gorgonzola and Grandad went outside to the grasses.

“They make me smile.” Laughed Gorgonzola, “But they do not give me belly laughs.”

“How silly.” Said Grandad Giraffe. “I know exactly what it is. Why didn’t I think of it before? It must be Grandad jokes. The jokes I tell you. Who can resist laughing at them? Here’s a brilliant one.

“Question: What do Giraffes have that no one else has?”

Gorgonzola and Ketchup reply together with more than a hint of boredom in their voices.

“We do not know Grandad Giraffe, What do Giraffes have that no one else has?”

“Baby giraffes, of course.” Said Grandad.

Gorgonzola actually stopped laughing on hearing Grandad’s joke.

“It clearly was not Grandad jokes making you laugh” said Ketchup, “but come with me I think I know what is making you laugh.”

KETCHUP THE CAT (First name Tomato)

The three of them went to the park. At the park the circus was visiting with its magnificent red, white and blue striped tent with yellow writing on the side.

“No,” said Gorgonzola, “It is not that that is making me laugh.”

“Not the tent, silly.” Said Ketchup. “Look inside at the clowns.”

They looked inside the tent. The audience were roaring with laughter at the clowns as the doors exploded off the clown’s car. The clowns chased one another with custard pies and buckets of water.

“They make me giggle.” Said Gorgonzola, “But that is not a laugh.”

“Well, I’m out of ideas.” said Ketchup.

“I know something that will make me laugh.”

“Tell us, what?” said Ketchup.

“I don’t think you do know unless it is one of my jokes.” said Grandad.

“Playing with my friends.” said Gorgonzola.

“Of course.” said Ketchup, “Why didn’t we think of that before?”

The three of them set off to find Gorgonzola’s friends.

They were all playing ball in Elvera Elephant’s Garden. CoCo the Chimp threw the ball to Leominster Lion who caught it in his teeth bursting it.

“Leominster, you’ve burst so many balls we have none left.” Said Tittymous Tiger.

“Come with us,” said Grandad “I’ll buy you a new one at the shops.”

“We are trying to find out what makes Gorgonzola laugh so much.”

“It’s certainly not my friends because we are always sad because Leonminster has burst all the balls.” Said Gorgonzola.

“I don’t think we are going to find out why you laugh so much, Gorgonzola.” Said Ketchup.

“I think I will just have to have my breakfast at a different time to you.”

Just before they arrived at the ball shop Gorgonzola spotted his most favourite shop in all the world, the bookshop.

“Please Grandad, may we just go into the bookshop to buy a book for my bedtime reads?”

“Of course” said Grandad.

Once inside the bookshop Gorgonzola began looking at the books. And he laughed, and laughed and laughed.

“That’s it!!!” said Ketchup “We’ve found what makes Gorgonzola laugh.”

“Ha, ha, ha! What…? Tee, hee, hee! Makes… Ha, ha, ha! Me… Tee, hee, hee! Laugh? Ha, ha, ha!”

“The cause of your laughter is reading books.” Said Ketchup.

“Of course.” Said Grandad. “Why didn’t I think of that? Books are brilliant for lots of reasons. The main one is they make you laugh so much.”

“So no reading at the breakfast table, Gorgonzola, and I should remain dry.” Said Ketchup.

But all Gorgonzola could say was: “Ha, ha, ha! Tee, hee, hee! Ha, ha, ha! Tee, hee, hee!”

© 2018 – Phil Robinson