Let it Snow by Anne Fine 25.11.2017

Let it Snow by Anne Fine (Author),‎ Kerry Hyndman (Illustrator)

I have restrained myself enough from including Christmas books. I just had to add this one. The first book of the Christmas 2017 season.

Age:                        All ages

Paperback:           32 pages

Publisher:              David Fickling Books

Main supplier Waitrose (but also available from other bookstores)

When two families get caught in a snowstorm on Christmas eve, it’s a disaster! They are all quite sure that Christmas is ruined.


Can they work together and turn things around?


And will they become firm friends filled with Christmas cheer?


It tells a heart-warming tale of two animal families who become unlikely friends by sharing a special meal.


Let it Snow! is a book by Anne Fine with illustrations by Kerry Hyndman, inspired by the Waitrose television advertisement for Christmas 2017. It is available from Waitrose: for every book sold, Waitrose will make a donation of 50p to The Trussell Trust charity, who now run a network of over 400 food banks.

Let It Snow by Anne Fine