Little Grey Rabbit: Little Grey Rabbit’s Christmas by Alison Uttley

Little Grey Rabbit: Little Grey Rabbit’s Christmas  by Alison Uttley (Author)

Hardcover:           64 pages

Age Range:           3+ Years

Publisher:              Collins


It is Christmas and the snowy fields around the little house at the end of the wood sparkle in the moonlight. Little Grey Rabbit and Squirrel sit cosily by the fire, but Hare slips out for a midnight ride on their brand new sledge.


Down the hill he swoops, flying like a bird – until he notices a dark shadow beside him – and, suddenly frightened, hurries home.


‘Hare, you ran way from your own shadow!’ scolds Squirrel.

‘And you’ve lost our lovely sledge.’


But now one can be sad for long on Christmas day, when there are stockings filled with sugar plums and lollipops, and stories by the fire. As the evening draws in, Little Grey Rabbit, Squirrel and Hare dress up warmly for a Christmas party in the woods – where a wonderful surprise awaits them.


For generations children have loved ‘Little Grey Rabbit’s Christmas’. This special sixtieth anniversary edition recreates for children today the delight of a country Christmas with its carol singers, mince pies, sprigs of holly and blazing fires – a Christmas to be remembered forever