Father Ted
Father Ted

 Father Ted Season 1



Good Luck, Father Ted S1, Ep1


1              21 Apr. 1995 Good Luck, Father Ted


Father Dougal and Jack visit a Craggy Island fair filled with odd attractions, while Father Ted secretly tries to have a TV interview with “Faith Of Our Fathers”.



 Entertaining Father Stone S1, Ep2


28 Apr. 1995 Entertaining Father Stone


The always at a loss for words, Father Stone, visits Craggy Island and over stays his welcome.



 The Passion of Saint Tibulus S1, Ep3


5 May 1995 The Passion of Saint Tibulus


Father Ted and Dougal protest a blasphemous new film on the orders of a visiting Bishop with a terrible secret.



 Competition Time S1, Ep4


12 May 1995 Competition Time


Father Ted, Dougal and Jack enter a talent competition visited by a BBC presenter with an odd drinking problem.



 And God Created Woman S1, Ep5


19 May 1995 And God Created Woman


Father Ted struggles with a crush he has for a lady visitor, and the arrival of a group of nuns.





 Grant Unto Him Eternal Rest S1, Ep6


26 May 1995 Grant Unto Him Eternal Rest


Father Jack dies after drinking floor polish, leaving Ted and Dougal an inheritance.


father ted
father ted

Season 2



 Hell S2, Ep1


8 Mar. 1996 Hell


Father Ted, Dougal and Jack take a holiday in a borrowed caravan.



 Think Fast, Father Ted S2, Ep2


15 Mar. 1996 Think Fast, Father Ted


Having to fix a roof leak, Father Ted tries a raffle to raise money.



 Tentacles of Doom S2, Ep3


22 Mar. 1996 Tentacles of Doom


Craggy Island gets a visit by three bishops who have come to upgrade a local holy relic.



 Old Grey Whistle Theft S2, Ep4


29 Mar. 1996 Old Grey Whistle Theft


Father Ted and Jack go on a picnic, while Dougal makes friends with a local bad boy priest.




 A Song for Europe S2, Ep5


5 Apr. 1996 A Song for Europe


Father Ted and Dougal enter their song, “My Lovely Horse”, into the Euro Song 96 contest.



 The Plague S2, Ep6


12 Apr. 1996 The Plague


Bishop Len visits Craggy Island during a rabbit infestation.



 Rock a Hula Ted S2, Ep7


19 Apr. 1996 Rock a Hula Ted


Father Ted hosts the “Lovely Girls Festival 96” , while Dougal gives the house away to a visiting feminist.



 Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading S2, Ep8


26 Apr. 1996 Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading


Father Ted, Dougal and Jack try to give up their vices for Lent.



 New Jack City S2, Ep9


3 May 1996 New Jack City


Father Ted and Dougal mistakenly celebrate when a sick Jack leaves, only to be replaced by someone worse.



 Flight into Terror S2, Ep10


10 May 1996 Flight into Terror


While flying home from a trip with a group of priests, Father Ted’s plane encounters trouble.



 A Christmassy Ted S2, Ep11


24 Dec. 1996 A Christmassy Ted


Father Ted wins the “Golden Cleric”, for saving a fellow group of priests from an embarrassing situation.

Father Ted & his car
Father Ted & his car


Season 3



 Are You Right There Father Ted? S3, Ep1


13 Mar. 1998 Are You Right There Father Ted?


Father Ted holds a, “Celebration Of Craggy Island’s Ethnic Diversity”, party to prove he’s not a racist.



 Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep S3, Ep2


20 Mar. 1998 Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep


Father Ted figures out the mystery of, “The Beast Of Craggy Island”.



 Speed 3 S3, Ep3


27 Mar. 1998 Speed 3


A local milkman seeks revenge after Father Ted gets him fired.



 The Mainland S3, Ep4


3 Apr. 1998 The Mainland


On a visit to the mainland, Mrs. Doyle and Father Jack get arrested while Ted and Dougal get lost in a cave.



 Escape from Victory S3, Ep5


10 Apr. 1998 Escape from Victory


Father Ted comes up with a scheme to win a football match against Father Dick Byrne.


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 Kicking Bishop Brennan up the Arse S3, Ep6


17 Apr. 1998 Kicking Bishop Brennan up the Arse


After losing a bet to Father Dick Byrne, Father Ted has to kick Bishop Brennan up the backside.



 Night of the Nearly Dead S3, Ep7


24 Apr. 1998 Night of the Nearly Dead


After winning a poetry contest, Mrs. Doyle gets a visit by the shows host and a few of his crazed fans.



 Going to America S3, Ep8


1 May 1998 Going to America


After saving a fellow priest from suicide, Father Ted is invited to work at an American parish.


Father Ted 3
Father Ted 3
father ted's house
father ted’s house