LET’S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER – What happened after the record ended?

LET’S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER – What happened after the record ended?


Have you ever wondered what happened to the fictious characters from old, particularly 1960s hit songs.

Take the song “Lets Spend The Night Together” by the Rolling Stones,  Written by Jagger & Richards which reached No.3 9th February 1967. The record was banned by the BBC. Too risqué for the times.

So lets catch up with the fictitious guy who sings in 1st person, and the girl he is singing to. As this was 1960s it would have definitely been a girl.

As it was the promiscuous 60s, I think the couple would have got it together and spent a night in one anothers arms.  I was there in the 1960s and if you spent the night together it was in each others arms. You did not dare mention beds.

They had just a one night stand. But the inevitable happened and the girl became pregnant. By the time she found out the guy was long gone and she could not track him down. Her mum and dad were very straight laced, devout Catholics, particularly her dad and thought what had happened was evil, even though it was late ‘60s and views were thawing.

So, in late 1967, the girl gave birth to a beautiful little daughter. The girl’s dad insisted she gave birth in private and her baby taken from her and adapted without anyone knowing, thus saving the family’s name and saving them from disgrace.

The baby girl grew into a wonderful woman in a great family who adapted her. She vowed that before she was 50 she would find her real mum and dad. So she contacted the television show, “Where’s My Dad?” cable TV’s answer to “Long Lost Families”, to find her birth mum and dad.

Researchers worked hard, it was not easy but in the end they tracked them both down. Both were still living. Both mum and dad were highly delighted but nervous to meet their daughter. They even agreed to meet one another,  with reservations and trepidation. And that was where the trouble began.

The dad was a rugged, rustic type of guy. A retired builder, married three times divorced three times. He had a couple of children who he never saw. No longer in a relationship.

The mother had looked after herself, had a trim figure, very stylish hair and looked 10 years younger than her age. She had married in 1970 and was still married to the same guy, with four children, yet, it was a claustrophobic relationship. They say daughters often marry the same type of man as their father. She certainly had done so. He strictly ruled her, and on occasions used violence. Her strict Catholic upbringing and the affect of her child being taken away from her in 1967 had affected her character. So she stood by him, for the sake of the children.

But on meeting Ken, her daughter’s father there was a huge rekindling of the attraction, could it even be love she had for him. She felt 18 years old again.  Surprisingly the feeling was mutual, the chemistry that had lay dormant was rekindled and Mary and Ken started meeting up again. Mary telling her husband she was off to the Catholic Mother’s Meeting.

In the end she plucked up courage to leave her husband. Beside himself with anger, he set out to find the pair and  kill them both.

So what happened? You will have to wait and buy my book.

See, what amazing magical gem an almost 50 year old, 3 minute 36 second song is and the treasures it holds.

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