Lily and the Magic Comb by V V Brown and Kate Hazell


This is a BEAUTIFUL brand new book newly published today!

The story is very, very inspirational not only the one told in the book along with its beautiful illustrations but also in the inspirational story on how it has come to be published.

The book is a magical delight that will capture anyone’s imagination, young and old, especially if read together (social distancing allowing – you can always read together over Zoom).

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Lily and the Magic Comb by V V Brown  (Author), Kate Hazell (Illustrator)

Paperback : 33 pages

Publisher : Woke Kidz Publishing

All about a little girl who can transport herself to wherever she wants to go in her imagination because of her incredible magic comb.

Lily and the magic comb is a wonderful enchanting book written by V V Brown and illustrated by Kate Hazell. The book is an adventurous journey of discovery and identity where the lead character transports herself to anywhere she wants to go within her imagination because of a magical comb. With its eye popping unique illustrations and charming rhyming the book seeks to inspire and represent a space of confidence for children who are often not represented in children’s literature. V V wrote the book out of frustration because she found that there needed to be more children of colour within books and that children’s books were such a powerful and beautiful way for all children to see versions of themselves it was important for it to be a lot more diverse.. With V V ‘s usual independent ethic she set up her own Woke Kidz Publishing house after being told by bigger publishing houses “children characters of colour were a niche market.” A kickstarter campaign was born and the campaign exceeded their budget four times over. The overwhelming amount of support meant they were able to make the book come to life. Alongside her husband, Daniel Price, who is a well know art director and illustrator Kate Hazell they carved out something magical and wonderful for all to read.



This book was inspired by my two daughters as I found it so hard to find books that represented them.

The book challenges and contributes towards the debate around the lack of multicultural books within publishing and the literacy world.

Our journey

We originally sent off our book to publishers but so many of the publishers replied back to us saying “they loved the book but a dual heritage lead character would not sell.”

We were shocked by the bluntness and the fact that they liked the book but didn’t believe it would sell because of a dual heritage lead! Surely it doesn’t matter what skin colour a child is its just a child?

We decided to start a kickstarter campaign because of the rejection and we were incredibly successful exceeding our 6k goal. We have already sold lots of books through our kickstarter campaign even before its official release which is December 5th.

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