Majo No Takkyubin Paperback (Kiki’s Delivery Service) by Elko Kadono

Majo No Takkyubin Paperback (Kiki’s Delivery Service) by Elko Kadono (Author) Akiko Hayashi (Illustrator)

Paperback:           176 pages

Age Range:           9 years and up

Publisher:              Annick Press

Language:            English

While delivering packages on her broomstick, Kiki, a charming young witch, and Jiji, her cynical cat, learn important lessons in life, friendship, and trust that help Kiki to realize her full potential, in a first English translation of the Japanese book that was made into a full-length animated feature by Disney. Simultaneous.


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IKIS DELIVERY SERVICE FILM COMIC GN VOL 01 (Kiki’s Delivery Service Film Comics) by Hayao Miyazaki

Paperback: 152 pages

Publisher: Viz LLC; 1 edition (27 April 2006)

Language: English

By Hayao Miyazaki It’s time for young Kiki to start thinking about her future. One night, she grabs her cat, hops on her mother’s broom and heads off into the night. The next day she alights upon a friendly oceanside city, and this is where she’ll spend the next year learning how to become a real witch. But there are a couple things she forgot to plan for. First, she’s got to find a place to live. And, secondly, she’s got to find a job! Rating: A